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Accelerate Migration and Modernization with a Reusable Solution to Deploy Container Applications on AWS

AWS Partner Neurons Lab provides a step-by-step guide to deploy containerized applications on AWS using GitHub Actions, AWS CDK, and other key services. Neurons Lab, with expertise across data science, cloud, and business strategy, solves complex AI challenges and accelerates migration journeys for organizations seeking to modernize through AI integration on AWS. By leveraging AWS CDK constructs to define infrastructure as code, this reusable solution streamlines infrastructure setup and deployments.

How The Scale Factory Overhauled ITV’s Video on Demand Ad Platform with SaaS on AWS

The AWS SaaS Factory team delves into ITV’s innovative strides in the media and entertainment industry—particularly its creation of Planet V, an autonomous platform facilitating the reservation of TV ad campaigns on ITVX, a network of streaming channels. After two years of production, Planet V underwent a rearchitecting process aimed at enhancing customer experience and ensuring a future-proof solution. ITV enlisted AWS Partner The Scale Factory to collaboratively design, build, and fortify the platform’s infrastructure.

Maximizing Commitment-Based Savings with AWS and Apptio Cloudability

AWS provides discounted pricing through Reserved Instances and Savings Plans in return for usage commitments. Apptio Cloudability helps organizations maximize these commitments by analyzing AWS cost data to identify savings opportunities. Cloudability also offers automation to optimize commitments continuously, achieving higher savings than manual management allows. This frees up financial operations resources to focus on other cloud cost optimization initiatives.


The Most Viewed AWS Partner Blog Posts and Case Studies in 2023

From a wide range of AWS Partner success stories to new partner programs launched at AWS re:Invent, here’s a look at the most popular APN blog posts and case studies we shared in 2023. The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community that leverages AWS technologies, programs, expertise, and tools to build solutions and provide services for customers. Together, partners and AWS provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, win deals, and deliver greater customer value.


Unlocking the Full Potential of Manufacturing Capabilities Through Digital Twins on AWS

Belden Inc. collaborated with AWS and Matterport to create a digital twin at its Richmond manufacturing facility. By capturing the plant environment with Matterport’s 3D camera and integrating sensor data through AWS IoT Core, they built a virtual representation of the assembly line. The digital twin enables Belden to gain insights, optimize operations, and improve asset performance in areas like employee training and preventative maintenance.


Improve Your Business Strategy Using Syntax CxLink and Amazon Forecast for SAP Workloads

SAP customers are integrating non-SAP applications and machine learning models to improve business strategies. Solutions like Syntax CxLink and Amazon Forecast can connect SAP systems to AWS services to provide insights for supply-demand planning, sales, and automation requirements. This post shows how Syntax CxLink transfers SAP data like sales orders and inventory transactions to Amazon Forecast, which uses algorithms to create highly accurate demand forecasts.

How Cloudanix Secures Containerized Applications Running on Amazon EKS

Kubernetes security is often approached in a fragmented way, separating build time, runtime, and infrastructure security. An interconnected security approach is essential, acknowledging relationships between build, runtime, and infrastructure. Cloudanix enables this through end-to-end integration, from build time image scanning to runtime threat monitoring, strengthening security posture by reducing attack surface, enhancing compliance, and empowering swift response.


Bringing Enterprise-Standard Cloud Streaming to Application Creators with ZeroLight’s OmniStream

The interest in cloud streaming for interactive applications is at an all-time high across a diverse range of industries, driven by cross-sector trends that have elevated the topic to boardroom agendas. Learn why the release of ZeroLight’s OmniStream product is an exciting opportunity for brands to unlock the full potential of cloud streaming for their applications. Over 50 million minutes of interactive cloud streaming have already been delivered through the platform.

Minimize ETL and Accelerate Analytics with Denodo and Data Virtualization on AWS

Cloud data storage has reduced costs but created data integration challenges. As a data integration pattern, extract, transform, load (ETL) processes are falling short, as they can be time-consuming and brittle. Denodo’s data virtualization platform simplifies integration by creating a unified logical layer, eliminating ETL. Combined with AWS services, Denodo enables agile, real-time decisions without moving data while accelerating time-to-insight.


Validating Cost Data for Amazon EKS with Kubecost and AWS Cost Explorer

Kubecost provides granular visibility into Kubernetes cluster costs on AWS, enabling easy comparison with AWS Cost Explorer. This post guides users through validating Kubecost cost data against AWS billing, troubleshooting discrepancies, and ensuring complete resource discovery. It covers aggregating costs in Kubecost dashboards, filtering to compare specific assets, reconciling adjusted pricing, and using CSV exports for programmatic validation.