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Discover, Prepare, and Integrate Data at Scale with AWS Glue Delivery Partners

By Deb Dasgupta, Sr. Analytics Practice Lead – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS

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Data can help businesses drive better decisions and improve the customer experience. However, it is often distributed in multiple sources, making it complex to analyze. Today’s unprecedented growth of data makes data integration—the process of combining data from various sources to derive meaningful insights—an essential part of any modern business strategy.

As a key component in data integration strategies, ETL (extract, transform, and load) allows businesses to gather data from multiple sources and consolidate it to drive analytics and insights.

Historically, customers have been challenged with legacy ETL tools that are non-agile, not scalable, time-consuming to manage and maintain, expensive, and have limited transformation capabilities. As companies aim to become more data-driven and accelerate business intelligence, they’re looking for ways to analyze their data and put it to use in minutes, instead of months.

We are pleased to announce the AWS Glue Delivery specialization to help customers find validated AWS Partners with expertise and proven success delivering AWS Glue for data integration, data pipeline, and data catalog use cases.

AWS Glue is a scalable, serverless data integration service that makes it easy to discover, prepare, and combine data for analytics, machine learning, and application development. With the ability to scale on demand, AWS Glue helps customers focus on high-value activities that maximize the value of their data. Features of AWS Glue include:

  • Serverless: No infrastructure to maintain.
  • Data integration for every user: Development environments catered to different skillsets—visual ETL development for data engineers, notebook styled development for data scientists, and no code development for data analysts.
  • Handles complex workloads: Connect to 30+ data sources, process petabytes of data in real-time, includes batch and event-driven modes.
  • No lock-in: Develop data integration pipelines in open source SparkSQL, PySpark, and Scala.

AWS Glue Delivery Partners have the hands-on experience and proven expertise to help customers modernize their use of data and accelerate digital transformation.


Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Glue Delivery specialization recognizes AWS Partners who offer consulting services to help customers modernize their architecture with AWS Glue.

AWS Partners earn the AWS Glue Delivery specialization after successfully completing a rigorous technical validation to ensure they are following best practices with AWS Glue and by demonstrating proven customer success through case studies.

AWS Glue Delivery Partners receive ongoing technical enablement through the Deeper Learning Series. This benefit provides early access to the AWS Glue product roadmap release details and schedules to influence what they should invest in as an AWS Glue Delivery Partner.

We invite you to explore the AWS Glue Delivery Partners recommended by AWS:

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ASCENDING is dedicated to building modern data mesh/data lake/data warehouse end-to-end solutions, including data ingestion, ETL/transformation, data visualization, and data analytics with AI and ML technologies. Following AWS best practices for AWS Glue, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon SageMaker, ASCENDING provides services and professionals to meet your business requirements.


Agilisium helps organizations with serverless data integration services that makes it easy to discover, prepare, and combine data for analytics, machine learning, and application development using AWS Glue.


Powered by a pre-migration assessment and workload prioritization, Brillio’s ETL Modernization Framework transforms ETL systems. Next-gen cloud-native ETL technologies provide a complete integration ecosystem to help customers build scalable lakes and lake houses for data analysis, process petabytes of data in batch and real-time using Apache Spark, and migrate from expensive traditional ETL solutions to gain flexibility and reduce costs.

MHP – Management – und IT-Beratung GmbH

Leveraging AWS services and best practices, MHP helps customers plan and implement data lakes and efficiently process and govern large amounts of data on AWS.

Mission Cloud Services

Mission’s team of AWS-certified data engineering experts can help your organization successfully implement AWS Glue and leverage its capabilities.

NorthBay Solutions

NorthBay Solutions has a complete end-to-end suite of big data services to meet customer needs—all on-demand, on the cloud, and with scale.


Leverage fully managed serverless AWS Glue to seamlessly modernize data preprocessing and data integration capabilities.

Rackspace Technology

Improve and streamline your ETL pipelines by leveraging modern serverless integration and scalable architectures with AWS Glue. Work with a team of AWS certified experts to fast track data modernization in your organization, optimize costs through serverless platforms, and build consistent data processing pipelines and patterns.


Sigmoid drives business transformation through data and analytics by building modern data architectures using AWS Glue.


Slalom’s expertise with data integration services like AWS Glue provides customers with comprehensive knowledge and best practices for automating data integration at scale. This helps customers leverage AWS Glue to organize, cleanse, validate, and format data from various sources for storage and analytics. By effectively preparing and integrating data into a data lake or data warehouse, customers can run large-scale analytics across multiple data sets to make more confident, data-driven business decisions.

TEKsystems Global Services

TEKsystems’ AWS delivery team helps customers transform data into insights through their methodology and templates, tools and accelerators, and certified AWS resources. With their consulting services, TEKsystems aims to modernize ETL pipelines and enable AWS Glue to establish a modern data processing platform.

Wavicle Data Solutions

A combination of code converters and Wavicle’s repeatable process allows customers to quickly migrate from legacy ETL tools (Informatica, Talend, DataStage) to AWS Glue.

Customers: Explore AWS Glue Delivery Partners

AWS Glue Delivery Partners help customers with data integration, data catalog, and visual data preparation using AWS Glue. These AWS Partners are validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects for their expertise and proven success with AWS Glue.

We invite you to learn more about AWS Glue Delivery Partners.

Partners: Looking To Validate Your AWS Glue Offering?

AWS Partners with AWS Glue consulting offerings can learn more about becoming an AWS Service Delivery Partner.

To validate your AWS Glue offering, apply for the AWS Service Delivery Program. AWS Glue Delivery Partners receive incremental benefits in addition to AWS Service Delivery Program benefits.

Review the Program Guide and application in AWS Partner Central.