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How artificial intelligence and machine learning can help higher education

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has arrived.

Researchers and software providers are launching new solutions using AI and ML to solve business problems and differentiate in their market segments. In higher education, institutions try to stand out by using technology – particularly AI and ML – to improve the daily lives and experiences of students and faculty, managing issues from facility management to student success to fraud detection.

Hear from AWS Education Competency Partners about how they’re helping educational institutions use AI and ML in:

  • Student life: Meeting the demands of the modern student experience means more technology-enhanced learning at home and in the classroom. Collecting data from digital touchpoints including websites, card swipes in places like cafeterias, and campus Internet of Things (IoT) devices can help inform, improve, and tailor the student experience.
  • Teaching and learning: With the always-on, always accessible internet, students want on-demand, tailored content for their needs and their schedule. Using AI and ML, teachers can tailor content for personalized learning, ensuring the success of the student. These technologies help identify student struggles sooner and allow students to complete their studies.
  • Administrative environments: Pressure is on IT teams to provide stable administrative tools and teaching environments, while being accountable for public funds and proof of educational outcomes. School administrators can use AI and ML technologies to detect fraud and ensure campus security through surveillance.

AWS Education Competency Partners Help with AI & ML video screen grab


Interested in learning more? Machine learning on AWS can help researchers and teams harness AI and ML to identify data anomalies, obtain insights into the student lifecycle, and better predict student outcomes. Learn more about machine learning on AWS, watch webinars on machine learning and artificial intelligence for education, and check out education partner solutions.