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Figure 1: Autodesk VRED provides high-end rendering and streaming of complex digital assets

Virtual prototyping with Autodesk VRED on AWS

Figure 1: Autodesk VRED provides high-end rendering and streaming of complex digital assets The VRED set of software tools from Autodesk let designers create and present high-quality product renderings of complex digital assets, such as automotive vehicles and other engineering-related artefacts. VRED has traditionally used an array of hardware to increase productivity, including multiple GPU […]

Live video streaming using Amazon S3

Introduction Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service offering the scalability, data availability, security, performance, and consistency required of a basic origin for live streaming video workflows. This post outlines best practices for configuration and resiliency when using AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental MediaLive to generate an HLS output group with […]

Animal Logic builds real-time workflow with Amazon Nimble Studio

Award-winning animation studio Animal Logic is recognized as one of the world’s top production companies, with credits including Happy Feet, The LEGO Movies and Peter Rabbit 1&2. Alongside working on a slate of feature animation projects, the company recently released a trailer for “Unhinged,” a short film that Animal Logic created in Epic Games’ Unreal […]

The WFA spotlights powerchair football talent via match live streams

When it comes to powerchair football, player and fan dedication runs deep. Established in France in 1970 and formed nationally in England in 2005 by the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA), powerchair football has become one of the fastest growing parasports, with more than a thousand UK players and many more globally. Individuals of all ages […]

Flexible client preview with AWS Cloud Digital Interface

As high-performance, real-time post production workflows such as color grading and finishing migrate to the cloud, the ability to view reference quality video on appropriate local display devices is critical. In addition, as teams become more and more comfortable working at a distance, creative decision makers still expect to have a real-time, high-quality view to […]

A graph depicting bandwidth utilization within a statmux pool

System information data and remultiplexing using AWS Elemental Statmux

Introduction Statistical multiplexing (statmux) is an essential compression technology that allows for efficient, high-quality distribution of multiple video channels over a fixed-bandwidth medium such as satellite, cable, or over-the-air transmission. To learn more about the basics of statmux, refer to our previous blog post on the topic. For video distribution workflows, it is often necessary […]

French national volleyball league transforms its streaming service using solution from AWS Partner Kinow

France’s professional volleyball league, the Ligue Nationale de Volley (LNV), recognized that it needed to respond to changes in how its fans consume media. The internet provides access to an increasing number of delivery channels beyond traditional broadcast television and cable subscriptions, giving more options to viewers. To improve engagement with fans and other stakeholders, […]

Rooter enhances live stream experiences with Amazon IVS

India’s largest game streaming and esports platform adds HD capabilities, lowers latency to deliver stand-out content and improve monetization As the platform of choice for India’s most popular gaming and esports live streamers, Rooter has experienced significant growth in the past two years, from 100,000 two years back to more than 1 million in 2022. […]

Multi-view display containing "picture-in-pictures" (PIPs) of pairs of participating vendors demonstrating encoder and decoder interoperation using JPEG XS. The top banner reads "JPEG XS INTEROP WORKSHOP @ AMAZON STUDIOS", and the center contains a logo with wording "Amazon Studios Technology" and the dates "March 30 - April 1, 2022"

AWS supports JPEG XS interoperability workshop at Amazon Studios

To enhance productivity and collaboration, the Amazon Studios Technology team went looking for a way to transmit on set camera feeds and graphical workstation outputs between on-premises locations and the cloud, so that colorists, editors, and other creative workers could view content in real time – from any location, at any location – with the […]

Processing multilingual track content using AWS Elemental MediaConvert

With the advent of over-the-top (OTT) platforms, users expect to consume content in their native language or language of choice, regardless of the content’s origin. It is therefore imperative for a platform to ingest multi-track audio in source format and convert it to the required output profile with all the original tracks intact. In this […]