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Migrating Metadata when Encrypting an Amazon Redshift Cluster

NOTE: Amazon Redshift now supports enabling and disabling encryption with 1-click. For more information, please review this “What’s New” post. ————————————— John Loughlin is a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. A customer came to us asking for help expanding and modifying their Amazon Redshift cluster. In the course of responding to their request, we […]

Introduction to Python UDFs in Amazon Redshift

Christopher Crosbie is a Healthcare and Life Science Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services When your doctor takes out a prescription pad at your yearly checkup, do you ever stop to wonder what goes into her thought process as she decides on which drug to scribble down? We assume that journals of scientific evidence coupled […]

Integrating Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift with Cascading on Amazon EMR

This is a guest post by Ryan Desmond, Solutions Architect at Concurrent. Concurrent is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. With Amazon Kinesis developers can quickly store, collate and access large, distributed data streams such as access logs, click streams and IoT data in real-time. The question then becomes, how can we access and leverage this […]

Connecting R with Amazon Redshift

Markus Schmidberger is a Senior Big Data Consultant for AWS Professional Services Amazon Redshift is a fast, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse for PB of data. AWS customers are moving huge amounts of structured data into Amazon Redshift to offload analytics workloads or to operate their DWH fully in the cloud. Business intelligence and analytic teams […]

Building a Binary Classification Model with Amazon Machine Learning and Amazon Redshift

Guy Ernest is a Solutions Architect with AWS This post builds on Guy’s earlier posts Building a Numeric Regression Model with Amazon Machine Learning and Building a Multi-Class ML Model with Amazon Machine Learning. Many decisions in life are binary, answered either Yes or No. Many business problems also have binary answers. For example: “Is […]

Test drive two big data scenarios from the ‘Building a Big Data Platform on AWS’ bootcamp

Matt Yanchyshyn is a Sr. Manager for AWS Solutions Architecture AWS offers a number of events during the year such as our annual AWS re:Invent conference, the AWS Summit series, the AWS Pop-up Loft, and a variety of roadshows. All of these provide opportunities for AWS customers to attend talks focused on big data and […]

Optimizing for Star Schemas and Interleaved Sorting on Amazon Redshift

Chris Keyser is a Solutions Architect for AWS Many organizations implement star and snowflake schema data warehouse designs and many BI tools are optimized to work with dimensions, facts, and measure groups. Customers have moved data warehouses of all types to Amazon Redshift with great success. The Amazon Redshift team has released support for interleaved […]

A Zero-Administration Amazon Redshift Database Loader

Ian Meyers is a Solutions Architecture Senior Manager with AWS With this new AWS Lambda function, it’s never been easier to get file data into Amazon Redshift. You simply push files into a variety of locations on Amazon S3 and have them automatically loaded into your Amazon Redshift clusters. Using AWS Lambda with Amazon Redshift […]

Building Multi-AZ or Multi-Region Amazon Redshift Clusters

This blog post was last reviewed July, 2022. This post explores customer options for building multi-region or multi-availability zone (AZ) clusters. By default, Amazon Redshift has excellent tools to back up your cluster via snapshot to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). These snapshots can be restored in any AZ in that region or transferred […]

Using Attunity CloudBeam at UMUC to Replicate Data to Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift

Matt Yanchyshyn is a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS. Brad Helicher, Director of Cloud Business at Attunity, also contributed to this post. Attunity is an APN Big Data Competency Partner. Introduction University of Maryland University College’s mission is to provide a quality education at an affordable cost to busy professionals, mainly adults who are juggling […]