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AWS Service Ready Helps Customers Find Products Validated to Run on Amazon Linux 2

AWS Service Ready-olThe Amazon Linux 2 Ready program, part of the AWS Service Ready Program, makes it easy for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to find solutions that follow AWS best practices for integrating with Amazon Linux 2.

Amazon Linux 2 Ready Partners run quality assurance and security tests on their software, and provide support for their products on Amazon Linux 2.

Enterprises around the globe rely on Linux, both on-premises and in the cloud, to run their business applications reliably and at a reasonable price. Amazon Linux 2 is the next generation of Amazon Linux, providing a secure, stable, and high performance execution environment to develop and run cloud and enterprise applications.

Amazon Linux 2 Ready Partners offer AWS customers Amazon Linux 2-supported products, including monitoring agents, databases, application servers, and beyond. These applications go through rigorous testing by AWS Partner Solutions Architects to ensure customers have a consistent experience using the software.

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Introducing Amazon Linux 2 Ready Partners

The AWS Service Ready Program validates products from AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partners that integrate with specific AWS services such as Amazon Linux 2.

In order to validate their application on Amazon Linux 2, APN Technology Partners must run quality assurance and security tests on their software. They must also confirm their software is managed using standard Linux service management processes, and demonstrate they provide support for their products on Amazon Linux 2.

With the Amazon Linux 2 Ready program, AWS customers benefit by spending less time evaluating new tools and have increased confidence when making purchasing decisions from Amazon Linux 2 Ready Partners.

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Explore Amazon Linux 2 validated products from the following Amazon Linux 2 Ready Partners:

How APN Partners Can Get Started

Review the AWS Service Ready Validation Checklist for Amazon Linux 2 to get started.

APN Technology Partners looking to get their Amazon Linux 2 product validated through the AWS Service Ready Program must be an APN Select or Advanced Tier Partner and pass their APN Technical Baseline Review prior to qualifying.