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New and Updated Training Courses for APN Partners—IoT, Data Analytics, Migration, and Amazon Connect

By Sheridan Lea, Product Marketing Manager, Partner Training at AWS

Training and Certification-12The AWS Partner Training team continues to focus on enabling AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners with the right training skills and knowledge to support customers’ business goals with Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions.

Periodically, partner training courses are updated to support the rapid pace of change in AWS services and capabilities that requires us to refresh content, reflect new market data, and provide current customer use cases and information.

Together, the four training courses highlighted in this post will help you:

  • Deliver on digital transformation projects using AWS IoT services.
  • Help businesses take data-driven actions based on AWS Data Analytics services.
  • Migrate customer workloads to the AWS Cloud.
  • Communicate the benefits of moving customer contact centers to the AWS Cloud.

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NEW! AWS Solutions Training for Partners: IoT on AWS (Technical)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a critical driver of our technological future. IoT spans various industry verticals and comprises an ecosystem ranging from specialized devices to software solutions.

Due to the complexity and breadth of IoT projects, customers need expert guidance to navigate their IoT implementations. Businesses are increasingly relying on professional and integration services from consulting partners.

AWS Training and Certification recognizes it’s imperative to train APN Partners to expand AWS IoT services and solutions skills to meet customer demand. That’s why we have developed the first of a planned series of IoT courses for APN Consulting Partners—AWS Solutions Training for Partners: IoT on AWS (Technical).

This intermediate-level, instructor-led course introduces APN Partners to the current market trends and ecosystem of the IoT segment. It explores partner opportunities in IoT, the overall value proposition for AWS IoT, and shares customer success stories and information about how to accelerate IoT adoption.

The course also provides an overview of AWS IoT services, and will help APN Partners understand the AWS IoT platform, IoT solution lifecycle, and common design patterns for deploying these IoT services. Completing this course will help you to engage customers in opportunities involving IoT, and other related AWS services around data analytics, storage, and machine learning.

Upon completion of this course, APN Partners should be able to:

  • Provide a technical overview of AWS IoT services.
  • Provide guidance to customers who are architecting IoT applications on AWS.
  • Discuss the IoT solution lifecycle and common design patterns for deploying AWS IoT services.
  • List the various AWS resources to develop, deploy, and manage IoT applications on AWS.

Take a look at the course description page for more information, and find a class that fits your schedule!

UPDATED: AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Data and Analytics on AWS (Business)

It’s also critical to ensure APN Partners have access to current information to be able to help customers more efficiently navigate and get value out of their data.

Our refreshed course AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Data Analytics on AWS (Business) is an intermediate-level course that teaches APN Consulting Partners in leadership, sales, and pre-sales roles how to identify and qualify data analytics business opportunities.

Through a combination of presentations, videos, and guided activities, this instructor-led course begins by describing market opportunities and industry examples. APN Partners will also learn about the AWS Data Flywheel and how to help customers derive the greatest value possible from their data.

You will also explore the customer journey to a modern data architecture, discuss key AWS data analytics solutions, learn best practices for effective business discovery conversations, and learn how to align high-level data analytics solutions to customers’ important business initiatives.

The course uses a combination of discussion, customer success stories, data analytic solutions, as well as interactive role-play to address customer challenges and explore implementation strategies. APN Partners will learn how to create a go-to-market (GTM) action plan, and learn about APN resources you can use to advance your company’s expertise.

In this course, APN Partners will learn to:

  • Describe drivers and opportunities for business in data analytics.
  • Dive deep on key use cases of the data and analytics solution.
  • Explain the customer journey to a modern data architecture.
  • Conduct a data analytics discovery conversation with objection handling.
  • Identify GTM strategies for building a long-term data analytics practice on AWS.

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UPDATED: AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Migrating to AWS (Technical)

Thousands of customers rely on APN Partners to help them migrate workloads to the AWS Cloud. These businesses benefit from substantial IT costs savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience.

We are excited to announce a major update to our popular course AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Migrating to AWS (Technical). This course teaches APN Partners how to conduct AWS migration assessments and to use methodologies, processes, and tools for migration projects.

Curriculum updates include prescriptive guidance on customer cloud-readiness, when to use Migration Portfolio Assessment (MPA) and TSO Logic, how to build multi-account structure with AWS Control Tower, and when to use CloudEndure Migration versus AWS Server Migration Service.

In this course, APN Partners will learn to:

  • Engage customers in pre-sales, technical discussions.
  • Determine customers’ cloud-readiness business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discuss migration strategies.
  • Identify tools for assessing and analyzing migration readiness.
  • Describe how to use AWS and APN Partner tools and services for migrating servers, databases, applications, data, operations, and governance.
  • Find additional migration information and resources.

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NEW! AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Amazon Connect (Business)

Amazon Connect has evolved from a technology used by Amazon customer service associates to a service that AWS customers can adopt to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Amazon Connect is a simple, scalable contact center solution that enables businesses to have a fully operational contact center that can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Agents, supervisors, managers, and administrators can work from home and still be able to perform all of their daily contact center activities.

Our new 90-minute, fundamental level digital course teaches APN Partners the business benefits of setting up a cloud-based contact center using Amazon Connect, one of the fastest growing AWS services.

You will learn the value proposition of Amazon Connect and learn to explain the pricing model to customers. The sample adoption process and customer case studies help reinforce the concepts learned.

APN Partners will also see a demonstration on how to potentially solve customer challenges and provide exceptional customer experience from contact centers using Amazon Connect.

In this course, APN Partners will learn how to:

  • Define capabilities, differentiators, and benefits of Amazon Connect.
  • Work through a customer use case.
  • Easily create a contact center.
  • Review the Amazon Connect pricing and billing principles.
  • Build your AWS Contact Center business utilizing the AWS Partner Network.

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