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Analyzing and visualizing AWS Global Accelerator flow logs using Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight

AWS Global Accelerator simplifies multi-region cloud deployments while leveraging the AWS vast, highly available, and congestion-free global network. Global Accelerator uses a pair of static anycast IP addresses to direct you to the application that is geographically closest and has healthy endpoints, using routing policies that you configure. This feature makes sure that you have […]

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How Flowplayer Improved Live Video Ingest With AWS Global Accelerator

Flowplayer is an online video platform designed for publishers and the media industry. Founded in 2007, their platform fast became known for being a powerful yet lightweight solution. Rather than concentrating on just a single subset of the market, they have designed their solution to suit small, specialized businesses all the way up to global-scale […]

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Traffic management with AWS Global Accelerator

As customers  migrate a growing number of critical workloads to AWS, they have requested more capabilities when they deploy applications across multiple Regions.  Critical workloads, such as dynamic API delivery, gaming, and video/voice over IP require higher levels of availability and performance through the use of multi-Region architectures.  This demand brings several challenges you must consider, from planning […]

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