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CI CD pipeline build container images AWS Marketplace

Building containers images for AWS Marketplace containers-based product with AWS CodePipeline

AWS Marketplace simplifies the way customers find, subscribe, and deploy software that runs on AWS. At Re:invent 2018, AWS Marketplace for Containers was launched for customers to discover and buy container products in AWS Marketplace. The product selection spans categories such as high-performance computing, security, and developer tools. In December 2020, AWS Marketplace announced an […]

AWS Marketplace China SaaS feature update with tips on how to architect your SaaS subscriptions

AWS Marketplace has announced that software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions are available in AWS Marketplace China. All SaaS products in AWS Marketplace China will be sold by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Co., Ltd. (NWCD), which is the service operator and provider for AWS China (Ningxia) Region, and also operates AWS Marketplace China. NWCD will appear as […]

AWS Marketplace QuickLaunch for Amazon EKS simplifies container deployment in AWS Marketplace

During Re:invent 2018, AWS Marketplace announced the launch of AWS Marketplace for Containers. AWS Marketplace for Containers allows customers to find, subscribe to, and deploy container applications in Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon ECS-Anywhere (Amazon ECS-A), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS Fargate. Throughout this time, the AWS Marketplace team have […]

How CloudQuant predicts macroeconomic factors early using Prosper and AWS Data Exchange

How CloudQuant predicts macroeconomic factors early using Prosper and AWS Data Exchange

Industry Challenge Hedge funds and equity investors are continuously seeking to create alpha in their portfolios to improve investor returns and minimize risk. Alpha (α) is a term used in investing to describe an investment strategy’s ability to outperform overall market, or its “edge.” To meet this need, “Alternative Data,” data not gathered from traditional […]

Automate multi account observability in AWS using Cribl and AWS Control Tower

Automate multi account observability in AWS using Cribl and AWS Control Tower

Having a multi-account strategy is a best practice to achieve higher isolation of resources. It also helps to meet regulatory and compliance needs, track operational costs, and add an extra layer of security. AWS Control Tower uses AWS best practices to establish a well-architected, multi-account baseline and also enables governance across your AWS accounts. Many […]

ETL Architecture

Preparing your third-party data from AWS Data Exchange with AWS Glue DataBrew

Companies are accelerating their use of third-party data to enhance their decision-making and deliver more value to their customers. Often you need to cleanse and transform the third-party data before you can join it to internal data and generate insights. This step requires you to write code or SQL. Your organization may have data analysts […]

secure access concept

Securing access and optimizing applications on AWS using Prosimo AXI

As you shift your workloads to AWS, you must ensure that access to them is seamless, secure, and optimized for your employees, remote workers, and contractors. When looking at workload access, you should consider the type of user, whether the access is from a managed or unmanaged device, and whether the location is well known […]

electronic health records

Solving interoperability in healthcare with AWS Marketplace

The need for interoperability in the healthcare industry is no surprise. Healthcare data should be easy to transfer between all organizations and individuals to enhance patient care, lower costs, and improve outcomes across the patient care cycle. The big question that remains is if healthcare organizations today are prepared to advance interoperability and if the […]

automating entitlements aws marketplace aws service catalog aws license manager

Automating distribution of AWS Marketplace entitlements with AWS Private Marketplace and AWS Service Catalog

AWS Marketplace admins are responsible for managing AWS Marketplace approved products using AWS Private Marketplace and distributing entitlement to products using AWS License Manager. The challenge is managing AWS Marketplace products subscriptions and entitlements with minimal operational overhead as the number of participating AWS Organizations child accounts grow. In a multi-account AWS environment, AWS Marketplace […]

AWS Data Exchange connector domo

Using Domo and AWS Data Exchange to discover, subscribe and access third-party data in the cloud

Readers will learn how this new integration enables Domo users for the first time to natively browse, discover and ingest new third-party data from AWS Data Exchange seamlessly within Domo to power their analytics and ML workloads.