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AWS to Offer Third-Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor-Based Amazon EC2 Instances

By Martin Yip, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AWS


At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are constantly innovating on behalf of customers so they can run virtually any workload, with the highest performance and the best price-performance.

AWS pioneered cloud computing and has built the most reliable and secure global cloud infrastructure with the broadest and deepest portfolio of services. Millions of customers, from startups to enterprises, are building their businesses on AWS.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides customers with the most options for compute so they can tailor the infrastructure to their business needs, and Intel-powered instances are integral to these offerings.

We have collaborated with Intel over the past 15 years, the longest of any cloud vendor. The partnership has been focused on deep engineering collaboration and getting the most out of customized Intel technology to deliver great experiences for our customers.

To date, AWS has introduced more than 250 Intel-based instances across every AWS region, addressing the widest range of workloads in Amazon EC2 while giving customers more options. As customers bring more and more workloads to AWS, they are seeking to optimize for different application characteristics like compute performance, memory, or throughput.

Later this year, AWS plans to further this collaboration with Intel to offer EC2 instances powered by the new third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. AWS is excited about the new Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which will deliver more performance and expand customer choice on EC2.

AWS and Intel Momentum

Intel is an AWS Partner and world leader in computing innovation. Intel has AWS Competencies in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Internet of Things (IoT), and is a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

The majority of Amazon EC2 instances leverage Intel processors and target every type of workload, including microservices, business-critical applications, machine learning, gaming, big data, and HPC. This collaboration with Intel will continue to grow in the future.

In the past six months, we have introduced new Intel-based offerings, including EC2 D3, D3en, M5zn, and R5b, that are powered by second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

  • D3 and D3en instances are dense storage instances that offer the highest storage capacity for local HDD storage available in the cloud. D3 and D3en instances provide 30 percent higher processor performance, increased capacity, and reduced cost compared to D2 instances.
    Furthermore, D3en instances offer up to 336 TB of storage (7x higher than D2 instances), up to 75 Gbps of network bandwidth (7.5x higher than D2 instances), and up to 6.2 GiBps of disk throughput (2x higher than D2 instances). They are ideal for workloads, including distributed / clustered file systems, big data and analytics, and high-capacity data lakes.
  • M5zn instances are a high frequency (4.5 GHz processor), high speed, and low latency networking (100 Gbps) variant of the general purpose M5 instances. They are ideal for workloads such as gaming, financial applications, simulation modeling applications, and other HPC applications.
  • R5b instances are memory-optimized instances enhanced to deliver 3x higher performance compared to same size R5 instances for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), providing the fastest block storage performance available for EC2. They are ideal for large relational database workloads, such as OracleDB, SQL server, and MySQL, to run applications like commerce platforms, ERP systems, and health record systems.

In addition to these instances, we have also preannounced plans to collaborate on upcoming EC2 instances for machine learning training. These instances will leverage Habana Gaudi processors from Intel and provide up to 40 percent better price-performance for deep learning models, furthering our ML offerings.


With the launch of third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, AWS plans to add these processors to our growing portfolio of Intel-based Amazon EC2 instances later this year. These instances will combine the newest Intel processors with the AWS Nitro System to deliver improved processing performance and choice for our customers.

Learn more about the AWS and Intel collaboration and our jointly built hardware ensuring AWS services offer the best value to customers on optimized platforms.

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