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Accelerate Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners

By Rami Gonzalez, Sr. Partner Development Specialist – AWS
By Justin Charness, Global Lead, Machine Learning Partners – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS

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As customers seek to solve more business challenges and improve time to value with machine learning (ML), the ability to integrate with their preferred technology products is increasingly important in today’s market.

Customers trust Amazon SageMaker to make ML more accessible by preparing data at scale, reducing training time and boosting productivity with purpose-built tools, and automating and standardizing MLOps practices across their organizations.

To support these efforts, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Amazon SageMaker Ready specialization for AWS Partners with Amazon SageMaker software offerings.

Through the Amazon SageMaker Ready specialization, Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can identify software solutions that integrate with Amazon SageMaker—allowing them to seamlessly solve use cases and innovate with machine learning.

Software offerings include data platforms, data pre-processing and feature stores, ML frameworks, MLOps tools, and business decisioning and applications.


Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Service Ready Program is designed to validate software products built by AWS Partners that work with specific AWS services. These software products are technically validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects for their sound architecture and adherence to AWS best practices and market adoption, as well as proven customer success.

Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners have access to ongoing technical enablement through the Deeper Learning Series. This benefit includes early access to the Amazon SageMaker product roadmap release details and schedules to influence what they should invest in as an Amazon SageMaker Ready Partner.

We invite you to explore the Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners recommended by AWS:



The Domo Business Cloud is a low-code data app platform that takes the power of BI to the next level to combine all your data and put it to work across any business process or workflow. Domo’s visualization tools let you provide high-quality, easy-to-use self-service dashboards, and augment them with alerts and AI to build more effective workflows. Learn more »


Fiddler’s Model Performance Management (MPM) platform helps monitor, explain, analyze, and improve models and build trust into AI. It integrates deep XAI and analytics to help you grow into advanced capabilities and build a framework for responsible AI. Organizations use Fiddler across training and production models to accelerate time-to-value and scale and increase revenue by connecting outcomes to business KPIs. Learn more »


OctoML is a SaaS solution that automates and optimizes trained ML models for seamless deployment on a myriad of AWS hardware targets, including NVIDIA GPUs, Intel and AMD CPUs, and AWS Graviton. Model-as-function packaging enables ML models to be integrated into the same AWS workflows as the rest of a customer’s application stack. Learn more »


Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud on AWS—a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. Inside the Data Cloud, organizations unite their siloed data, easily discover and securely share governed data, execute diverse analytic workloads, and transform data into ML-powered insights with Snowflake and Amazon SageMaker. Learn more »


Teradata Vantage is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that unifies everything—data lakes, data warehouses, analytics, and new data sources and types. Vantage combines descriptive, predictive, prescriptive analytics, autonomous decision-making, ML functions, and visualization tools into a unified, integrated platform that uncovers real-time business intelligence at scale, no matter where the data resides. Learn more »


ThunderSoft TurboX Inspection Solution provides one-stop artificial intelligence vision solutions for global customers in the LCD panels, electronics, cosmetics, and automotive industries to help customers realize the successful transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Learn more »


The TIBCO Spotfire platform leverages Amazon SageMaker via Data Functions to make the AI/ML life cycle seamless and agile. Spotfire Data Functions are inbuilt Python and R scripts that can update Spotfire tables, visuals, and other properties using lo/no code interfaces. Therefore, a data analyst can deploy any SageMaker service within Spotfire through an AWS SDK. Thus, SageMaker services can be used to build, train, and tune machine learning models while retaining complete control and visibility within Spotfire. Learn more »

Weights & Biases

Weights & Biases helps machine learning teams build better models faster. With just a few lines of code, practitioners can instantly debug, compare, and reproduce their models—architecture, hyperparameters, git commits, model weights, GPU usage, datasets, and predictions—all while collaborating with their team. Learn more »

Customers: Learn About Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners

Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners provide customers with a wide selection of software products that integrate with Amazon SageMaker.

We invite you to explore Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners, or reach out to with any questions.

Partners: Looking to Validate Your Amazon SageMaker Product?

AWS Partners with Amazon SageMaker software products can learn more about becoming an Amazon SageMaker Ready Partner.

To validate your Amazon SageMaker software product, apply for the AWS Service Ready Program. Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners receive incremental benefits in addition to AWS Service Ready Program benefits.

For program requirements, review the Program Guide in AWS Partner Central.