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Our Public Sector Partners in action: Healthcare, data visualization, and remote work

AWS is grateful for our AWS Partner Network (APN) Public Sector Partners that have stepped up to support customers during this rapidly changing and dynamic global health situation. A growing number of healthcare organizations and government entities are turning to our partners for guidance, solutions, and support to solve issues that impact citizens around the world – and those partners are rising to meet the challenge.

From healthcare to data integration and visualization to remote working, APN Partners are delivering solutions that meet a variety of challenges. That includes mapping the spread of the disease, allowing individuals to better monitor their health, improving citizen services for local governments, and enabling hospitals to manage an influx of patients.

In this unprecedented situation, AWS is committed to supporting government agencies, education institutions, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. To that end, I thought I’d share a few examples of how our innovative and agile APN Partners are collaborating with public sector organizations around the world. I hope this list gives you some ideas of ways in which our partner community can support you during this time. Here are just a few examples:

  • Visualizing and analyzing data: Currently, timely and accurate information about the disease is valuable but sometimes hard to get. To help solve this challenge, APN Partners are delivering solutions that drive the data visualization and integration required to map the spread of disease. For example, Esri is helping map new cases of the COVID-19 virus. They recently released their Coronavirus Response Solution, which deploys a collection of maps and apps turning ArcGIS into a system to help government agencies and communities respond to the evolving pandemic and provide an authoritative source of information for the public.
  • Providing telemedicine: With highly infectious diseases, minimizing face-to-face interaction through services like telemedicine becomes even more crucial. Electronic Caregiver’s ‘smart hub’ technology allows for remote monitoring of vitals, such as a high temperature and flu-like symptoms. In the event of an elevated-temperature reading, the technology can instantly trigger a voice interaction to check symptoms and assess a risk score. The solution also provides connectivity to a physician-on-demand telehealth service for additional diagnosis, and enables remote ordering of prescriptions. Learn more about Electronic Caregiver and our other APN Partners who are enabling advanced healthcare analytics.
  • Support for small businesses: Hello Alice, a platform that helps startups and entrepreneurs grow, has built the COVID-19 Business Center, where any business owner can find emergency funding, resources and peer-to-peer support. The Center, which is built on AWS and uses Amazon SageMaker, also helps entrepreneurs search for government programs, find enterprise discounts and virtual events, and support their employees. Through the Center, small business owners can connect with peers and experts to get the help they need and share best practices.
  • Reducing congestion and overcrowding in hospitals: In Latin America, Whyline is working with hospitals and governments to reduce overcrowding and congestion using artificial intelligence (AI), allowing patients to view live wait times and join the queue remotely from home.
  • Analyzing medical imaging: In Italy, radiologists are using Exprivia II, a cloud-based radiological information system, to share their results and observations after they conduct X-rays and CR scans of COVID-19 positive patients. This solution, developed for the SIRM (The Italian Society of Medical Radiology), tracks the advancement of the illness and allows doctors to forecast how many days it will take for COVID-19 to evolve using machine learning (ML) applied to the medical imaging.
  • Managing large crowds in airports: CloudHesive, a Premier APN Partner, developed a solution for the Chilean Government and the Ministry of Health of Chile (MINSAL) that reduced the number of travelers waiting in the airport and minimized exposure to COVID-19. The solution is a simple HTML form that utilizes dynamic fields that load the data immediately into a database.

If you’re interested in working with an APN Partner to solve your challenges related to COVID-19, please visit our website to learn more, or reach out to your AWS relationship manager, who will be happy to help. We are here to assist if you need more information or need some help in choosing the right partner for your needs.

For more information about Amazon’s actions to support those directly and indirectly impacted by COVID-19, visit Amazon’s Day One Blog and Jeff Barr’s Blog. Learn about our recently launched AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative—a program to support customers who are working to bring better, more accurate, diagnostics solutions to market faster and promote better collaboration across organizations that are working on similar problems.Learn what we’re doing in education in the blog post “AWS expands access to tools that support remote learning and teaching as part of COVID-19 response.”