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The AWS DeepLens Inclusivity Challenge submission period extended to 8/19

April 2023 Update: Starting January 31, 2024, you will no longer be able to access AWS DeepLens through the AWS management console, manage DeepLens devices, or access any projects you have created. To learn more, refer to these frequently asked questions about AWS DeepLens end of life.

We announced the AWS DeepLens Inclusivity Challenge two weeks ago, and how time has flown! In this first challenge, we invite you to create an AWS DeepLens project that fosters inclusion for people of all abilities and helps individuals overcome barriers associated with special needs. For each project that meets the participation criteria, we will make a donation of $249 (the retail price of an AWS DeepLens) to the Northwest Center to help further support their mission of advancing equal opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.

We have had some great submissions so far, thank you! New customers are ordering and receiving their AWS DeepLens devices every day, so we wanted to offer more time for the community to get involved in the challenge. Therefore, we’re extending the submission period to August 19th at midnight PDT.

You can find all the details for how to enter on the AWS DeepLens Challenge website. To kick start your project ideas, watch the video from Gene Boes – the CEO of Northwest Center, to learn more about how technology can help advance equal opportunities for people of all abilities.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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Sally Revell is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for AWS DeepLens. She loves to work on innovative products that have the potential to impact people’s lives in a positive way. In her spare time, she loves to do yoga, horseback riding and being outdoors in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.