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Cloud Transformation Maturity Model: Guidelines to develop effective strategies for your cloud adoption journey

The Cloud Transformation Maturity Model offers a guideline to help organizations develop an effective strategy for their cloud adoption journey. This model defines characteristics that determine the stage of maturity, transformation activities within each stage that must be completed to move to the next stage, and outcomes that are achieved across four stages of organizational maturity, including project, foundation, migration, and optimization.

Where are you on your journey? Follow the table below to determine what stage you are in:

Advice from All-In Customers

We also want to share advice from our customers across various industries who have decided to go all-in on the AWS Cloud.

“One of the things we’ve learned along the way is the culture change that is needed to bring people along on that cloud journey and really transforming the organization, not only convincing them that the technology is the right way to go, but winning over the hearts and minds of the team to completely change direction.”

Mike Chapple, Sr. Director for IT Service Delivery, Notre Dame

“For other systems we saw that we could make fast configurations inside Amazon that would make those systems run faster. It was a huge success. And the thing about that type of success is that it breeds more interest in getting that kind of success. So after starting a proof of concept with AWS, we immediately began to expand until fully migrated on AWS”

Eric Geiger, VP of IT Ops, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

“The greatest thing about AWS for us is that it really scales with the business needs, not only from a capacity perspective, but also from a regional expansion perspective so that we can take our business model, roll it out across the region and eventually across the globe.”

Marcello Wesseler, CEO, Singapore Post

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