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AWS branded background graphic with text overlay that says "New AWS survey reinforces need to accelerate AI fluency in healthcare"

New AWS survey reinforces need to accelerate AI fluency in healthcare

Access Partnership recently conducted a study commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on artificial intelligence (AI) skills across various industries globally. The results underscored the need to address low rates of AI fluency among healthcare leaders and employees, and this blog post provides a summary and analysis of the study’s key findings.

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AWS Tech Alliance introduced in India to bolster cloud talent pool

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching the Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance (Tech Alliance) in India to boost career readiness for learners entering the workforce and bridge the tech talent needs of the country’s employers. The new initiative will help align programs of study with in-demand, entry-level cloud roles in India, with the initial focus to prepare learners for roles such as cloud engineer, cloud administrator, and DevOps engineer.

AWS branded background with text overlay that says "A tech pipeline for rural communities: West Virginia joins AWS Tech Alliance"

A tech pipeline for rural communities: West Virginia joins AWS Tech Alliance

Last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the AWS Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance to improve the employment gap by increasing tech skills globally. To kick off 2024, we are excited to announce West Virginia as the fourth state in the US to join the Tech Alliance, and the first to focus specifically on developing a tech pipeline to rural communities. Read this blog post to learn more about the Tech Alliance and its expansion to West Virginia.

AWS branded background with tex overlay that says "AWS Tech Alliance expands to Germany, Italy and Singapore"

AWS Tech Alliance expands to Germany, Italy and Singapore

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills to Jobs Tech Alliance expansion into three new countries carries the same mission of aligning education providers, employers, government agencies, and business conveners to grow tech skills in a specific geography. These new Tech Alliances in Germany, Italy, and Singapore will directly connect more than 3,500 learners to cloud employers throughout the 2023-2024 academic year. Read this blog post to learn more about this expansion.

4 steps to launching a successful data literacy program for public sector employees

Public sector agencies today require digital skills to deliver the functions citizens expect, and the innovations necessary to speed up processes and address gaps and inequity. However, digital transformation can only be achieved when workers have the data literacy skills to read, interpret, communicate, and reason with this data. Coursera, an AWS Training Partner, hosts their global online learning platform in AWS Cloud. Coursera has created a four-step framework for successfully building and managing a data literacy program. Learn how your organization can adopt this framework to empower your workforce to harness data more effectively.

AWS Industry Quest: Healthcare screenshot

New immersive cloud training to advance public sector healthcare and beyond

The AWS public sector and AWS Training and Certification (T&C) teams worked with customers and partners across Latin America, Canada, and Caribbean (LCC) region to develop and test the recently launched AWS Industry Quest: Healthcare, an interactive learning experience that teaches how to build cloud solutions that can benefit healthcare customers globally.

Investing in continuous learning to grow your organization’s future

Many organizations invest in infrastructure for future needs but may overlook needed technical training and cloud modernization skills for people within the organization. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) provides guidance outlined in six different perspectives for an organization’s cloud transformation journey. One of these perspectives, People perspective: culture and change, addresses how to develop capabilities for the growth of people within an organization. Learn how developing key capabilities within the People perspective of the AWS CAF can support long-term mission success.

AWS and Mountain Empire Community College bring no-cost skills course and career event to Southwest Virginia

The backbone of the internet is crisscrossed with a network of fiber optic cables, carrying internet, TV, and telephone data that most of use every day. Over a two-day period, 33 individuals mostly from Southwest Virginia took part in the AWS Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Certificate Course, a no-cost two-day training providing students with lectures and hands-on practice with fiber optic installation and repair. The course was held November 14-15 at Mountain Empire Community College (MECC), in Appalachia, Virginia, and in collaboration with MECC and the LENOWISCO Planning District Commission.

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Security, stability, and speed: Strategy essentials for your mission

At AWS, our customers and partners serving government, nonprofit, healthcare, and education are focusing on advancing the way they deliver critical services, improve the customer experience, build resilience into how they operate, and respond to disruptive events. With much progress made to date and with customers expecting the same digital experience and service as in other industries, expectations are only getting higher. So how can public sector organizations approach this new dynamic, and how can AWS support their missions?

Showing appreciation for our veteran community through training and nonprofit support

Friday, November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. AWS thanks and honors active duty military and veterans today, and works to show our appreciation and commitment to the military community, veterans, and their spouses through our work year-round. From supporting veteran service organizations and nonprofits to providing training to active-duty and reservist service members, government civilians, transitioning veterans, and military spouses, AWS is dedicated to serving the military and veteran community. Learn more about the progress we’ve made on our ongoing efforts to support the military community throughout the year.