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AWS Elemental MediaConnect adds SRT to its list of high-availability protocols

AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides reliable, secure live video transport using protocols like Zixi, Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST), and Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) with forward error correction (FEC). Now MediaConnect has added another protocol to the list with support for SRT.

SRT, which stands for Secure Reliable Transport, is a highly reliable, low-latency video streaming transport protocol. The open source implementation of SRT is based on technology from Haivision, and is designed to connect two endpoints for the purposes of reliably delivering video and other media streams across lossy networks. The SRT Open Source project, driven by the SRT Alliance, is a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve high quality internet video transport by continuously improving open-source SRT. AWS Elemental has joined the SRT Alliance to advance the adoption of the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) open source video transport protocol with native SRT support in MediaConnect.

At AWS, much of what we build is a direct result of what our customers tell us they need, and customers have been asking for SRT support in MediaConnect. With SRT protocol input and output in MediaConnect, AWS is expanding the capabilities of the service, giving customers more options when it comes to building scalable, reliable, and secure live video workflows in the AWS Cloud.

Because MediaConnect translates between protocols, customers can build a varied ecosystem of reliable live video transport applications running inside and outside of the AWS Cloud and spanning a diverse set of technologies and platforms. For example, a workflow can be built by sending live video to MediaConnect using SRT protocol as the input, and then outputting the video using RIST and Zixi protocols.

Additionally, customers of AWS Elemental Live, an on-premises appliance and software live video encoder, also have access to SRT protocol in the latest software release. Elemental Live can now receive streams using SRT, taking as an input a secure, reliable, and low-latency video source with protection against packet loss.

SRT can also be used in applications that require security. Video can be secured end-to-end using 128 bit or 256 bit AES encryption, to help make sure that content is protected from contribution to distribution.

“Haivision is excited to welcome AWS as a supporter of SRT within their cloud media ecosystem,” said Peter Maag, Haivision’s CMO and EVP of Strategic Partnerships. “The over 450 solution providers within the SRT Alliance and the countless broadcasters and streamers that rely on SRT can now take advantage of the AWS suite of cloud solutions with native SRT support.”

MediaConnect is a reliable, secure, and flexible transport service for live video that enables broadcasters and content owners to build live video workflows and securely share live content with partners and customers. MediaConnect helps customers who run 24×7 TV channels or stream live events transport high-bitrate live video streams into, through, and out of the AWS Cloud in a fraction of the time and cost of satellite or fiber services. MediaConnect can function as a standalone service or within a larger video workflow that includes other AWS services, including AWS Media Services.