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Automating Amazon EBS snapshot management using Data Lifecycle Manager

UPDATE: An updated version of this post was published on 7/14/2021. Please refer to that post for the most up-to-date content. Many AWS customers frequently look for ways to lower the operational costs and complexity of managing their backup operations. With Amazon EBS, you can create snapshots that are a convenient way to back up your block […]

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Expanded availability and streamlined ordering of the AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance

Migrating data to the cloud is one of the primary objectives for many organizations looking to manage rapidly increasing data growth in their IT environments. Many companies want to shrink or eliminate their on-premises infrastructure and use the cloud for their growing storage needs to achieve more scalability, flexibility, and agility, all while lowering costs […]

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Transferring Amazon S3 data from AWS Regions to AWS Regions in China

AWS customers with data located in multiple AWS Regions often ask about moving files from AWS Regions outside of China to the AWS China (Beijing) Region and the AWS China (Ningxia) Region to localize data within China for compliance, data center operations, and data storage requirements. To best serve customers in China and comply with […]

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Escaping the pain of physical tape management with AWS Storage Gateway

As customers continue their cloud journeys, they want to shrink or eliminate their on-premises infrastructure and use the cloud for their growing business needs. This enables customers to achieve more scalability, flexibility, and agility, all while lowering costs and simplifying management. Moving to the cloud is a strategic business decision that gives you more control […]

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Cross-account bulk transfer of files using Amazon S3 Batch Operations

As customers scale their business on AWS, they can have millions to billions of objects in their Amazon S3 buckets. Customers often run operations on a large number of these objects in their buckets, including copying objects across accounts, encrypting objects, or tagging. Running operations on a large number of objects in S3 involves listing […]

How Qubole optimizes cost and performance by managing shuffle data

Ad hoc analytics, data exploration, data engineering, and machine learning (ML) workloads are often run at a massive scale and require significant computing power, which can be costly. Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, which enable you to use unused Amazon EC2 computing capacity in the AWS Cloud, offer up to 90% in savings over On-Demand Instances. […]

Introducing the Storage Migration Acceleration Program

At AWS, we understand migrating your data is not trivial, especially migrating out of tenured, familiar data storage solutions. It can involve serious and tedious work in designing, planning, and executing your data migration project plan, plus having a contingency plan in place in case of any hiccups. There are both technical and business risks […]

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How Liberty Mutual uses AWS Transfer Family to manage financial data

Liberty Mutual is the sixth largest property and casualty insurer in the world based on 2019 gross written premium. We rank 77th on the Fortune 100 list of largest corporations in the US based on 2019 revenue, and as of December 31, 2019 we had $43.2 billion in annual consolidated revenue. As a part of […]

Automatically import Amazon S3 object updates into Amazon FSx for Lustre

Many enterprises and other AWS customers often store their datasets and build their data lakes on Amazon S3. Since Amazon FSx for Lustre is deeply integrated with S3, customers can create a new FSx for Lustre file system linked to their S3 bucket in minutes. FSx for Lustre file systems transparently present S3 objects as […]

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Deploying Jenkins on Amazon EKS with Amazon EFS

UPDATE (5/17/2021):  It looks like the Jenkins Helm repos have moved and the configurable parameters have been updated as well! You will need to modify the commands listed in the blog accordingly. Check out the new Jenkins helm repos and configurable parameters at the following links: Also, make sure your EKS cluster control […]