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AWS Educate releases new cloud resources for entrepreneurs and startups

team of individuals at a startup collaborate over laptops at table

AWS Educate, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startups, launched a new AWS Startups Badge for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to turn a startup idea into reality through the cloud.

From Airbnb to Lyft – both which run workloads on AWS – some of the biggest household names in tech began as startups. While their success may seem overnight, 90 percent of startups fail. Lack of funding, the wrong team members, slow product innovation, scalability, and many other factors determine whether a startup will rise to the top…or flop.

The AWS Startups Badge offers AWS Educate members real-world application and use cases to help students jumpstart and scale their deployment efforts. AWS Educate’s Specialty Badges offer 10-15 hours of learning opportunities that focus on trending topics in today’s technology landscape, including AWS services and fields like Internet of Things (IoT) and gaming. From inception to initial public offering (IPO), the AWS Startups Badge coursework has six modules providing content and resources that help support entrepreneurs. Students learn strategies to scale a platform, secure and distribute content, improve an elevator pitch, how to fundraise, and legal fundamentals. Throughout the instruction, students hear directly from professionals in the field and access learning materials to get a leg up on building their own startup in the cloud.

Screenshot of the badges page of the AWS Educate website.

Screenshot of the badges page of the AWS Educate website.

AWS Educate members can access the AWS Startups Badge through the AWS Educate portal. Once the badge is earned, students can share accomplishments in their digital portfolio, access AWS services, and browse thousands of jobs on the AWS Educate Job Board (for ages 18+). In addition, those who earn the AWS Startups Badge receive an opportunity to continue their learning with AWS Activate. AWS Activate provides startups with low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow, and access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS, including credits, training, and support.

AWS Educate provides students, educators, and U.S. veterans with no-cost access to self-paced cloud content, training, collaboration tools, and the AWS Educate Job Board. Students that use AWS Educate get access to hands-on learning experiences for the most in-demand cloud jobs through 12 AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways.

To enroll in the AWS Startups Badge, sign up for AWS Educate today.