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Transforming Business Experiences: The Impact of Amazon Q and Generative BI for AWS Partners

By Saunak Chandra, Principal Partner Solutions Architect – AWS
By Arun Bhosle, Business Technology Solutions Manager – ZS Associates
By Gaurav Singh, Director, Analytics & Data Science – Tiger Analytics
By Gabriel Aires, AWS Practice Director – Compass UOL

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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are enabling new capabilities that are transforming business experiences and operations. Two key innovations developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) driving this transformation are Amazon Q and generative business intelligence (BI).

Amazon Q is the generative AI–powered assistant for business. It allows users to search, chat, curate, and generate content from a company’s data repositories spread over multiple sources including cloud, on-premises, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and then take actions through prompts. This makes it easier for non-technical users to access insights from data.

Generative BI takes this a step further by providing auto-generation of visualizations, summary of dashboards, and creation of well-formatted stories based on curated structured data. These capabilities allow businesses to easily gain insights from their data to improve decision making and processes.

By integrating Amazon Q and generative BI capabilities into their applications, companies can stay competitive and build innovative solutions tailored to their industries. AWS provides tools and platforms to help partners implement these technologies. By combining AWS infrastructure with their industry knowledge, partners can rapidly develop and deploy solutions that transform business operations.

Three AWS Partners that have pioneered generative BI and Amazon Q use cases are ZS Associates, Tiger Analytics, and Compass UOL:

  • ZS’s digital and connected analytics platform is called ZAIDYN and it’s tailored for life sciences. The platform places a significant emphasis on self-serve analytics while using cutting-edge generative BI capabilities and large language model (LLM) technologies offered by Amazon Q.
  • Tiger Analytics uses Amazon Q’s natural language interface and generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight to enable powerful emerging fraud pattern discovery for its customers.
  • Compass UOL’s AI Cockpit simplifies and automates the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process by leveraging Amazon Q Developer.

In this post, you’ll gain insights on resources, tools, and platforms they can leverage for building solutions powered by Amazon Q and generative BI.

ZS Augmented Analytics for Life Sciences

ZS Associates LogoZS Associates is an AWS Specialization Partner and management consulting and technology firm focused on transforming global healthcare and beyond. It leverages leading-edge analytics plus the power of data, science, and tech products to help clients make more intelligent decisions, deliver innovative solutions, and improve outcomes for all.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the life sciences industry, gleaning actionable insights in a faster, convenient, and self-service manner from abundance of data holds the key to unlocking groundbreaking discoveries and optimizing business operations.

The latest advancements in generative BI through LLMs have opened a new world of possibilities for life sciences, encompassing both the pharmaceutical and MedTech sectors. This includes enhancing sales team effectiveness, advancing brand analytics, optimizing omnichannel engagements, improving commercial operations efficiency, and refining inventory management and opportunity analysis.

ZAIDYN is ZS’s digital and connected analytics platform tailored for life sciences. It places a significant emphasis on self-serve analytics; the ZS team is exploring options to incorporate the cutting-edge generative BI capabilities and LLM technologies offered by Amazon Q into ZAIDYN.

With Amazon Q, users can simply ask natural language questions to identify areas for focus. Additionally, Amazon Q in QuickSight enables automatic visualization creation and customized, shareable stories through prompts. This, for example, can accelerate the turnaround time for a brand marketing manager and allow them to obtain a comprehensive overview of performance of various digital engagements with simple prompts like: “Create a story for performance and adoption of digital channels.”

As a fully integrated AWS service, Amazon Q leverages its generative capabilities while maintaining security and compliance.

Tiger Analytics FinTech Fraud Analytics Solution

Tiger Analytics Logo-2024Tiger Analytics is an AWS Specialization Partner and global leader in AI and analytics, helping Fortune 1000 companies solve their toughest challenges. It offers full-stack AI and analytics services, and aims to push the boundaries of what AI and analytics can do to help enterprises move forward decisively.

Financial institutions are experiencing rising credit card fraud as cybercriminals employ sophisticated methods to steal cardholder information and make unauthorized purchases. This results in significant losses, customer dissatisfaction, and inefficient operations for banks.

Traditional rule-based fraud detection systems that solely depend on structured data often struggle due to evolving fraud techniques and data silos. A generative AI approach leveraging comprehensive data across channels is needed to accurately identify complex fraud patterns, prevent financial losses, protect customers, ensure compliance, and provide insights to stay ahead of adaptive fraudsters.

Amazon Q’s natural language interface and generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight enable powerful emerging fraud pattern discovery. Analysts in a bank can leverage Amazon Q’s chatbot feature to use financial data and customer conversation history to uncover suspicious account activity. Generative BI can also create visualizations and weave together insightful narratives explaining recent trends. This helps decision makers grasp emerging situations to consume in a creative way.

Generative BI summarization and storytelling of evolving patterns helps financial institutions proactively detect emerging fraud and protect customers by anticipating new fraud techniques.

Compass UOL Transforms Software Delivery Process

Compasso UOL Logo-2024Compass UOL is an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) and global company that drives enterprise transformation through AI and digital technologies. It designs and builds digital platforms using state-of-the-art technologies to help companies innovate, transform, and thrive in their industries.

By cultivating the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives, and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society, Compass UOL has championed the use of Amazon Q Developer in its developer productivity tool AI Cockpit, which is available on AWS Marketplace.

AI Cockpit is a software engineering platform that supports all phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), incorporating AWS generative AI tools and automation services to significantly speed up the development of digital products, software, and applications in an agile way.

From discovery to final product delivery, AI Cockpit ensures maximum efficiency and effective management end-to-end. ​Developers using AI Cockpit can gain increased efficiency by installing the AWS toolkit plugin of Amazon Q in their VS Code Editor. They can increase productivity in scenarios such as 1/ adding boilerplate codes that involves a software developer kit (SDK) of AWS services; 2/ making recommendations on AWS infrastructure as code (IaC) architecture best practices; and 3/ removing code maintenance bottlenecks by integrating VS Code with their code repositories.

Through the use of Amazon Q, Compass UOL has achieved an efficiency gain of 41% where more than 1,600 of Compass UOL’s client professionals are using AI Cockpit.

Get Started Building Industry Solutions Using Amazon Q

Amazon Q resources are organized under AWS Service Asset Pack: Amazon Q section of the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners, which can be accessed via AWS Partner Central (login required).

This asset pack enables the AWS Partner Network (APN) to optimally support joint customers by fully understanding and realizing the value of AWS core offerings, providing awareness of services and value propositions, development of technical capabilities, and alignment for co-selling opportunities.

Further, AWS PartnerEquip:Virtual is a benefit that unlocks early access for partners to review strategic content such as highly-confidential, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) product roadmaps, feature release previews, and other content aligned to specializations such as sales, business development, and go to market (GTM).

After a one-time registration to the PartnerEquip:Virtual portal, you’ll be able to access our monthly Amazon Q sessions together with other unique content. If you have questions, email

AWS Partners are encouraged to build, market, sell, and grow their solutions by integrating Amazon Q, following the Generative AI Partner Playbook methodology. Specifically, offerings built using Amazon Q falls under the Business Adoption areas depicted below.

Diagram: AWS recommendation for partners to build Generative AI offering with Amazon Q

Figure 1 – AWS recommendation for building generative AI offerings with Amazon Q.

Next Steps

We encourage AWS Partners to explore the opportunities available when working closely with AWS experts. Partners who engage AWS can benefit from joint discovery sessions and workshops developing AI solutions tailored to customer needs. Together through proof of concepts, AWS Partner Solutions Architects (PSAs) demonstrate Amazon Q’s power to generate positive business outcomes for customers across many industries.

Once partners develop their offering, they work with their AWS PDM/PSA to submit the offering to be included on the AWS Marketplace generative AI solutions page.

We encourage you to find resources in the Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners, organize Amazon Q workshops with customers, and to connect with their AWS team with generative AI use cases for Amazon Q.