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customized neural network model architecture

How Light & Wonder built a predictive maintenance solution for gaming machines on AWS

This post is co-written with Aruna Abeyakoon and Denisse Colin from Light and Wonder (L&W). Headquartered in Las Vegas, Light & Wonder, Inc. is the leading cross-platform global game company that provides gambling products and services. Working with AWS, Light & Wonder recently developed an industry-first secure solution, Light & Wonder Connect (LnW Connect), to […]

Use the AWS CDK to deploy Amazon SageMaker Studio lifecycle configurations

Amazon SageMaker Studio is the first fully integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning (ML). Studio provides a single web-based visual interface where you can perform all ML development steps required to prepare data, as well as build, train, and deploy models. Lifecycle configurations are shell scripts triggered by Studio lifecycle events, such as starting […]

Start of call and Post call (summary) Lambda Hooks that integrate with Salesforce to look-up and update Case records respectively

Boost agent productivity with Salesforce integration for Live Call Analytics

As a contact center agent, would you rather focus on having productive customer conversations or get distracted by having to look up customer information and knowledge articles that could exist in various systems? We’ve all been there. Having a productive conversation while multitasking is challenging. A single negative experience may put a dent on a […]

Onboard users to Amazon SageMaker Studio with Active Directory group-specific IAM roles

November 2023: This post was updated to include the Amazon SageMaker APIs. Amazon SageMaker Studio is a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning (ML) that lets you build, train, debug, deploy, and monitor your ML models. For provisioning Studio in your AWS account and Region, you first need to create an Amazon SageMaker […]

SambaSafety automates custom R workload, improving driver safety with Amazon SageMaker and AWS Step Functions

At SambaSafety, their mission is to promote safer communities by reducing risk through data insights. Since 1998, SambaSafety has been the leading North American provider of cloud–based mobility risk management software for organizations with commercial and non–commercial drivers. SambaSafety serves more than 15,000 global employers and insurance carriers with driver risk and compliance monitoring, online […]

Build a multilingual automatic translation pipeline with Amazon Translate Active Custom Translation

Dive into Deep Learning ( is an open-source textbook that makes deep learning accessible to everyone. It features interactive Jupyter notebooks with self-contained code in PyTorch, JAX, TensorFlow, and MXNet, as well as real-world examples, exposition figures, and math. So far, D2L has been adopted by more than 400 universities around the world, such as […]

Bring SageMaker Autopilot into your MLOps processes using a custom SageMaker Project

Every organization has its own set of standards and practices that provide security and governance for their AWS environment. Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service to prepare data and build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows. SageMaker provides a set of templates […]

How Forethought saves over 66% in costs for generative AI models using Amazon SageMaker

This post is co-written with Jad Chamoun, Director of Engineering at Forethought Technologies, Inc. and Salina Wu, Senior ML Engineer at Forethought Technologies, Inc. Forethought is a leading generative AI suite for customer service. At the core of its suite is the innovative SupportGPT™ technology which uses machine learning to transform the customer support lifecycle—increasing deflection, […]

Reinventing the data experience: Use generative AI and modern data architecture to unlock insights

Implementing a modern data architecture provides a scalable method to integrate data from disparate sources. By organizing data by business domains instead of infrastructure, each domain can choose tools that suit their needs. Organizations can maximize the value of their modern data architecture with generative AI solutions while innovating continuously. The natural language capabilities allow […]