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Indiana DOC works with Mi-Case to fast-track offender management system launch on AWS

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In 2021, the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) awarded a contract to Mi-Case, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, to replace its legacy systems managing case data across the state’s corrections facilities. Mi-Case provides live, fully integrated case management software that replaced IDOC’s legacy systems. The project kicked off in February 2021 and the new web and cloud-based offender management system (OMS) went live in May 2023.

Implementations like these routinely take several years, and project failures are common. The key drivers of success for IDOC were agency executive leadership commitment, subject matter experts (SMEs), and Mi-Case’s agile project methodology which resulted in an on-time and on-budget implementation. Because of these success factors, IDOC and Mi-Case launched the new system in 27 months. This blog post provides a brief overview of the project.

The search for a new OMS

In 2017, IDOC parted ways with a vendor and crafted a request for proposal (RFP). IDOC is focused on improving outcomes for both offenders and Indiana’s communities. The agency spent considerable time evaluating all solutions available in the marketplace and the approach to development that it wanted to take.

After careful consideration, IDOC selected Mi-Case, in large part due to their industry experience and record of success. As soon as the selection was complete, the team began work. After performing a detailed fit-gap analysis, IDOC and Mi-Case moved forward with an agile approach to implementation, working hand-in-hand with IDOC’s leadership to help the project run smoothly.

Testing and measuring in the AWS Cloud

The Mi-Case engineers quickly created the OMS in the AWS Cloud, which allowed IDOC SMEs to view the new system. Due to immediate visualization, IDOC was able to evaluate the product, test it continually, and offer feedback along the way. This ability to incorporate feedback quickly resulted in an OMS delivered successfully and on time. Together with Mi-Case, IDOC successfully retired 13 legacy OMS systems and replaced them with a single comprehensive OMS.

A blueprint for success

Ultimately, this accomplishment was fueled by IDOC’s commitment to the communities it serves and Mi-Case’s belief that implementation is the cornerstone of digital transformation projects. This story demonstrates that implementation can be accelerated without compromising quality. Now, IDOC has better reporting and utilizes data generated by its new system to pioneer better outcomes for public safety and the communities it serves. The new OMS is improving operational efficiencies, for example, lessening the time to intake and assign an individual, and reducing IT infrastructure and maintenance. Additionally, the Mi-Case OMS has 100 percent uptime since May 15, 2023, whereas the previous OMS experienced downtime.

Mi-Case president Dean Allen said, “Mi-Case is grateful for the vision and commitment of IDOC leadership and partnership with AWS. Implementing our solution within budget and on time in an unprecedented 27 months provides value to taxpayers and fulfills our commitment to improving data quality and outcomes in corrections.”

Learn more about how you can implement a similar solution for your organization by visiting Mi-Case, the AWS Solutions Library, and the AWS Cloud for Justice and Public Safety homepage.

Rick Davis

Rick Davis

Rick Davis is the principal for corrections at Mi-Case and has been with the software company since 2019. Prior to that, Rick spent 33 years working in a variety of technology leadership roles for the Commonwealth of Virginia, including 11 years as the Virginia Department of Corrections' CIO. Rick is an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and teaches project management and information technology for managers in the MBA program.