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How Mantium achieves low-latency GPT-J inference with DeepSpeed on Amazon SageMaker

Mantium is a global cloud platform provider for building AI applications and managing them at scale. Mantium’s end-to-end development platform enables enterprises and businesses of all sizes to build AI applications and automation faster and easier than what has been traditionally possible. With Mantium, technical and non-technical teams can prototype, develop, test, and deploy AI […]

Prepare data faster with PySpark and Altair code snippets in Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler is a purpose-built data aggregation and preparation tool for machine learning (ML). It allows you to use a visual interface to access data and perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) and feature engineering. The EDA feature comes with built-in data analysis capabilities for charts (such as scatter plot or histogram) and time-saving […]

Extract insights from SAP ERP with no-code ML solutions with Amazon AppFlow and Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Customers in industries like consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, and retail are always looking for ways to empower their operational processes by enriching them with insights and analytics generated from data. Tasks like sales forecasting directly affect operations such as raw material planning, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and inbound/outbound logistics, and it can have many levels of […]

Customize pronunciations using Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly breathes life into text by converting it into lifelike speech. This empowers developers and businesses to create applications that can converse in real time, thereby offering an enhanced interactive experience. Text-to-speech (TTS) in Amazon Polly supports a variety of languages and locales, which enables you to perform TTS conversion according to your preferences. […]

Demystifying machine learning at the edge through real use cases

Edge is a term that refers to a location, far from the cloud or a big data center, where you have a computer device (edge device) capable of running (edge) applications. Edge computing is the act of running workloads on these edge devices. Machine learning at the edge (ML@Edge) is a concept that brings the […]

Text summarization with Amazon SageMaker and Hugging Face

In this post, we show you how to implement one of the most downloaded Hugging Face pre-trained models used for text summarization, DistilBART-CNN-12-6, within a Jupyter notebook using Amazon SageMaker and the SageMaker Hugging Face Inference Toolkit. Based on the steps shown in this post, you can try summarizing text from the WikiText-2 dataset managed […]

Take your intelligent search experience to the next level with Amazon Kendra hierarchical facets

Unstructured data continues to grow in many organizations, making it a challenge for users to get the information they need. Amazon Kendra is a highly accurate, intelligent search service powered by machine learning (ML). Amazon Kendra uses deep learning and reading comprehension to deliver precise answers, and returns a list of ranked documents that match […]

Easily customize your notifications while using Amazon Lookout for Metrics

We are excited to announce that you can now add filters to alerts and also edit existing alerts while using Amazon Lookout for Metrics. With this launch, you can add filters to your alerts configuration to only get notifications for anomalies that matter the most to you. You can also modify existing alerts as per […]

Use a pre-signed URL to provide your business analysts with secure access to Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Agility and security have historically been two aspects of IT of paramount importance for any company. With the simplification of access to advanced IT technologies thanks to low-code and no-code (LCNC) tools, an even bigger number of people must be enabled to access resources, without impacting security. For many companies, the solution has been to […]

Enable business analysts to access Amazon SageMaker Canvas without using the AWS Management Console with AWS SSO

IT has evolved in recent years: thanks to low-code and no-code (LCNC) technologies, an increasing number of people with varying backgrounds require access to tools and platforms that were previously a prerogative to more tech-savvy individuals in the company, such as engineers or developers. Out of those LCNC technologies, we have recently announced Amazon SageMaker […]