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Accelerating nonprofit and education sector impact through data insights with Salesforce and AWS

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Nonprofits and education institutions of all sizes rely on large amounts of data to serve their stakeholders, programs, and governance. For many organizations, the first step in a technology transformation begins with centralizing data that is siloed across a variety of mission critical systems. Effectively aggregating and enabling well-governed access to data helps nonprofits and education institutions more efficiently search and analyze the information as well as improve the ability to report on insights via dashboards and other visualizations. This approach can help improve operational transparency, enhance fundraising and donor engagement, help students meet their goals, and increase programmatic impact. That can unlock the value of current and growing datasets, opening the door to a world of innovation.

In support of these goals, and Amazon Web Service (AWS) are working together to help nonprofits and education institutions derive actionable insights from their data. Through this collaboration, nonprofits and educational institutions can quickly and simply deploy an AWS data lake and hydrate it with Salesforce data, and then visualize and derive insights using Tableau and artificial intelligence (AI). These insights can help organizations accelerate their innovation and data-driven decision-making.

Nonprofits and education institutions can tie and AWS instances together with Private Connect, a secure end-to-end, bi-directional connection that transfers data seamlessly. Organizations can manage and enrich datasets to simply and securely generate immediate actionable insights, empower employees and stakeholders with the data they need, and create data visualizations for decision-making. In addition, users can leverage AWS data lakes to aggregate data from disparate systems or sources, different formats and different languages.

“Behind the data are people doing life changing work. For nonprofits and education institutions, data represents volunteers, donors, teachers, students, and the impact they are driving in their communities,” said Rob Acker, chief executive officer (CEO) of “We’re proud to partner with AWS to help our customers best leverage and protect their data to drive their missions forward.”

Join us and register for Salesforce Nonprofit Summit on April 21 or Salesforce Education Summit on June 16 to hear more about how AWS and Salesforce technology can help your organization accelerate data management. There are two sessions at the Salesforce Nonprofit Summit on April 21 focused on making an actionable impact with your data:

  • Building a Data Strategy for Digital Transformation features how Urban Institute built, and benefits from, a purpose driven AWS data strategy across their organization.
  • Getting Started On Your AWS Digital Data Strategy focuses on how AWS helps nonprofits extract insights from Salesforce using AWS Cloud based infrastructure and Data Lakes.

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