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Case Study: Tabcorp enhances personalized interactive voice response with AWS

Tabcorp, one of Australia’s top gaming and entertainment companies, operates betting across 641 locations for multiple sports and race types. Even as customers flock to digital platforms to place bets, interactive voice response (IVR) remains a critical part of the company’s business to accommodate customers that prefer telecommunication.

To modernize its IVR system, Tabcorp enlisted AWS Partner Convai, the AWS Professional Services team, and AWS Solutions Architects to migrate its betting applications to the Amazon Connect cloud-based contact center solution, using the AWS Well-Architected Framework to safeguard data. Read the full case study to learn how Tabcorp reduced IVR costs by almost US$2 million (AU$2.5 million) per year; scaled to handle 870 concurrent calls; and streamlined and secured operations with Amazon Transcribe to convert speech to text when customers place bets, Amazon Polly to readback transaction instructions to customers, and Amazon CloudWatch monitoring dashboards to report data.

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Paulien Ruijssenaars

Paulien Ruijssenaars

Paulien is a senior industry marketing manager focused on the media & entertainment market.