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Unbox and start streaming live video with AWS Elemental Link

Did you order and receive a new AWS Elemental Link device and now wonder what comes next? Do you want to learn how easy is it to create an AWS account, order a Link device, and start streaming live video to the cloud? Or, do you simply enjoy watching other people unbox new technology and set it up for the first time?

Watch the following videos and get answers to these questions and more, in just a few minutes.

About AWS Elemental Link

Professional photo of an AWS Elemental Link device in a production studio

AWS Elemental Link is a compact device that sends a live video stream to AWS Elemental MediaLive. Link devices are available for purchase from the AWS Management Console. When you purchase a Link device, it is automatically tied to your AWS account. Once you receive your Link device, simply connect power, Ethernet, and a video source to start live streaming. Devices are controlled using the AWS Elemental MediaLive video encoding service, which makes operations easy. Link is designed to send the highest quality video from your camera or video production equipment to the cloud, adapting to changes in network conditions on the fly.

On to the videos!

Link is so easy to set up, even a child can do it

Christer Whitehorn, an AWS Senior Specialized Solutions Architect based in Australia, created a short unboxing video with the help of an assistant, his 6-year-old son. (6:29 runtime)

Still from the AWS Elemental Link set up video by Christer Whitehorn and his son.

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Create an AWS Account, order, unbox, set up, and start streaming

Shaun Lile, an AWS Senior Specialized Solutions Architect based in Los Angeles, provides an in-depth look at the entire process of getting an AWS Elemental Link up and running, including how to create an AWS Account, place an order for a Link device, set it up for the first time, and configure AWS Media Services and Amazon CloudFront to stream video to audiences. Shaun’s video is divided into sections, so you can quickly skip around to the parts that are most interesting to you. (16:29 runtime)


Live X unboxes Link

Sally Zhou from Live X offers a short and informative AWS Elemental Link unboxing video with a focus on the inputs required to use the device. Live X, based in New York City, is a full service production company, designing, producing, and broadcasting live events for global brand leaders. Live X uses innovative technologies to help industry-leading clients all over the world create live events and multimedia to increase engagement and build brands. (3:16 runtime)


Barrett Evolution shows how easy it is to go from unboxing to streaming with Link

Paul Barrett, Event Technology Architect & Project Engineer with Barrett Evolution, walks us through the process of unboxing a Link device to streaming live video with MediaLive in just a few minutes. (13:34 runtime)


How to use AWS Elemental Link ご利用方法 (Japanese)

Here’s a short video from ForgeVision on how easy it is to set up and use a Link device. (2:19 runtime, Japanese)


Learn more

Learn more about AWS Elemental Link and AWS Elemental MediaLive by visiting the product web page.