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Configure monitoring, limits, and alarms in Amazon Redshift Serverless to keep costs predictable

Amazon Redshift Serverless makes it simple to run and scale analytics in seconds. It automatically provisions and intelligently scales data warehouse compute capacity to deliver fast performance, and you pay only for what you use. Just load your data and start querying right away in the Amazon Redshift Query Editor or in your favorite business […]

Enable data analytics with Talend and Amazon Redshift Serverless

This is a guest post co-written with Cameron Davie from Talend. Today, in order to accelerate and scale data analytics, companies are looking for an approach to minimize infrastructure management and predict computing needs for different types of workloads, including spikes and ad hoc analytics. The integration of Talend Cloud and Talend Stitch with Amazon […]

Implement tag-based access control for your data lake and Amazon Redshift data sharing with AWS Lake Formation

Data-driven organizations treat data as an asset and use it across different lines of business (LOBs) to drive timely insights and better business decisions. Many organizations have a distributed tools and infrastructure across various business units. This leads to having data across many instances of data warehouses and data lakes using a modern data architecture […]

Query your Apache Hive metastore with AWS Lake Formation permissions

Apache Hive is a SQL-based data warehouse system for processing highly distributed datasets on the Apache Hadoop platform. There are two key components to Apache Hive: the Hive SQL query engine and the Hive metastore (HMS). The Hive metastore is a repository of metadata about the SQL tables, such as database names, table names, schema, […]

Orca Security’s journey to a petabyte-scale data lake with Apache Iceberg and AWS Analytics

This post is co-written with Eliad Gat and Oded Lifshiz from Orca Security. With data becoming the driving force behind many industries today, having a modern data architecture is pivotal for organizations to be successful. One key component that plays a central role in modern data architectures is the data lake, which allows organizations to […]

Dimensional modeling in Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed and petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse that is used by tens of thousands of customers to process exabytes of data every day to power their analytics workload. You can structure your data, measure business processes, and get valuable insights quickly can be done by using a dimensional model. Amazon Redshift […]

Migrate data from Google Cloud Storage to Amazon S3 using AWS Glue

Today, we are pleased to announce a new AWS Glue connector for Google Cloud Storage that allows you to move data bi-directionally between Google Cloud Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). In this post, we go over how the new connector works, introduce the connector’s functions, and provide you with key steps to set it up. We provide you with prerequisites, share how to subscribe to this connector in AWS Marketplace, and describe how to create and run AWS Glue for Apache Spark jobs with it.

Automate secure access to Amazon MWAA environments using existing OpenID Connect single-sign-on authentication and authorization

Customers use Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (Amazon MWAA) to run Apache Airflow at scale in the cloud. They want to use their existing login solutions developed using OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers with Amazon MWAA; this allows them to provide a uniform authentication and single sign-on (SSO) experience using their adopted identity providers (IdP) […]

Introducing field-based coloring experience for Amazon QuickSight

Color plays a crucial role in visualizations. It conveys meaning, captures attention, and enhances aesthetics. You can quickly grasp important information when key insights and data points pop with color. However, it’s important to use color judiciously to enhance readability and ensure correct interpretation. Color should also be accessible and consistent to enable users to […]

Build a serverless log analytics pipeline using Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion with managed Amazon OpenSearch Service

In this post, we show how to build a log ingestion pipeline using the new Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion, a fully managed data collector that delivers real-time log and trace data to Amazon OpenSearch Service domains. OpenSearch Ingestion is powered by the open-source data collector Data Prepper. Data Prepper is part of the open-source OpenSearch project. […]