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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "Cloud incident response at UNSW with digital forensics powered by AWS"

Cloud incident response at UNSW with digital forensics powered by AWS

In the digital age, universities face increasing cyber threats that put valuable data at risk. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is taking proactive measures to address this growing concern. Read this blog post to learn how UNSW is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to modernize its IT infrastructure and bolster cybersecurity defenses as part of its cloud transformation program.

Securing and automating compliance in the public sector with AWS

Compliance is essential, but ensuring compliance in the cloud with various regulations and standards can be challenging, especially for public sector organizations. The requirements are highly dynamic, constantly evolving, and they vary across countries. Read this blog post to learn about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources that can help customers meet compliance requirements, reduce their time and effort, and focus on core business objectives.

What we learned at Amazon re:MARS 2022 for the public sector

The Amazon re:MARS 2022 conference brought together thought leaders, technical experts, and groundbreaking companies and organizations that are transforming what’s possible in machine learning (ML), automation, robotics, and space. Advancements in these fields are the engines that will drive innovation for the next 100 years. Read on to learn about announcements from re:MARS related to the public sector, plus some of the innovative organizations and companies that were onsite to inspire guests with breakthrough technologies and ideas.

Automating Governance on AWS

IT governance identifies risk and determines the identity controls to mitigate that risk. Traditionally, IT governance has required long, detailed documents and hours of work for IT managers, security or audit professionals, and admins. Automating governance on AWS offers a better way. Let’s consider a world where only two things matter: customer trust and cost […]