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Unlock insights from data in documents faster with intelligent document processing

Customers using human reviewers to process documents struggle with a manually intensive, costly, and error-prone mechanisms to unlock key data. Even those on legacy OCR stacks find that low accuracy and lack of scalability limits the success of their automation efforts. Intelligent document processing (IDP) allows you to automatically process documents with high accuracy, focus human resources on higher value tasks, scale quickly, and serve customers faster.

Automate Data Extraction and Analysis from Documents with Machine Learning (2:41)



Improved data accuracy and accelerate data strategy

Organizations need to process large volumes and a variety of documents to extract key data. Manual processing is costly and error-prone. Inaccurate data can result in a poor customer experience. Intelligent document processing allows you to extract information quickly and accurately.


Drive business process efficiency

Manual document processing is expensive and time consuming. You need to allocate resources to process large volume documents, reducing agility. Moreover, your employees are doing manual stare and compare tasks, reducing worker morale. Intelligent document processing helps you overcome these challenges by automating the classification, extraction, and analysis of data. This allows you to allocate resources to high-value tasks, and enable faster decision cycles.


Scale quickly

Legacy OCR solution is often difficult to scale especially with variability in document types and volumes. Intelligent document processing helps you scale quickly with large volumes and different document types.



Incomplete loan packages, tax forms, paystubs, and other missing data found during the underwriting process, often creates more work and increases potential for bad loans which is costly and risky. Using AWS intelligent document processing, you can extract the most important information from mortgage applications and accelerate response times to customers.

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Data extraction can be particularly challenging in the insurance sector given the varying document layouts and formats for quotes, insurance forms, claims, and receipts. Using AWS Intelligent document processing, you can quickly extract relevant information such case ID, property address quickly and accurately.

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To help your public sector organizations make faster and more accurate decisions Intelligent document processing on AWS is here to help. You can process invoices, taxes, benefit claims, licenses, and financial records to extract necessary data points for a decision to be made.

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Whether your documents include claims, doctor’s notes, risk adjustments, or clinical trial reports, Intelligent document processing on AWS can help you quickly and accurately process these different document types and get useful data to expedite business decisions.

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Description AWS service
Automatically extract printed text, handwritng, and data from documents Amazon Textract
Derive and understand valuable insights from text within documents Amazon Comprehend


Processing documents, such as agreements, court filings, or legal dockets, is a difficult task for legal teams. Contractual documents are often in non-standardized formats. The typical workflow for reviewing legal filings involves loading, reading, and extracting case number, parties involved or legal entities from the documents, requiring hours of manual effort. Using OCR and NLP to extract text and specific terms can automate this process, with higher accuracy. 

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Accounts Payable

Invoices and receipts are vital to all organizations and many times those types of documents come in various layouts. Using ML you can automatically extract valuable information within those documents to automate your business, reduce cost per page and manual effort.  

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Enhanced Document Understanding on AWS

Deploy an easy-to-use web application that ingests and analyzes documents, extracts content, identifies and redacts sensitive customer information, and creates search indexes from the analyzed data.

Guidance for Intelligent Document Processing on AWS

This Guidance helps you automate document processing with AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) services. 

Intelligent Document Processing Partners

AWS has assembled a team of partners with deep expertise in applying machine learning document processing workflows across various industries. AWS Intelligent Document Processing solutions from AWS Partners provide turnkey solutions that can help lower costs, increase revenue, and boost engagement. Go to the partners’ page to find the partner solution for your use case. 

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