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Build a virtual credit approval agent with Amazon Lex, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Connect

Banking and financial institutions review thousands of credit applications per week. The credit approval process requires financial organizations to invest time and resources in reviewing documents like W2s, bank statements, and utility bills. The overall experience can be costly for the organization. At the same time, organizations have to consider borrowers, who are waiting for […]

Control access to Amazon SageMaker Feature Store offline using AWS Lake Formation

This post was last reviewed and updated June, 2022 with revised feature groups (tables) and features (columns) permissions. You can establish feature stores to provide a central repository for machine learning (ML) features that can be shared with data science teams across your organization for training, batch scoring, and real-time inference. Data science teams can […]

Manage dialog to elicit Amazon Lex slots in Amazon Connect contact flows

Amazon Lex can add powerful automation to contact center solutions, so you can enable self-service via interactive voice response (IVR) interactions or route calls to the appropriate agent based on caller input. These capabilities can increase customer satisfaction by streamlining the user experience, and improve containment rates in the contact center. In both the self-service […]

Build a custom entity recognizer for PDF documents using Amazon Comprehend

In many industries, it’s critical to extract custom entities from documents in a timely manner. This can be challenging. Insurance claims, for example, often contain dozens of important attributes (such as dates, names, locations, and reports) sprinkled across lengthy and dense documents. Manually scanning and extracting such information can be error-prone and time-consuming. Rule-based software […]

Getting started with the Amazon Kendra Box connector

Amazon Kendra is a highly accurate and easy-to-use intelligent search service powered by machine learning (ML). Amazon Kendra offers a suite of data source connectors to simplify the process of ingesting and indexing your content, wherever it resides. For many organizations, Box Content Cloud is a core part of their content storage and lifecycle management […]

Receive notifications for image analysis with Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels and analyze predictions

Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels is a fully managed computer vision service that allows developers to build custom models to classify and identify objects in images that are specific and unique to your business. Rekognition Custom Labels doesn’t require you to have any prior computer vision expertise. You can get started by simply uploading tens of […]

Customize the Amazon SageMaker XGBoost algorithm container

The built-in Amazon SageMaker XGBoost algorithm provides a managed container to run the popular XGBoost machine learning (ML) framework, with added convenience of supporting advanced training or inference features like distributed training, dataset sharding for large-scale datasets, A/B model testing, or multi-model inference endpoints. You can also extend this powerful algorithm to accommodate different requirements. […]

Detect adversarial inputs using Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor and Amazon SageMaker Debugger

Research over the past few years has shown that machine learning (ML) models are vulnerable to adversarial inputs, where an adversary can craft inputs to strategically alter the model’s output (in image classification, speech recognition, or fraud detection). For example, imagine you have deployed a model that identifies your employees based on images of their […]

Build an MLOps sentiment analysis pipeline using Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth and Databricks MLflow

As more organizations move to machine learning (ML) to drive deeper insights, two key stumbling blocks they run into are labeling and lifecycle management. Labeling is the identification of data and adding labels to provide context so an ML model can learn from it. Labels might indicate a phrase in an audio file, a car […]

Enable Amazon Kendra search for a scanned or image-based text document

Amazon Kendra is an intelligent search service powered by machine learning (ML). Amazon Kendra reimagines search for your websites and applications so your employees and customers can easily find the content they’re looking for, even when it’s scattered across multiple locations and content repositories within your organization. Amazon Kendra supports a variety of document formats, […]