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Announcing AWS Cloud Champion: An online, gamified tutorial on working, teaching, and engaging remotely

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of a preview version of an online gamified tutorial, “AWS Cloud Champion: Virtual Workplace Interactive Challenge,” that highlights cloud capabilities available for online meetings, cloud-based contact centers, and virtual desktops. The tutorial is presented as a three-dimensional (3D), virtual tradeshow experience, which includes kiosks and an AWS avatar that guides you through a self-directed path, explaining applicable AWS services in a concise and engaging format.

The tutorial is gamified through a point system to track your progress as you complete a customized learning circuit on a topic of your choosing. It takes about 10 minutes total to complete the gamified experience. If you complete all modules, you have the option to sign up for $25 in AWS Promotional Credit as a reward (ends 16 July 2020).

Learning about remote work and virtual learning

With parts of the world currently isolating or social distancing, many daily interactions are now virtual or remote. Public sector organizations are looking for ways to communicate and interact with their constituents in an engaging way, especially as demands for services increase. The AWS Cloud Champion presents a high-level explanation of how remote working, virtual learning, and remote customer service can easily be deployed, in addition to showcasing a way organizations can create a similar virtual gamified experience. Cloud-based solutions such as Amazon Connect, Amazon Chime, Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon AppStream 2.0, and Amazon WorkSpaces can play a vital role in helping organizations engage with their constituents.

AWS Cloud Champion: Virtual Workplace Interactive Challenge” is an immersive online experience built on AWS services that let you create and run virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D applications quickly without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise. The host walks you through customer case studies, demonstrations, quiz questions, and solution highlights to keep you engaged through the entire learning experience. The tutorial runs on desktops computers only. You do not need a special device like a gaming console or 3D glasses to view or hear content.

900lbs, a Dallas-based interactive agency, collaborated with AWS to create this immersive, web-based application that educates customers on the benefits and use cases of the company’s cloud computing offerings for remote work and learning. See how 900lbs made AWS Cloud Champion.

Getting started

AWS Cloud Champion

Select from one of three topics to get started: online meetings, virtual desktops, or cloud-based contact centers. Then join the AWS avatar in a 360 degree, immersive 3D virtual booth and complete the assigned tasks at each of the five kiosks to become an AWS Cloud Champion. When you’ve visited all four kiosks and earned 800 points, complete the quiz at the final kiosk to earn your last 200 points. (Note: The quiz kiosk remains locked until you’ve completed the tasks at all other kiosks). Once you pass the quiz and earn your last 200 points, you can sign up to receive $25 in AWS Promotional Credit (ends 16 July 2020). Only individuals working in the public sector or with public sector entities are eligible for the AWS Promotional Credit. An AWS representative will be in touch with you to provide you that credit.

Check out the AWS Champion: Virtual Workplace Interactive Challenge.

Nader Nanjiani

Nader Nanjiani

Nader Nanjiani is a technology marketing leader with more than 20 years of product marketing experience at Fortune 500 companies. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nader leads the solutions marketing of storage, compute, open data, and analytics services into the public sector segment. He has also co-authored two books—one on collaboration and another on e-learning—and secured a patent on a game application. Nader completed his graduate studies at Harvard University and Syracuse University.