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How Cloudanix Secures Containerized Applications Running on Amazon EKS

Kubernetes security is often approached in a fragmented way, separating build time, runtime, and infrastructure security. An interconnected security approach is essential, acknowledging relationships between build, runtime, and infrastructure. Cloudanix enables this through end-to-end integration, from build time image scanning to runtime threat monitoring, strengthening security posture by reducing attack surface, enhancing compliance, and empowering swift response.


Validating Cost Data for Amazon EKS with Kubecost and AWS Cost Explorer

Kubecost provides granular visibility into Kubernetes cluster costs on AWS, enabling easy comparison with AWS Cost Explorer. This post guides users through validating Kubecost cost data against AWS billing, troubleshooting discrepancies, and ensuring complete resource discovery. It covers aggregating costs in Kubecost dashboards, filtering to compare specific assets, reconciling adjusted pricing, and using CSV exports for programmatic validation.


Revolutionizing Retail with Vinculum’s Multi-Tenant Microservices SaaS Architecture on AWS

Today’s retail customers are tech-savvy and seek convenience and flexibility from the ecommerce ecosystem. Vinculum, a global software provider, plays a vital role in empowering retail customers with its powerful SaaS products that are available for the entire retail value chain. Vinculum’s Vin eRetail solution offers the capability to syndicate product information and digital assets across various webstores, marketplaces, and other sales channels.


Simplifying Management of Amazon EKS Environments with Automated Fleet Operations from Rafay

Enterprises typically manage sets of Amazon EKS clusters as a fleet, and depending on how the enterprise is structured and operates the fleet could consist of groups of EKS clusters for development, test, and production. Explore the key features of fleet operations and how Automated Fleet Operations from Rafay Systems can help customers improve operational efficiency, governance, and high availability of EKS clusters.

How MYCOM OSI Optimized SaaS Storage with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Many Kubernetes applications require access to persistent storage and data services, including block storage, shared file systems, and object storage. Learn how MYCOM OSI has improved the cost-performance dimension by adopting Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. This post explores how the storage option was evaluated to identify a solution that optimizes the handling of large and complex telco assurance datasets.

Optimize Your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Management with Amazon EKS Ready Partners

Running containerized workloads on Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Anywhere allows customers to use consistent tooling for security, observability, cost management, resilience, and operational excellence for their on-premises, edge, and cloud based containerized workloads. We’re excited to announce the Amazon EKS Ready specialization, which recognizes AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency to architect, run, and operate containerized workloads on top of Amazon EKS and EKS Anywhere.


Simplifying Amazon EKS Adoption With Comprinno’s Pre-Crafted Well-Architected EKS Package

Amazon EKS frees users from managing the Kubernetes control plane and easily integrates with other AWS services, providing access to a robust ecosystem of tools and services for enhanced functionality. Comprinno is an AWS Partner that helps enterprises transform faster, modernizing their way of working through enterprise DevOps and cloud-native computing. In this post, explore the architecture of a pre-crafted EKS solution and how you can say goodbye to complexity.


Accelerating Policy Administration Modernization on AWS with Cognizant Insurance Model Office for OIPA

By following the creed of “intuition engineered” while collaborating with Oracle and AWS, Cognizant developed the Cognizant Insurance Model Office for OIPA, a cloud-compatible DevOps solution to automate OIPA setup on AWS, and accelerate the development of multiple new business capabilities in-parallel. Learn how the Cognizant Insurance Model Office for OIPA brings a performant and productive policy administration experience to insurance carriers.


Uncover Malicious Activity and Protect Amazon EKS Workloads from Network-Based Threats Using Calico Cloud

With Amazon EKS, developers can easily deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications across a cluster of machines. As EKS environments grow and support critical business operations, securing these environments becomes increasingly important. Learn how Tigera’s Calico Cloud provides an active security platform with full-stack observability for containers and Kubernetes, and how to uncover malicious activity and protect your workloads in EKS using Calico Cloud.

How eCloudvalley Enables Monitoring and Observability in Amazon EKS with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

Monitoring containerized applications can be challenging due to the isolated environment that containers provide. A comprehensive monitoring strategy is essential, including how to choose tools to collect and analyze resource usage, network traffic, and application logs. Learn how eCloudvalley leverages AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry to help customers centralize their monitoring in Amazon CloudWatch for their Amazon EKS environment.