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Know Before You Go: An AWS Partner’s Guide to re:Invent 2023

By Derek Belt, Communications Manager – AWS Partner Network


We are looking forward to bringing you AWS re:Invent 2023 both in-person and virtually. The conference is November 27 – December 1 in Las Vegas, with virtual opportunities to watch keynotes and Innovation Talks live.

All of us at Amazon Web Services (AWS) are excited to connect with AWS Partners and AWS Marketplace Sellers from around the globe. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of key re:Invent information for our AWS Partner and AWS Marketplace communities.

Reserved seating is available for registered attendees to secure seats in the most popular sessions. Get your seats today by signing in to the attendee portal and visiting the session catalog.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, do the next best thing and watch select re:Invent coverage online. Register now for free to watch live keynotes and Innovation Talks.

AWS Partner Experience at re:Invent

This year’s AWS Partner experience offers content and activities designed specifically for AWS Partners and AWS Marketplace Sellers. Explore how to build new solutions with AWS, generate successful business outcomes, and create new possibilities.

You’ll learn how to apply AWS technologies to serve your customers and discover how the AWS Partner Network (APN) and AWS Marketplace can help you transform your business.

There are partner-focused sessions and technical tracks throughout the week, and the not-to-miss AWS Partner Keynote with Ruba Borno on Wednesday, November 29.

Visit the APN Booth at the main Expo in the Venetian and learn how to build, market, and advance your business with AWS. Check out the AWS Marketplace Booth in the Expo to find software applications to help you innovate.

Get all the info you need on topics such as health and safety, registration, and accessibility in the re:Invent FAQs.

AWS Partner Keynote with Ruba Borno


You’re invited to join Ruba Borno, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Channels and Alliances, for the AWS Partner Keynote on Wednesday, November 29 at 3:00 PM PST.

Joining Ruba on stage will be leaders from AWS customer and partner organizations to share how AWS Partners are achieving impossible firsts, helping customers reimagine their business models, and driving successful outcomes.

Hear directly from AWS Partners and customers about how they are utilizing AWS to develop industry-changing solutions using technologies like generative AI, making connections where there weren’t any before, and further securing customer environments.

Discover how AWS is improving the digital experience for partners and connecting you with higher-value opportunities and longer-term success.

AWS CEO Keynote with Adam Selipsky

Join Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, as he shares his perspective on cloud transformation on Tuesday, November 28 at 8:00 AM PST.

Adam will highlight innovations in data, infrastructure, and AI/ML that are helping AWS customers achieve their goals faster, mine untapped potential, and create a better future.

Innovation Talks

Dive deep with AWS thought leaders in our Innovation Talks and learn about the latest cloud technologies. Discover how advancements in AI, analytics, industries, and other key areas can help push your business forward.

Breakout Sessions and AWS Partner Content


Don’t miss our AWS-led breakout sessions as part of the AWS Partner experience (PEX) at re:Invent. If you’re attending virtually, breakouts will be available on-demand after the conference.

Breakouts are lecture-style sessions delivered by AWS experts, customers, and partners. Chalk talks are a highly interactive content format with a small audience that begins with a short lecture delivered by an AWS expert, followed by a Q&A with attendees.

Workshops are two-hour interactive sessions where you work in teams or individually to solve problems using AWS services. Each workshop starts with a short lecture, and the rest of the time is spent working out the problem. Bring your laptop to build alongside AWS Partner experts.

Builder Labs allow you to get real-time help from AWS experts while you work within your own live AWS sandbox.

➤ See all AWS Partner-focused content in the PEX session catalog:

Monday, November 27

  • PEX102 – Scale public sector partner business with AI, cybersecurity, and more
  • PEX103 – Unlock and accelerate growth with AWS Partner Training
  • PEX202-R1 – Powering generative AI use cases with vector databases on AWS
  • PEX203 – Simplifying modern data pipelines with zero-ETL architectures on AWS
  • PEX204 – APN technical validations to grow your practice and delight customers
  • PEX208 – Building a practice to optimize your customer’s resilience journey
  • PEX302-R – Build intelligent enterprise apps powered by generative AI on AWS
  • PEX306-R – LLMOps: The lifecycle of an LLM
  • PEX309 – Data patterns: Get the big picture for data applications
  • PEX401-R1 – Building a multi-tenant SaaS control plane: An inside look
  • PEX402-R – Secure and observe .NET containerized workloads on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate

Tuesday, November 28

  • PEX105 – Partnering to transform industries: Addressing customers’ top needs
  • PEX209 – Maximize the potential of your AWS Marketplace listings
  • PEX307 – Secure migration and modernization
  • PEX402-R1 – Secure and observe .NET containerized workloads on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate

Wednesday, November 29

  • PEX106 – Scale your business and simplify operations with AWS Marketplace
  • PEX205 – Benchmarking your SaaS business on AWS
  • PEX207 – Accelerating customer adoption with generative BI in Amazon QuickSight
  • PEX302-R1 – Build intelligent enterprise apps powered by generative AI on AWS
  • PEX303 – Building a serverless data consumption platform on AWS
  • PEX308 – Build solutions faster with Partner Solutions Factory blueprints
  • PEX401-R – Building a multi-tenant SaaS control plane: An inside look
  • PEX402-R2 – Secure and observe .NET containerized workloads on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate
  • PEX403 – Application modernization blueprints for Amazon EKS

Thursday, November 30

  • PEX101 – Migration and modernization: Become your customer’s strategic partner
  • PEX104 – AWS Partner experience transformation
  • PEX201 – Automate and accelerate your sales motion with AWS Marketplace
  • PEX202-R1 – Powering generative AI use cases with vector databases on AWS
  • PEX211 – Accelerate wins with co-sell in AWS Partner Central
  • PEX301 – AWS Marketplace seller hands-on: Publish, update, and manage your product
  • PEX402-R3 – Secure and observe .NET containerized workloads on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate

Friday, December 1

  • PEX304 – Establishing a modernization cloud center of excellence (CCoE)
  • PEX305 – Evolution from migration to modernization using modernization pathways
  • PEX306-R1 – LLMOps: The lifecycle of an LLM

Spotlight: AWS Partner Experience Transformation (PEX104)

Don’t miss this breakout session on Thursday, November 30 with Julia Chen, VP, AWS Partner Core, and Matt Yanchyshyn, GM, AWS Marketplace and Partner Services. Learn about the effort to enhance the AWS Partner experience and increase your profitability, and explore announcements made during Ruba Borno’s AWS Partner Keynote.

We’ll also discuss the changes you can expect to see in the partner journey, partner programs, and co-sell processes, and provide an overview of the enhancements and capabilities to AWS Partner tools.

Register for the PEX104 session >

AWS Marketplace Sessions

Want to learn how to start selling or reselling in AWS Marketplace? Interested in exploring how you can increase operational efficiency as you scale with AWS Marketplace?

Whether you’re an existing AWS Marketplace Seller, or new to cloud marketplaces, join us for sessions at all levels to hear from experts and customers, and get hands-on with AWS Marketplace features.

➤ Here are all of the AWS Marketplace Seller-focused sessions happening at re:Invent:

  • PEX106 – Scale your business and simplify operations with AWS Marketplace
  • PEX201 – Automate and accelerate your sales motion with AWS Marketplace
  • PEX209 – Maximize the potential of your AWS Marketplace listings
  • PEX211 – Accelerate wins with co-sell in AWS Partner Central
  • PEX301 – AWS Marketplace seller hands-on: Publish, update, and manage your product
  • MKT104 – Unleash your selling potential with AWS Marketplace

For our AWS Marketplace customers, hear success stories from organizations like Lionsgate, HSBC, and Gilead, and learn how AWS Marketplace is helping companies to innovate faster. Dive into use cases like generative AI and explore features for streamlining procurement, governance, and cost management.

➤ The AWS Marketplace (MKT) lineup is for customers that are new to cloud marketplaces, or would benefit from diving deep into AWS Marketplace purchasing and governance features:

  • MKT101 – Evolving SaaS procurement and configuration in AWS Marketplace
  • MKT102 – Fast-track industry modernization with AWS Marketplace
  • MKT103 – Accelerate innovation with partner solutions in AWS Marketplace
  • MKT201 – Simplify governance and third-party assessments using AWS Marketplace
  • MKT202 – Gain visibility into your software spend with AWS Marketplace
  • MKT203 – AWS Marketplace helps government agencies meet accessibility mandates
  • MKT204 – Assess vendor risk in AWS Marketplace for SaaS-based solutions
  • MKT205 – Find, try, configure, and launch SaaS applications in AWS Marketplace
  • MKT301-R – Accelerate generative AI deployments with solutions in AWS Marketplace
  • MKT302-R – Accelerate your ML journey using models and data from AWS Marketplace
  • MKT303-R – Build production-ready Kubernetes clusters in minutes
  • MKT304-R – Optimize your AWS Marketplace spend with cost analysis and reporting
  • MKT305 – AWS Marketplace: Fast, easy, and secure software procurement
  • MKT306 – Solutions on demand: AWS Marketplace Professional Services and AWS IQ
  • MKT307 – Deliver real-time insights with customer data platforms and AI/ML
  • MKT308 – Generative AI for images with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and AWS Marketplace

Visit Our Booths at the Main Expo


Visit us in the main Expo in the Venetian, specifically at the Infrastructure Solutions Zone where we’ll have three booth experiences: 1/ AWS Partner Network; 2/ AWS Marketplace; and 3/ AWS Cloud Foundations.

AWS Partner Network Booth

Meet with AWS experts and learn how to build, market, sell, and grow with the AWS Partner Network (APN). Stop by the APN Booth to find out how to highlight your AWS technical expertise and specialization to differentiate your business through various APN programs. Explore how to integrate solutions with AWS, leverage co-selling and marketing opportunities, and more. New this year, learn how to grow your business with AWS Distributors.

You can also meet with our skilled AWS Ambassadors, who are prominent leaders passionate about sharing their AWS expertise. They author blogs and whitepapers, create and deliver public presentations, contribute to open-source projects, and drive their organization’s AWS proficiency.

AWS Marketplace Booth

AWS Partners and customers are invited to visit the AWS Marketplace booth to connect with experts, see demonstrations of the latest AWS Marketplace automation, governance, procurement, and reporting features, and explore solutions from sponsoring partners.

AWS Marketplace helps customers quickly find the software, data, and professional services they need to build solutions and innovate on AWS. Have questions about how partners can list in AWS Marketplace, or how to optimize your listings? Are your customers new to AWS Marketplace and want to learn how to get started? Visit our welcome desk and we’ll point you to the right expert.

Help us spread the word about AWS Marketplace! We invite all re:Invent sponsors with active AWS Marketplace listings to swing by the AWS Marketplace Booth to pick up your “Available in AWS Marketplace” badge, any time after 12:00 PM PST on Monday, November 27. You can display this badge on your booth property.

AWS Cloud Foundations Booth

Visit the Cloud Foundations Booth and learn how to leverage AWS Partners to build securely, migrate confidently, and operate efficiently. See firsthand how the resilience of AWS Partners’ workloads meets the “always on, always available” expectations of the cloud.

There are four AWS Cloud Foundations experiences throughout the Expo: 1/ Cloud Operations – located in the Infrastructure Software cluster along with the APN and AWS Marketplace booths; 2/ Resilience – Infrastructure Software cluster; 3/ Security and MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) – Security Cluster alongside AWS Training and Certification; and 4/ Generative AI Developer Experience (Amazon CodeWhisperer) – DevOps Cluster.

Lightning Theater Sessions for AWS Partners


Want to learn more about partnering with AWS? Visit our Lightning Theater sessions within the Infrastructure Solutions and Security Zones at the main Expo in the Venetian.

We’ll have short 20-minute presentations from AWS and partner experts, providing an introductory overview on a variety of AWS Partner-related topics.

➤ Here’s the lineup of Lightning Theater sessions, presented here in chronological order:

Monday, November 27

  • PEX115 – Create your AWS GTM framework by working backwards (5:30 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX119 – How to GTM with the APN Global Startup Program (6:00 PM | Security Zone)

Tuesday, November 28

  • PEX118 – Hack your SaaS growth with AWS SaaS Factory (11:30 AM | Security Zone)
  • PEX108 – Drive efficiency at scale by choosing the right CloudOps partner (1:00 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX107 – Accelerate your cloud business with AWS built-in partner solutions (1:30 PM | Security Zone)
  • PEX109 – Generative AI security: Innovate faster with AI using AWS Partners (2:30 PM | Security Zone)
  • PEX124 – Public sector insights: Grow through AWS Partner programs (3:00 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX123 – Leverage the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners (5:00 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)

Wednesday, November 29

  • PEX116 – Expect the unexpected and build resilience with AWS (10:30 AM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX126 – Scale your AWS Partner business through personalized insights (12:00 PM | Security Zone)
  • PEX112 – Accelerate your AWS growth with small and medium business customers (2:00 PM | Security Zone)
  • PEX113 – AWS Cloud Quest: Ignite growth with hands-on skill building (5:00 PM | Security Zone)

Thursday, November 30

  • PEX110 – A “better together” story: AWS Partners and AWS Distribution Partners (10:30 AM | Security Zone)
  • PEX117 – Co-selling with AWS and the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) program (11:30 AM | Security Zone)
  • PEX114 – Co-market generative AI with AWS: CMO storytelling to drive growth (12:00 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX120 – Launch and progress your AWS offering: 5 tips from Partner Sales (1:30 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX125 – Scale faster with AWS Specialization Partners (2:00 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX111 – Accelerate your AWS Partner journey with self-guided experience (3:00 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)
  • PEX122 – Grow your AWS business through AWS Partner Funding (3:30 PM | Infrastructure Solutions Zone)

Attendee Guides for AWS Partner Personas

To help you plan and prepare for re:Invent, we’ve asked several AWS Ambassadors to provide recommendations on what to do during the conference. These guides include tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience.

Find inspiration from AWS Ambassadors who have created partner guides to help attendees explore content based on specific areas of interest. Choose the persona you best identify with to learn more:

AWS Public Sector Partners

Learn how to scale your public sector business with Jeff Kratz, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Public Sector Channels and Alliances, in his breakout session (PEX102) on Monday, November 27. Jeff will showcase AWS investment in partner profitability as well as a generative AI use case demo by a government customer.

Kickstart your re:Invent week by joining the AWS Public Sector Partner Forum on Monday, November 27. Connect with AWS Public Sector Partner leadership and fellow executives as Jeff Kratz and AWS leaders share 2023 business insights and strategic priorities.

AWS GameDay

Want to participate in a gamified learning event? Interested in testing your AWS knowledge at re:Invent? AWS GameDay challenges participants to use AWS solutions to solve real-world technical problems in a team-based setting.

Unlike traditional workshops, GameDays are open-ended and non-prescriptive to give participants the freedom to explore and think outside the box. Participants should bring their laptops to the session.

➤ Here is the schedule for AWS GameDay events and sessions:

  • GHJ201 – AWS GameDay: League of Legends Esports Edition
  • GHJ202 – AWS GameDay: Formula 1
  • GHJ301 – AWS GameDay Championship: Building F.O.C.U.S. – Learn to Build Modern Applications
  • GHJ302 – AWS GameDay Championship: Network Topology Titans
  • GHJ303 – AWS GameDay Championship: The Frugality Fest – Learn Cost Optimization
  • GHJ304 – AWS GameDay Championship: Building with generative AI and Amazon Bedrock
  • SEC310 – AWS GameDay: Winning the DDoS Game
  • MP407 – Optimizing Amazon EC2 workload footprint using AWS Graviton

AWS Training and Certification


To help you prepare for your re:Invent experience, AWS Partners have enhanced training and certification options available in AWS Skill Builder.

Advance your professional goals with access to 600+ free courses, gain experience in an AWS console sandbox, explore game-based learning, take AWS Certification Official Practice Exams, and more. Start your 7-day free trial to unlock exclusive training content.

Once you arrive in Las Vegas, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and propel your business forward. Join us for Partner Training Bootcamps, AWS Builder Labs, Jam Sessions, Escape Rooms, and Exam Prep Study Sessions. If you’d like to ask an expert from AWS Training and Certification, stop by the APN Booth and check out the Challenge Lounge to test your AWS skills (Hall C, Expo, Booth #1566, Venetian).

Exclusively for AWS Partners, join us for this breakout session:

  • PEX103 – Unlock and accelerate growth with AWS Partner Training
    Monday, November 27 at 2:30 PM PST

In-person re:Invent attendees are entitled to a 50% discount for any AWS Certification exam – note that terms and conditions apply.

While on-site exams will not be offered at re:Invent this year, you can schedule your exam whenever you’d like via online proctoring.

PeerTalk Networking Platform – Connect with AWS Ambassadors

With thousands of AWS enthusiasts gathering at re:Invent each year, attendees have often requested new ways to network, discover, and connect. Again this year, we have AWS Ambassadors engaged in PeerTalk, re:Invent’s networking program designed to help facilitate meaningful connections.

In-person re:Invent attendees can access PeerTalk through the AWS Events re:Invent mobile app or desktop site to view suggested connections (powered by AWS AI services). Search and filter through other attendees who have opted in, chat with others, and request in-person meetings of 2-4 people in designated public spaces across campus. There are also group meetups hosted by AWS attendees, including AWS Community-based networking in the Developer Lounge.

AWS has compiled a lineup of PeerTalk Experts who will be active on the platform. Choose from AWS employees like Jeff Barr and community leaders such as our AWS Ambassadors. Check out their biographies in the PeerTalk Expert page, and request a meeting to connect.

AWS Ambassadors are also presenting at re:Invent breakouts and chalk talks, and supporting partners and customers at the APN Booth. We’re proud to recognize the top 2023 AWS Ambassadors from across the world. Congratulations to all of our AWS Ambassador award winners!

Get Inspired By Our Sponsoring Partners

Hundreds of AWS Partners are sponsoring re:Invent 2023 and will showcase their solutions in the main Expo. Visit their booths and Lightning Theater sessions to connect.

See our 2023 AWS re:Invent sponsors >

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