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Building Successful and Profitable Cloud Businesses with the AWS Partner Transformation Program

By Brian Solis, Digital Analyst, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

AWS Partner Transformation ProgramOne of the greatest challenges facing public sector and commercial organizations is digital disruption.

Don’t let the buzzword fool you, though. As digital accelerates on every front, markets shift because customer and employee behaviors are radically changing as well.

Many public sector organizations and commercial companies are not prepared or equipped to manage this digital disruption. That’s where strong partners come in.

Every business needs trusted partners to succeed. This is the motivation behind the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP), a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping you build a successful and profitable AWS Cloud business.

Launched in 2018, the PTP helps members of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and AWS Public Sector Partner Program accelerate the transformation of their business (usually within 100 days) so they can help customers excel in these disruptive and also promising times. The PTP is open to both public sector and commercial organizations.

I have studied disruptive technologies and its impact on business, and digital transformation has evolved to become the world’s most prolific response to digital disruption. But innovative technology is just part of the solution. The other crucial element is understanding how markets are evolving, and how to apply technology solutions to operations, products, and services to meet and exceed market expectations.

Fast-Tracking Partner Transformation

Developing a successful business on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud can be complex and requires a skill set the Partner Transformation Program helps companies develop. Through the PTP, partners will define what they want to be “cloud famous” for, and the resulting transformation plan is the template for success.

Specifically, the PTP is a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping APN Partners build a successful and profitable AWS-based business. It doesn’t take years to do so, either. The program is designed to help partners transform over 100 days, accelerating the implementation of their AWS Cloud practice and bringing their new expertise to customers faster.

World Wide Technology is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Public Sector Partner. As a technology solutions provider, participating in the AWS Partner Transformation Program gave them an objective baseline of where they were in their cloud adoption journey and identified their target state.

With the PTP, they were able to validate strengths, pinpoint where to make improvements, and accelerate their transformation.

“I think we saved 6-12 months by having access to the PTP,” says Jonathan King, VP of Strategy, Data Center, and Cloud at World Wide Technology. “It’s really helped us get to market quickly and develop our partnership with AWS. Having a program like this lets us dial in where we can bring the most value to customers, and in turn, where we can bring the most value to our partners.”

Whether partners are new to AWS or in the advanced stages of building their cloud practice or solution, the Partner Transformation Program accelerates the development of AWS skills and expertise so that APN Partners can better serve their customers’ complex (and unique) cloud journeys.

How it Works

The Partner Transformation Program includes a vital and thorough assessment of each partner’s organizational cloud readiness across both business and technical capabilities as they pertain to the AWS Cloud.

Every PTP partner receives a customized transformation plan and support to execute the identified activities. This detailed action plan is purpose-built to address gaps, opportunities, and the changes required to transform their cloud business and boost their AWS business potential.

The PTP includes opportunities for partners to:

  • Define or redefine their AWS Cloud vision, strategy, and offerings for commercial companies and the unique needs of public sector organizations.
  • Acquire dedicated skill sets and experience, and develop business and operational models to specifically serve public sector and/or commercial companies.
  • Develop a deeper relationship with AWS and promote their business among AWS stakeholders.
  • Gain expert knowledge in how to help public sector companies adopt cloud-first policies through unique services, manage procurement and strategic labor, and the financial investments necessary to effectively respond to RFPs and scale client growth.
  • Become eligible for advanced resources, programs, tools, and support.
  • Access to up to $25,000 in cash and promotional credits to support activities in their transformation plan.

The Partner Transformation Program helps organizations address a critical and thriving sector of unprecedented need brought about by the public cloud. It helps partners define their value proposition and cloud strategy, and enables businesses to more effectively communicate their offerings to public sector and commercial customers.

Learn more about getting started on the cloud transformation journey. APN Partners that are interested in the PTP should connect with their Partner Development Manager (PDM).

Public Sector Cloud-Transformation Takes a Dedicated Approach

Digital transformation in the public sector is procured differently, and PTP partners with an interest in public sector workloads will be introduced to the capture and proposal process, as well as the different procurement approaches necessary to win.

Through the PTP, public sector partners can learn how to gain specialized competence and develop dedicated business models that account for the unique needs, processes, and inner workings of public services and public enterprises.

This includes a comprehensive review of the public sector sales cycle, optimizing for successfully participating in the tender, RFP, and procurement processes, how to focus your company’s services, and where to deliver value as you grow and scale.

Accelerating growth and repeating these successes can be a challenge. For 1901 Group, an AWS Public Sector Partner with the AWS Government Competency, the PTP provided resources to help drive their journey to the cloud.

“The great thing about the PTP was that it was a forcing function. It got everyone in the company aligned,” says Sonu Singh, President and CEO at 1901 Group. “I don’t think we would have gotten everything done if we hadn’t had the 100-Day Plan, and to work together collectively with AWS. It really helped us move forward.”

Digital Transformation = Business Innovation

AWS-enabled transformation offers real-world competitive and business advantages to APN Partners. Through the Partner Transformation Program, AWS helps partners expedite cloud readiness in key business areas while developing critical skills and expertise to help customers at any stage of their cloud adoption journey.

SCC France is an APN Select Consulting Partner and AWS Public Sector Partner. As a leader of integration services in Europe, participating in the PTP allowed them to assess their maturity in delivering cloud solutions and follow an action plan that accelerated their journey to AWS.

Through the PTP, SCC France created a dedicated cloud business unit, launched a new hiring campaign, and trained more than 200 sales reps and 15 solution architects.

“The PTP has been a real accelerator of our journey to the cloud,” says Didier Lejeune, General Manager at SCC France. “We have put in place a plan to accelerate our training and the practices we have to develop, which has allowed us to prepare for future tenders. The French government has published its cloud policy, and we think we can play a very important role in this policy.”

The PTP enhances credibility through proven cloud capabilities and accelerates business growth by unlocking additional revenue opportunities. Moreover, partners develop an upgraded cloud vision and strategy, as well as an in-demand portfolio of services that are customized for each partner and optimized for their unique target customers.

Helping Customers Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption

The AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is addressing challenges that partners face—even if they don’t know it yet. More so, the PTP helps partners address existing customer needs and opportunities they have not yet identified.

Partners that go through the PTP earn the following advantages:

  • Reduced ramp-up time to AWS and cloud technologies, by months.
  • AWS-optimized strategy and cloud vision unique to partner opportunities.
  • Market-leading AWS service catalog and expanded cloud team with world-class training and accreditations.
  • Unique cloud value proposition and differentiating value-add for cloud service offerings.
  • Solid architectural framework to support growth.
  • Strong service portfolio on AWS with breadth and depth of services.
  • Path forward along AWS journey and access to further programs.

APN Partners also have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with AWS teams. For M&S Consulting, an AWS Public Sector Partner with the AWS Education Competency, the PTP helped their organization stay up-to-date on the latest technologies while improving practices that will help their customers succeed.

“We have very strong relationships with various government agencies, and so does AWS,” says Tina Mascaro, AP and Public Sector Director at M&S Consulting. “As we go in together and form that unified front, it enables us to do the things we are all set out to go and do.”

Getting Started

Transformation offers an AWS-enabled business advantage. It enhances credibility through proven cloud capabilities and accelerates business growth by unlocking additional revenue opportunities. The result of the PTP is partner transformation, together, building an innovative cloud business for you and your customers.

The program is global and open to both consulting and ISV partners serving public sector and commercial customers.

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About the Author

Brian Solis is a world-renowned digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist who has been called “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time.” Based in Silicon Valley, Brian studies disruptive technologies and its impact on business, as well as innovation, experience design, culture dynamics and digital behaviors. Through his advisory practice, research, and published work, he humanizes disruptive trends to help leaders understand how technology, markets, and people are evolving and how to drive innovation and growth.