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AWS Container Competency Expands to Include Enterprise Container Management Category

By Carmen Puccio, Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture – AWS
By Mikhail Shapirov, Sr. Partner SA, Containers – AWS
By Christin Voytko, Competency Launch Product Manager – AWS

Containers are an easy and portable way to run and deploy applications and are often a first step in the modernization journey. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers use containers as the fundamental unit of compute to deploy both existing and net-new workloads like microservices, big data, machine learning models, and batch jobs.

The AWS Container Competency validates and promotes AWS Partners with software products that integrate with AWS services in ways that improve customers’ ability to run workloads on containers on AWS.

Adopting containers helps customers innovate quickly and reduce operational costs. However, operations teams can face challenges when infrastructure complexity, regulatory, and governance demands require applications to be deployed on premises and in the cloud. Replicating the practice of building and testing container infrastructure before it’s ready to support production workloads can require significant overhead.

With the Container Competency’s new Enterprise Container Management category, customers can find products that will help them manage container infrastructure (networks, load balancers, perimeter security) and containerized workloads (tasks, pods, services, namespaces, quotas) across different environments.

These validated Enterprise Container Management products help customers deploy their containerized workloads as well as provision and manage container infrastructure. Additionally, they help customers manage AWS resources and surrounding constructs such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking, load balancing, logging, and monitoring at scale across multiple locations and regions with proper security, compliance, developer, and operational controls.

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AWS Partners Have Proven Experience in Containers

The AWS Competency Program is designed to validate and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated technical expertise and proven customer success.

The Competency designation helps AWS Partners differentiate their business to customers by showcasing their products and services in specialized areas across industries, use cases, and workloads.

To achieve the AWS Container Competency, AWS Partners’ container offerings are validated against AWS best practices by AWS containers experts.

Launch Partners

D2iQ Logo


DKP Enterprise is a centralized management plane that acts as a single point of observability and control for your Kubernetes clusters. Taking a declarative approach to Kubernetes, DKP Enterprise leverages CAPI for infrastructure management and FluxCD for application lifecycle management.

Nirmata Logo


Nirmata Kubernetes Manager is a unified management plane for Kubernetes clusters and workloads that eliminates Day 2 Kubernetes challenges without lock-in or unnecessary abstractions.

Pulumi Logo


Pulumi’s infrastructure as code (IaC) platform lets you create, test, deploy, and manage containers, AWS Lambda functions, and other infrastructure using your favorite languages.

Rafay Systems Logo

Rafay Systems

The cloud-based Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform enables enterprises to manage the lifecycle of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters and modern applications across all infrastructures: on premises, public clouds (with native EKS integration included), and edge networks.

SUSE Logo-1


SUSE Rancher Management Server manages k8s distributions across CSPs, hybrid, and on premises, and enables data migration to EKS-enabled services.

Customers: Procure Enterprise Container Management Software Products

AWS Container Competency Enterprise Container Management products can help you increase operational efficiency and achieve observability, security, compliance, and governance at enterprise scale. We invite you to accelerate your modernization with AWS Container Competency Partners.

Partners: Join the AWS Container Competency Program

AWS Partners with experience in container solutions can learn more about becoming an AWS Competency Partner. The AWS Container Competency Validation Checklist (login required) provides the criteria necessary to achieve this AWS Competency designation.

AWS Container Competency Partners receive unique benefits in addition to AWS Competency Benefits.