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Scale foundation model inference to hundreds of models with Amazon SageMaker – Part 1

As democratization of foundation models (FMs) becomes more prevalent and demand for AI-augmented services increases, software as a service (SaaS) providers are looking to use machine learning (ML) platforms that support multiple tenants—for data scientists internal to their organization and external customers. More and more companies are realizing the value of using FMs to generate […]

Reduce model deployment costs by 50% on average using the latest features of Amazon SageMaker

As organizations deploy models to production, they are constantly looking for ways to optimize the performance of their foundation models (FMs) running on the latest accelerators, such as AWS Inferentia and GPUs, so they can reduce their costs and decrease response latency to provide the best experience to end-users. However, some FMs don’t fully utilize […]

Minimize real-time inference latency by using Amazon SageMaker routing strategies

Amazon SageMaker makes it straightforward to deploy machine learning (ML) models for real-time inference and offers a broad selection of ML instances spanning CPUs and accelerators such as AWS Inferentia. As a fully managed service, you can scale your model deployments, minimize inference costs, and manage your models more effectively in production with reduced operational […]

Build and evaluate machine learning models with advanced configurations using the SageMaker Canvas model leaderboard

Amazon SageMaker Canvas is a no-code workspace that enables analysts and citizen data scientists to generate accurate machine learning (ML) predictions for their business needs. Starting today, SageMaker Canvas supports advanced model build configurations such as selecting a training method (ensemble or hyperparameter optimization) and algorithms, customizing the training and validation data split ratio, and […]

Introducing Amazon SageMaker HyperPod to train foundation models at scale

Building foundation models (FMs) requires building, maintaining, and optimizing large clusters to train models with tens to hundreds of billions of parameters on vast amounts of data. Creating a resilient environment that can handle failures and environmental changes without losing days or weeks of model training progress is an operational challenge that requires you to […]

Easily build semantic image search using Amazon Titan

Digital publishers are continuously looking for ways to streamline and automate their media workflows to generate and publish new content as rapidly as they can, but without foregoing quality. Adding images to capture the essence of text can improve the reading experience. Machine learning techniques can help you discover such images. “A striking image is […]

Evaluate large language models for quality and responsibility

The risks associated with generative AI have been well-publicized. Toxicity, bias, escaped PII, and hallucinations negatively impact an organization’s reputation and damage customer trust. Research shows that not only do risks for bias and toxicity transfer from pre-trained foundation models (FM) to task-specific generative AI services, but that tuning an FM for specific tasks, on […]

Accelerate data preparation for ML in Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Data preparation is a crucial step in any machine learning (ML) workflow, yet it often involves tedious and time-consuming tasks. Amazon SageMaker Canvas now supports comprehensive data preparation capabilities powered by Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler. With this integration, SageMaker Canvas provides customers with an end-to-end no-code workspace to prepare data, build and use ML and […]

Operationalize LLM Evaluation at Scale using Amazon SageMaker Clarify and MLOps services

In the last few years Large Language Models (LLMs) have risen to prominence as outstanding tools capable of understanding, generating and manipulating text with unprecedented proficiency. Their potential applications span from conversational agents to content generation and information retrieval, holding the promise of revolutionizing all industries. However, harnessing this potential while ensuring the responsible and […]

Accelerate deep learning model training up to 35% with Amazon SageMaker smart sifting

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, deep learning models have found themselves at the forefront of innovation, with applications spanning computer vision (CV), natural language processing (NLP), and recommendation systems. However, the increasing cost associated with training and fine-tuning these models poses a challenge for enterprises. This cost is primarily driven by the […]