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Team Up with AWS Competency Partners for Better Business and Bigger Results

By Renata Melnyk, Sr. Partner Program Manager at AWS

If a company is moving or monitoring a fluid, especially water, it’s likely that Pentair is involved. They are a global provider of water filtration systems equipped with sensors to breweries, fish farms, and other industrial and commercial customers.

Many of Pentair’s products are installed in relatively remote locations, so they develop and rely on connected systems. Traditionally, these solutions were custom-built, leading to long development times, a mismatch of different technologies, and an inability to reuse existing components and skill sets across the company’s areas of business.

To address this challenge, Pentair’s R&D team chose AWS IoT to create a powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform with a rich tool set to provide robust infrastructure controls, flexible deployment options, and machine learning and visualization tools.

As the success of the platform grew through multiple business units—including food and beverage, aquatic ecosystems, and thermal management—Pentair realized that outside assistance and expertise was needed to continue their IoT projects so internal teams could stay focused on core tasks.

Pentair found what they needed in Bright Wolf, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner with the AWS IoT Competency. The AWS Competency Program highlights top APN Consulting and Technology Partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

As Pentair’s IoT technology partner, Bright Wolf helped the company develop a flexible, scalable, and reusable reference architecture that can support most IoT applications. This lets Pentair stay focused on how they can best meet customer needs without worrying about whether their chosen technology platform is up to the task.

In this video, hear from the team at Pentair about how AWS IoT has helped boost performance by 10 percent.

AWS Competency Partners are Focused on Your Success

AWS Competency Partners like Bright Wolf help customers take full advantage of the benefits AWS has to offer. With deep expertise on Amazon Web Services, AWS Competency Partners are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve key business objectives.

For Pentair, Bright Wolf became a trusted technology partner that helped deliver real results. Pentair’s new AWS IoT platform, for example, has improved beer filtration processes and increased overall performance.

“Bright Wolf’s expertise with IoT solutions and the fact they have the AWS IoT Competency have been invaluable,” says Brian Boothe, engineering manager at Pentair. “They helped us figure out what’s really important and showed us how to architect for reuse, even when those use cases might not yet be known.”

If your company is on a journey to transform your business while driving new value to end users, AWS Competency Partners have the expertise and comprehensive capability to help you succeed at each stage of your cloud journey.

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The Next Smart-General-5

AWS Competency Partners are The Next Smart

Teaming up with an AWS Competency Partner is The Next Smart if you want to be successful in today’s complex IT environment and remain that way tomorrow and into the future.

APN Partners can achieve AWS Competencies spanning workloads, solutions, and verticals, including:

EIS Group is an AWS Financial Services Competency Partner that delivers core insurance solutions for customers. Their EIS Core Insurance Suite for AWS delivers visibility and business agility to empower insurers to confidently and profitably adapt, innovate, and grow their businesses.

For EIS Group, holding the AWS Competency designation allows them to showcase their specialization to customers, who can trust the company has been vetted, validated, and verified by AWS.

“Becoming a part of the AWS Financial Services Competency Program gives our customers confidence that we’ve met the highest level of know-how to operate and deploy the EIS suite within AWS,” says Alec Miloslavsky, CEO at EIS Group.

The EIS Core Insurance Suite is available on AWS Solution Space, a website that makes it easy to discover scalable and secure solutions from AWS Competency Partners.

AWS Competency Partners are Vetted, Validated, and Verified

To receive the AWS Competency designation, APN Partners must undergo rigorous validation as well as an assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of their AWS offerings and practices.

APN Technology Partners must also undergo a Well Architected Review during the AWS Competency application process to ensure they are following AWS best practices for architecting systems in the cloud. This validation gives customers complete confidence in choosing APN Partners to team up with.

Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company that markets a portfolio of brands and products for the central nervous system, eyes, and more. They teamed up with Smartronix, an AWS Premier Partner with AWS Competencies in DevOps, Migration, and Government, to build a digital health solution on AWS called TrueTear for chronic dry eye relief.

Allergan trusted Smartronix to assist with the implementation, architecture, and management of the TrueTear backend infrastructure on AWS.

“We knew Smartronix had deep experience working with heavily-regulated industries, and the fact they’re an AWS Premier Partner, AWS Managed Services Provider Partner, and multiple AWS Competency holder is a big deal for us,” says Mike Rogers, product manager for the TrueTear mobile application.

Spencer Colson, director of commercial sales for cloud services at Smartronix, says Allergan initially became familiar with Smartronix because of their distinction as an AWS Competency Partner and AWS MSP.

“If we’re going to tell companies that we excel at managing their cloud,” says Colson, “then we’d better be able to demonstrate our expertise by passing rigorous audits of our capabilities.”

In this video, learn how the AWS Competency Program allows APN Partners to differentiate themselves to customers by showcasing their expertise in a specific solution area.

Customer Success: AWS Competency Partners

The AWS Competency Program is built to go beyond the meaning of the word “competent.” It is one of the toughest designations an APN Partner can achieve and maintain.

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Find an AWS Competency Partner to Team Up With

AWS Competency designations help customers identify and choose specialized APN Partners that can provide value-added services and solutions.

Guidance from these skilled professionals leads to better business and bigger results that help customers at any stage of their cloud journey.

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