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Amazon Lex Now Supports Telephony Audio (8 kHz) for Increased Speech Recognition Accuracy

To increase the accuracy of speech recognition for conversations over the phone, Amazon Lex now supports telephony audio (8 kHz). You can now employ the same deep learning technology as Amazon Alexa to converse with your applications and fulfill the most common requests. Amazon Lex maintains context and dynamically manages the dialogue, adjusting responses based on the conversation.

Amazon Lex integrates with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service that scales to meet your needs, so you can deploy chatbots to handle first-level customer support. With the Amazon Lex integration to Amazon Connect, you can solve many customer problems without involving a human operator. When necessary, Amazon Lex can transfer a customer support call to an agent, with full context.

Amazon Lex, with 8 kHz telephony audio, is available in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region. For more information on using Amazon Lex with your Amazon Connect contact center, see the Amazon Lex chatbots page for Amazon Connect. For details on using the runtime API communicate with Amazon Lex, see the related Amazon Lex documentation.