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View of Happs interface.

Happs lets creators scale their audiences with Amazon IVS

Operating as an all-in-one user generated content platform, Happs allows creators to broadcast live to their community along with simultaneous streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more. Happs provides built-in studio tools and the ability to monetize viewer engagement through financial awards and monthly sponsorships. Founded three years ago as a media-focused company catering […]

Media movement for content production workloads

Authored by Greg Holick, Vice President of Product at The content and opinions in this post are those of the third-party author and AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post. The media and entertainment content production process is highly orchestrated. It encompasses establishing the creative vision, scouting shoot locations, […]

Virtual production reference architecture with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

Today, we introduce the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Reference Architecture for Virtual Production with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. AWS customers, when challenged with building the right architecture for virtual production, can follow the best practices outlined in this post. This reference architecture is built with security, agility, and operational excellence in mind. AWS Reference Architecture […]

Build and scale direct-to-consumer streaming video offerings

Today, we are delighted to introduce an integrated direct-to-consumer offering from Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help content distributors build and scale direct-to-consumer (D2C) video streaming subscription platforms. As D2C models evolve from their initial, often predominantly growth-focused, launch phase to scaling and becoming profitable businesses, leaders at media companies are looking for […]

Haydenfilms Institute builds Cemboo video platform on AWS

New solution simplifies access to live and on-demand video distribution and archiving using Amazon IVS and AWS Elemental Media Services Multi-faceted non-profit Haydenfilms Institute (HFI) is dedicated to advancing the art of filmmaking through education and innovative technology applications. Partnering with universities around the U.S., the organization provides hands-on production experience for students, and offers […]

AWS Elemental Live Web UI – page with API key and login

Application Programming Interface (API) call samples for AWS Elemental Live

Introduction This blog provides examples of frequently used API commands/calls for AWS Elemental Live, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) on-premises solution for encoding/transcoding of linear content (events and 24/7 streams). You may decide to use the AWS Elemental Live API for various reasons. These reasons include: testing, troubleshooting, integration with a third party management system, […]

Amazon Nimble Studio Custom Configuration Introduction

Amazon Nimble Studio empowers creative studios to produce visual effects, animation, and interactive content entirely in the cloud. Studios can rapidly onboard and collaborate with artists globally and create content faster with access to virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering across the AWS global infrastructure. With the release of custom configuration components, administrators now have […]

This diagram shows MediaTailor using VMAP to insert preroll, midroll, and postroll ads.

Preparing your video library for AVOD OTT

Our customers with rights ownership to stream video-on-demand (VOD) content are monetizing their libraries in one of two ways: subscription-based VOD (SVOD) or advertising-based VOD (AVOD). With SVOD, they generate revenue from monthly subscriptions, letting their subscribers access and consume their content libraries for fixed fees. This model usually means that their subscribers can consume […]

Part 2: SCTE 35 signal conditioning in AWS Elemental Live

This is the second post in a two-part series. Read the first post here. It is quite common for AWS Elemental Live, which lets users encode live video on premises for events and 24/7 streams, to be used to deliver live streams into Amazon Web Services (AWS) for over-the-top (OTT) workflows and to distribute a […]

Part 1: Use ESAM in AWS Elemental Live for SCTE 35 signal conditioning and input switching

Using ESAM for SCTE 35 signal conditioning In modern linear workflows, event signaling and management (ESAM) is used to enrich the conditioning of SCTE 35 signals within a live stream. The SCTE 35 standard—created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)—states, “SCTE 35 is the core signaling […]