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A sneak peek at the governance, risk, and compliance sessions for AWS re:Inforce 2022

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Today we want to tell you about some of the exciting governance, risk, and compliance sessions planned for AWS re:Inforce 2022. AWS re:Inforce is a conference where you can learn more about security, compliance, identity, and privacy. When you attend the event, you have access to hundreds of technical and business sessions, an AWS Partner expo hall, a keynote speech from AWS Security leaders, and more. AWS re:Inforce 2022 will take place in person in Boston, MA on July 26 and 27. AWS re:Inforce 2022 features content in the following five areas:

  • Data protection and privacy
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Identity and access management
  • Network and infrastructure security
  • Threat detection and incident response

This post will highlight of some of the governance, risk, and compliance offerings that you can sign up for, including breakout sessions, chalk talks, builders’ sessions, and workshops. For the full catalog of all tracks, see the AWS re:Inforce session preview.

Breakout sessions

These are lecture-style presentations that cover topics at all levels and are delivered by AWS experts, builders, customers, and partners. Breakout sessions typically include 10–15 minutes of Q&A at the end.

GRC201: Learn best practices for auditing AWS with Cloud Audit Academy
Do you want to know how to audit in the cloud? Today, control framework language is catered toward on-premises environments, and security IT auditing techniques have not been reshaped for the cloud. The AWS Cloud–specific Cloud Audit Academy provides auditors with the education and tools to audit for security on AWS using a risk-based approach. In this session, experience a condensed sample domain from a four-day Cloud Audit Academy workshop.

GRC203: Panel discussion: Continuous compliance and auditing on AWS
In this session, an AWS leader speaks with senior executives from enterprise customer and AWS Partner organizations as they share their paths to success with compliance and auditing on AWS. Join this session to hear how they have used AWS Cloud Operations to help make compliance and auditing more efficient and improve business outcomes. Also hear how AWS Partners are supporting customer organizations as they automate compliance and move to the cloud.

GRC205: Crawl, walk, run: Accelerating security maturity
Where are you on your cloud security journey? Where do you want to end up? What are your next steps? In this step-by-step roadmap, we provide a comprehensive overview of the AWS security journey based on lessons learned with other organizations. Learn where you are, how to take the next step and how to improve your cloud security program. In this session, we will leverage cloud-native tools like AWS Control Tower, AWS Config, and AWS Security Hub to demonstrate how knowing your current state of security can drive more effective and efficient story telling of your posture.

GRC302: Using AWS security services to build our cloud operations foundation
Organizations new to the cloud need to quickly understand what foundational security capabilities should be considered as a baseline. In this session, learn how AWS security services can help you improve your cloud security posture. Learn how to incorporate security into your AWS architecture based on the AWS Cloud Operations model, which will help you implement governance, manage risk, and achieve compliance while proactively discovering opportunities for improvement.

GRC331: Automating security and compliance with OSCAL
Documentation exports can be very time consuming. In this session, learn how the National Institute of Science and Technology is developing the Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) to provide common translation between XML, JSON, and YAML formats. OSCAL also provides a common means to identify and version shared resources, and standardize the expression of assessment artifacts. Learn how AWS is working to implement OSCAL for our security documentation exports so that you can save time when creating and maintaining ATO packages.

Builders’ sessions

These are small-group sessions led by an AWS expert who guides you as you build the service or product on your own laptop. Use your laptop to experiment and build along with the AWS expert.

GRC351: Implementing compliance as code on AWS
To manage compliance at the speed and scale the cloud requires, organizations need to implement automation and have an effective mechanism to manage it. In this builders’ session, learn how to implement compliance as code (CaC). CaC shares many of the same benefits as infrastructure as code: speed, automation, peer review, and auditability. Learn about defining controls with AWS Config rules, customizing those controls, using remediation actions, packaging and deploying with AWS Config conformance packs, and validating using a CI/CD pipeline.

GRC352: Deploying repeatable, secure, and compliant Amazon EKS clusters
In this builders’ session, learn how to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications that run Kubernetes on AWS with AWS Service Catalog. Walk through how to deploy the Kubernetes control plane into a virtual private cloud (VPC), connect worker nodes to the cluster, and configure a bastion host for cluster administrative operations. Using AWS CloudFormation registry resource types, learn how to declare Kubernetes manifests or Helm charts to deploy and manage your Kubernetes applications. With AWS Service Catalog, you can empower your teams to deploy securely configured Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters in multiple accounts and Regions.

GRC354: Building remediation workflows to simplify compliance
Automation and simplification are key to managing compliance at scale. Remediation is one of the key elements of simplifying and managing risk. In this builders’ session, walk through how to build a remediation workflow using AWS Config and AWS Systems Manager Automation. Then, explore how the workflow can be deployed at scale and monitored with AWS Security Hub to oversee your entire organization.

GRC355: Build a Security Posture Leaderboard using AWS Security Hub
This builders’ session introduces you to the possibilities of creating a robust and comprehensive leaderboard using AWS Security Hub findings to improve security and compliance visibility in your organization. Learn how to design and support various use cases, such as combining security and compliance data into a single, centralized dashboard that allows you to make more informed decisions; correlating Security Hub findings with operational data for deeper insights; building a security and compliance scorecard across various dimensions to share across different stakeholders; and supporting a decentralized organization structure with centralized or shared security function.

Chalk talks

These are highly interactive sessions with a small audience. Experts lead you through problems and solutions on a digital whiteboard as the discussion unfolds.

GRC233: Critical infrastructure: Supply chain and compliance impacts
In this chalk talk, learn how you can benefit from cloud-based solutions that build in security from the beginning. Review technical details around cybersecurity best practices for OT systems in adherence with government partnership with public and private industries. Dive deep into use cases and best practices for using AWS security services to help improve cybersecurity specifically for water utilities. Hear about opportunities to receive AWS cybersecurity training designed to teach you the skills necessary to support cloud adoption.

GRC304: Scaling the possible: Digitizing the audit experience
Do you want to increase the speed and scale of your audits? As companies expand to new industries and environments, so too does the scale of regulatory compliance. AWS undergoes over 500 audits in a year. In this session, hear from AWS experts as they digitize and automate the regulator/auditor experience. Walk through pre-audit educational training, self-service of control evidence and walkthrough information, live chatting with an audit control owner, and virtual data center tours. This session discusses how innovation and digitization allows companies to build trust with regulators and auditors while reducing the level of effort for internal audit teams and compliance executives.

GRC334: Shared responsibility deep dive at the service level
Auditors and regulators often need assistance understanding which configuration settings and security responsibilities are in the company’s control. Depending on the service, the AWS shared responsibility model can vary, which can affect the process for meeting compliance goals. Join AWS subject-matter experts in this chalk talk for an in-depth discussion on the next wave of compliance activation for AWS customers. Explore the configurable security decisions that users have for each service and how you can map to AWS best practices and security controls.

GRC431: Building purpose-driven and data-rich GRC solutions
Are you getting everything you need out of your data? Or do you not have enough information to make data-driven security decisions? Many organizations trying to modernize and innovate using data often struggle with finding the right data security solutions to build data-driven applications. In this chalk talk, explore how you can use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Systems Manager, AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO), and AWS Config to drive valuable insights to make more informed decisions. Hear about best practices and lessons learned to help you on your journey to garner purpose-filled information.


These are interactive learning sessions where you work in small teams to solve problems using AWS Cloud security services. Come prepared with your laptop and a willingness to learn!

GRC272: Executive Security Simulation
The Executive Security Simulation takes senior security management and IT/business executive teams through an experiential exercise that illuminates key decision points for a successful and secure cloud journey. During this team-based, game-like competitive simulation, participants leverage an industry case study to make strategic security, risk, and compliance time-based decisions and investments. Participants experience the impact of these investments and decisions on the critical aspects of their secure cloud adoption. Join this workshop to understand the major success factors to lead security, risk, and compliance in the cloud, and learn applicable decision and investment approaches to specific secure cloud adoption journeys.

GRC371: Automate your compliance and evidence collection with AWS
Automation and simplification are key to managing compliance at scale. Remediation is one of the key elements of simplifying and managing risk. In this workshop, we will walk through building a remediation workflow using AWS Config and AWS Systems Manager and show how it can be deployed at scale and then monitored with Security Hub across the entire organization. In this workshop, you will learn how you can set up a continuous collection process that not only establishes controls to help meet the requirements of compliance but also automates the process of collecting evidence to avoid the time-consuming manual effort to prepare for audits.

GRC372: How to implement governance on AWS with ServiceNow
Many AWS customers use IT service management (ITSM) solutions such as ServiceNow to implement governance and compliance and manage security incidents. In this workshop, learn how to use AWS services such as AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager, and AWS Security Hub on the ServiceNow service portal. Learn how AWS services align to service management standards by integrating AWS capabilities through ITSM process integration with ServiceNow. Design and implement a curated provisioning strategy, along with incident management and resource transparency/compliance, by using the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow.

GRC471: Building guardrails to meet your custom control requirements
In this session, you will experience the process of identifying, designing, and implementing security configurations, as well as detective and preventive guardrails, to meet custom control requirements. You will use a pre-built environment, read a customer scenario to identify specific control needs, and then learn how to design and implement the custom controls.

If any of these sessions look interesting to you, consider joining us in Boston by registering for re:Inforce 2022. We look forward to seeing you there!

Greg Eppel

Greg is the Tech Leader for Cloud Operations and is responsible for the global direction of an internal community of hundreds of AWS experts who are focused on the operational capabilities of AWS. Prior to joining AWS in 2016, he was the CTO of a company that provided SaaS solutions to the sports, media, and entertainment industry. He is a Canadian originally from Vancouver, and he currently resides in the DC metro area with his family.


Alexis Robinson

Alexis is the Head of the US Government Security and Compliance Program for AWS. For over 10 years, she has served federal government clients by advising them on security best practices and conducting cyber and financial assessments. She currently supports the security of the AWS internal environment, including cloud services applicable to AWS US East/West and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.