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Helping Customers Migrate to AWS Just Got Easier with the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program

By Guy Farber, Global Manager, AWS ISV Workload Migration Program

ISV Workload Migration Program-1Is your business focused on migrating ISV workloads from on-premises to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud? You’ll be excited to hear about the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP) for AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting and Technology Partners.

The AWS ISV Workload Migration Program leverages the expertise of APN Partners and AWS best practices to create repeatable and scalable migration models. These models, in turn, enhance APN Partners’ AWS-based practices and support the success of AWS customers’ cloud journeys.

The WMP provides APN Partners with technical enablement, migration funding to offset costs, and go-to-market support, making it easier to migrate customers’ independent software vendor (ISV) workloads to AWS.

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Program Prerequisites

APN Consulting and Technology Partners interested in participating in the WMP must meet the following prerequisites prior to applying:

  • Select, Advanced, or Premier tier APN Consulting or Technology Partner.
  • Able to demonstrate deployment and migration of a nominated ISV workload.
  • Have an on-premises install base of the workload to migrate to AWS.
  • Have an offering of the workload running on AWS deployed as software-as-a-service (SaaS), AWS Marketplace listing, bring you own license (BYOL), or managed service.
  • Each end-customer migration must result in a minimum of $36,000 in AWS annual recurring revenue (ARR) within 12 months of the migration.

Once you meet all of these prerequisites, you must pass a technical review by an AWS ISV Workload Migration Program Partner Solutions Architect. To get started, check out the ISV WMP website.

AWS ISV Workload Migration Program-1

Program Benefits

The AWS ISV Workload Migration Program offers participating APN Partners the following benefits to accelerate the migration of their ISV workloads into AWS.

Technical Enablement

Development of a migration playbook (WMP Playbook) is key to participating in this program. A WMP Playbook is a technical document that provides a set of repeatable and comprehensive guidelines for migrating an end-customer’s ISV workload to AWS.

APN Partners will work with the WMP Partner Solutions Architect team to establish a WMP Playbook for the qualified ISV workload.


The WMP may invest up to 10-15 percent of the overall post-migration AWS ARR, towards reducing end-customers’ migration costs. The funding rate will be based on the projected AWS ARR driven by the ISV workload and complexity of the migration.

Funding will be provided either in the form of cash or AWS Promotional Credits. For additional information, please reach out to the WMP team.

Go-to-Market Support

The WMP offers APN Partners certain marketing-related support in the form of speaking engagements, APN Blog inclusion, agency alignment for content creation, and more.

A variety of helpful marketing resources are also available in APN Marketing Central, which provide guidance on logo usage, best practices for case study creation, how to access Acceleration Funding (applicable to Advanced and Premier tier APN Partners only), and more.

Another way WMP helps APN Partners distinguish themselves is by including the program on your AWS Partner Solution Finder listing. There may also be opportunities to participate in AWS-led WMP promotion initiatives.

Launch Partners

Congratulations to our AWS ISV Workload Migration Program launch partners!

APN Consulting Partners

APN Technology Partners

Getting Started

The AWS ISV Workload Migration Program provides a prescriptive migration approach as well as technical, funding, training, and GTM support to accelerate migrations of a customers’ ISV workloads to AWS.

If you are interested in applying, check out the ISV WMP website >>