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Introducing the Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics Partner Program

By Lo Rogers, Embedded Analytics Partner Leader – AWS
Jose Kunnackal John, Director, Amazon QuickSight – AWS  

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-native, serverless business intelligence (BI) service that allows customers to create and share interactive analytics with thousands of end-users. QuickSight allows interactive dashboards, visualizations, and machine learning-powered natural language query to be embedded into apps and portals where users spend all of their time, allowing application builders and independent software vendors (ISVs) to create powerful data-driven experiences.

Customers using embedded QuickSight analytics in their applications include 3M, Bolt, Blackboard, and the NFL.

“We’re excited to launch the Embedded Analytics Partner Program (EAPP) to accelerate the embedded analytics journey for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers,” said Matt Wood, VP of Business Analytics at AWS. “Embedded analytics is re-shaping how users consume data by providing insights in the key moments that matter.”

“With Amazon QuickSight, AWS customers have a cloud-native, scalable embedded analytics solution to share interactive, up-to-date insights with their users—without having to switch context to a business intelligence tool, or download data in files for slicing and dicing,” states Wood. “We now have a set of trusted partners who can help customers quickly understand and integrate QuickSight’s embedded analytics capabilities to create insightful, data-driven experiences for users.”

The rapid adoption of cloud technologies has provided organizations with accessible and affordable cloud-native technologies across data, analytics, and machine learning (ML). However, insights from these technologies are only truly useful if end users of this data have access to the data when they most require it.

Traditional approaches to providing insights to users within applications range from adding simple charts and graphs to providing detailed data that can be exported as CSV or Microsoft Excel files for manual slicing and dicing—making these insights hard to consume and leaving the user wanting more.

Embedded analytics capabilities from Amazon QuickSight allow customers to embed interactive QuickSight dashboards, ML-powered natural language query capabilities using QuickSight Q, or even self-service dashboard authoring capabilities for advanced users to curate their own dashboards within applications and portals—delivering insights in the moments where end-users need them the most.

QuickSight’s cloud-native, serverless architecture, together with pay-per-session usage-based pricing, allows secure, powerful, interactive analytics to be integrated into any application and scale to thousands of users without any infrastructure management or provisioning.

By embedding QuickSight, customers can provide powerful slicing and dicing capabilities—previously only available within the confines of an advanced BI tool to every user of an application. Now, customers can save years and months of custom analytics development efforts, without the need for expensive contracts to get started, and can scale without heavy IT or DevOps involvement.

End-users benefit from enhanced data-driven experiences and access to deep insights that were simply not available before. Embedded analytics is also a core component of an organization’s digital transformation and smart X (smart factory, smart supply chain, etc.) strategy.

However, application developers and builders often face the biggest challenge in re-training their development teams to think with a cloud-first mentality, to understand and adopt scalable embedded analytics with QuickSight, instead of building these interfaces from scratch or by piecing together multiple third-party components.

With the EAPP, AWS customers have access to a broad set of trained AWS Services Partners, who can provide immediate acceleration through hands-on assistance in building applications and long-term stability by training software teams in best practices and development approaches.

Customers can leverage the AWS Partner Network’s listing of certified QuickSight partners to find the partner closest to their geography or specialized in their industry and/or domain.

AWS Services Partners who are part of the EAPP have access to extensive resources available, including training and enablement, as well as joint go-to market (GTM) motions with AWS sales teams that help connect partners and customers early in the embedded analytics journey. Through the program, Services Partners gain a strong understanding of QuickSight capabilities, best practices, and architectural patterns that let them build optimized embedded analytics implementations using QuickSight in AWS customer applications.

Additionally, Services Partners who are in the EAPP also gain access to the embedded partner ready campaign which includes a suite of GTM activities, funds, and resources that help them work with their customers to enable powerful, data-driven experiences for their users with QuickSight embedded analytics. Services Partners interested in joining the program should reach out to

“We are able to use Amazon QuickSight to help support our sales team to drive the adoption of other AWS data and analytics services across 95% of our opportunities,” said Tia Dubuisson, Founder of Belle Fleur, an AWS Partner. “We have sessions that allow us to quickly build fast, interactive dashboards that will seamlessly integrate with our customer applications across multiple industries.

“Working alongside the QuickSight (Embedded Analytics and QuickSight Q) teams, we are able to accelerate our customers to market with the latest product features to keep them cutting edge and ahead of their competition,” adds Dubuisson. “With the Amazon QuickSight Readers and pay-per-session pricing, we are able to extend these secure, customized, and easy-to-use dashboards for each customer without having to provision servers or manage infrastructure—all while only paying for actual usage.

“Allowing our customers to move quickly and develop a roadmap allows for continuous improvement throughout the year focused on innovating, as they do not have any heavy lifting when it comes to supporting infrastructure,” concludes Dubuisson. “We love the innovative direction, and look forward to expanding our use of Amazon QuickSight.”

Our growing set of participating partners in the EAPP include: