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Announcing Opportunity Referrals for the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program

By Aaron Barton, Head of APN Customer Engagements

We announced the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) program last year to help AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners support customers and drive successful engagements on AWS.

Through the ACE Program, qualifying APN Partners are eligible to receive AWS Lead and Opportunity Referrals through the ACE platform in APN Partner Central.

The ACE platform provides you with resources, tools, and the sales and technical support to ensure you are supported in driving meaningful engagements with AWS customers.

UPDATE 4/17/19: We have a new submission experience for APN Partners who are utilizing the ACE Program to work collaboratively with AWS on their customer opportunities.

The new experience offers a streamlined and efficient way to submit customer opportunities to AWS, while also removing the requirement to include customer contact data within your submission.

What is the ACE Platform?

The ACE platform is an exclusive benefit for participating APN Partners in the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program. It provides organizations with full-service management of their pipeline of AWS customers, allowing for joint collaboration with AWS on those engagements.

Dependent on eligibility, APN Partners have the ability to submit, receive, access, and manage information related to engagements with customers or potential customers on AWS.

We are excited to announce ACE Opportunity Referrals and an improved user experience to the APN Customer Engagements tool in APN Partner Central.

What’s New?

ACE Opportunity Referrals

ACE Opportunity Referrals provide eligible APN Partners visibility into Opportunities sourced by AWS, as well as a mechanism to manage and track those engagements throughout the Opportunity lifecycle.

The ACE Opportunity Referral is the third motion of the ACE Program, along with ACE platform itself and AWS Lead Referrals. This motion provides qualified APN Partners the ability to support their full funnel of AWS Opportunities that are being worked jointly with AWS. With this mechanism, APN Partners can manage customer engagements on AWS that were sourced by your team, as well as engagements sourced by AWS.

ACE Opportunity Referrals will:

  • Enable APN Partners to receive Opportunities from AWS.
  • Make and receive updates on Opportunities sourced by AWS.
  • Receive automatic notifications from AWS when updates have been made by AWS on the Opportunity level.

Improved User Experience

We have also launched an improved user experience within APN Partner Central to help APN Partners get the most out of the ACE platform.

The old “Opportunities” tab is now labeled “My Customers” and allows for customization in areas of the platform that were originally non-editable, such as display columns in the dashboard. You can also take advantage of enhancements that help you align with the AWS Sales team while managing your pipeline of customer engagements on AWS.

These improvements make it easier to perform bulk actions (e.g. update and download). Additionally, when you select an Opportunity for review, you’ll have access to additional information like Customer Details, Contact Information, and Next Steps history. This change provides you a single mechanism to identify key contact information (such as your Partner Development Manager or AWS Sales Manager) on the Opportunity level.

In addition to simplifying existing functionality, a new feature gives you visibility to your entire AWS sales funnel being tracked through the ACE Program. This includes new history tracking of next steps between APN Partners and the AWS Sales team, as well as a mechanism to flag Opportunities with key actions.

What’s Coming Next?

We will soon be introducing a simplified experience that offers APN Partners a streamlined and efficient way to submit Opportunities to AWS by reducing the number of required fields from more than 20 down to 10.

Want to Learn More?

Join us on February 28 to learn more about these changes and how you can leverage ACE Opportunity Referrals and the new platform enhancements.

Exclusive webinars for APN Partners will be hosted at 7 a.m., 11 a.m., and 6 p.m. PST. Register now >>

You can also see these enhancements in our new APN Customer Engagements User Guide.