Intelligent Document Processing

Bring generative AI-powered automation to document workflows

Streamline document processing with generative AI

The volume of unstructured data like documents, audio, video, and images is rapidly increasing. AWS Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) leverages optical character recognition (OCR), computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to automate processing this data. With the integration of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI capabilities, IDP can not only extract and classify information from unstructured data but also generate concise summaries and derive actionable insights. By leveraging the powerful language understanding and generation capabilities of LLMs, IDP provides higher-level abstractions and synthesizes information from multiple sources, enabling you to quickly grasp the essence of complex data repositories. Improve customer satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency, and drive better business performance through intelligent automation powered by generative AI. With ready-to-use APIs, IDP makes it easy to efficiently process unstructured data at scale, classify documents, extract critical information, validate insights, and generate insightful summaries and reports.


Processing documents manually is expensive and time consuming. Organizations need to allocate resources to process large volume documents, reducing agility. Intelligent document processing powered by generative AI helps you overcome these challenges. Generative AI helps rapidly classify, extract, and analyze document data, automating repetitive manual work. This allows you to reduce costs, allocate resources to high-value tasks, and enable faster decision cycles.

Generative AI-powered document processing simplifies finding specific information within documents. Unlike legacy OCR solutions that lack scalability, generative AI-powered IDP adapts intelligently as document volumes and types change. Uncover patterns, trends, and correlations within your data from diverse documents – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured and transform it into actionable insights.

Unlock efficiency and accuracy in meeting regulatory compliance by utilizing generative AI to automatically redact sensitive information in documents. With its ability to understand context, generative AI can identify and secure sensitive data at scale across large volumes of unstructured text. This enhances data privacy and guarantees adherence to evolving industry regulations - without needing manual reviews.

Use cases

Explore how IDP can be leveraged across various industries to efficiently process unstructured data at scale.

Whether your documents include claims, doctor’s notes, risk adjustments, or clinical trial reports, Intelligent document processing on AWS can help you quickly and accurately process these different document types and get useful data to expedite business decisions.

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Data extraction can be particularly challenging in the insurance sector given the varying document layouts and formats for quotes, insurance forms, claims, and receipts. Using AWS Intelligent document processing, you can quickly extract relevant information such case ID, property address quickly and accurately.

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Processing documents, such as agreements, court filings, or legal dockets, is a difficult task for legal teams. Contractual documents are often in non-standardized formats. The typical workflow for reviewing legal filings involves loading, reading, and extracting case number, parties involved or legal entities from the documents, requiring hours of manual effort. Using OCR and NLP to extract text and specific terms can automate this process, with higher accuracy.

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Incomplete loan packages, tax forms, paystubs, and other missing data found during the underwriting process, often create more work and increase potential for bad loans which is costly and risky. Use AWS intelligent document processing to extract the most important information from mortgage applications and accelerate response times to customers.

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To help your public sector organizations make faster and more accurate decisions Intelligent document processing on AWS is here to help. You can process invoices, taxes, benefit claims, licenses, and financial records to extract necessary data points for a decision to be made.

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