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Creating the Right Patient Outcomes with Amazon HealthLake and Accenture Health Analytics

The ability to accurately share and analyze patient information between different healthcare providers and systems is critical to the transition to patient-centric care. Learn how AWS and Accenture collaborated to build a population-scale research cohort analytics solution called Accenture Health Analytics (AHA) which contains 54 million longitudinal patient records using a range of AWS services. It helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes and reduce delivery costs.

Cognizant’s Patient Health Insights Suite is a Scalable Platform for Improving Healthcare

Traditional preventive measures mainly focus on promotion of healthcare benefits and lack methods to process huge amounts of data. Cognizant’s Patient Health Insights Suite is a cloud-based, multi-user analytics and insights platform for clinical and real-world evidence data. It provides a suite of interactive self-service applications for comprehensive visual, exploratory, and predictive/prescriptive analyses of patient care and health insights by means of advanced AI algorithms.


Accelerating Time-to-Compliance in HCLS Through Automated FDA Forms Processing with AI on AWS

In the healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) sector, companies are required to strictly comply with regulatory statutes. It’s crucial to ensure products and services are not just developed but also manufactured and distributed in accordance with the most stringent standards. Learn how Provectus aided PSC Biotech in integrating AI/ML and automation into the document processing pipeline, a critical step towards achieving its objective of delivering the highest standard of regulatory compliance services.


InovCares Opens Up Service Offering to Support Enterprises with Help from Avahi to Scale AWS Infrastructure

As applications go to market and the customer workload increases rapidly, a higher level of cloud expertise is typically needed to tune the AWS infrastructure. Learn how Avahi Technologies and AWS collaborated to help InovCares take on the challenge of tuning a cloud infrastructure to support applications as workloads increase. Avahi was well suited for this project for its ability to help customers drive change and compete at speed by leveraging a cloud-first strategy.


Accelerating Public Health Data Modernization with AI-Powered Document Processing from Quantiphi

Many public health agencies and laboratories still fax their test results and frequently change the format of those documents. Quantiphi’s Jim Keller speaks with AWS about the benefits of QDox, an intelligent document processing solution that leverages AI to recognize the document type, extract information, and deliver the output in the desired format. Quantiphi is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that’s a category-defining analytics, machine learning, and cloud modernization company.


Accelerating Healthcare Data Management for Digital Transformation with Emids CoreLAKE

Healthcare organizations are looking to implement an approach for re-engineering existing architectures to iteratively adopt new technologies, and establish seamless integrations with existing systems internally as well as with their partner and client ecosystems. Emids CoreLAKE is a low-code data management platform built by practitioners with years of experience in healthcare. It’s a suite of accelerators with pre-built capabilities having specific focus on accelerating the data modernization agenda.


Achieving Compliance with Healthcare Regulations Using safeINIT’s HIPAA-Compliant Environment

Healthcare organizations must take strict measures to protect patient data, including using secure infrastructure to host applications. It’s important to remember that compliance is not just about avoiding penalties—it’s about keeping patients’ personal health information safe. Learn how a new infrastructure-as-code HIPAA-compliant environment from safeINIT is designed specifically to protect sensitive data for healthcare applications on AWS.

Streamline Your HIPAA Security Program on AWS with Dash ComplyOps

Healthcare organizations and software providers that build and manage healthcare workloads must formulate the appropriate strategies to establish an effective security and compliance program. Walk through best practices for AWS customers to build, monitor, and maintain a robust HIPAA security program across AWS cloud environments, and learn how to automate compliance efforts by leveraging AWS-native services alongside Dash ComplyOps.


How the HARMAN Intelligent Healthcare Platform Revolutionizes Patient-Centric Services

Virtual care is fast emerging as an important tool in driving this shift and delivering on the desired outcomes. Learn how the HARMAN Intelligent Healthcare Platform leverages AI/ML, cloud services, and data to unlock value for clients and seamlessly transform data, analytics, intelligence, and governance functions in a secure, cost effective, and privacy-preserving process. It offers improved customer experience and engagement through predictive analytics and actionable insights on data harnessed from disparate sources.


Drug Analyzer on AWS Provides Analytics That Inform Treatment Decisions and Support New Therapies

Change Healthcare collaborated with the innovation teams at AWS to develop Drug Analyzer, a commercial launch application powered by AWS. The application is built on Change Healthcare’s Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) platform, a security-enabled analytic cloud service that enables persistent compliance monitoring and highly customizable analytics capabilities. Drug Analyzer provides life sciences organizations with data insights that inform treatment decisions and support the development of new therapies.