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AWS branded background with text overlay that says "Improve road safety by analyzing traffic patterns with no-code ML using Amazon SageMaker Canvas"

Improve road safety by analyzing traffic patterns with no-code ML using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

To improve safety and convenience, transportation agencies amass a substantial volume of data. However, these organizations encounter challenges in data accuracy validation due to issues related to data quality and occasional missing information. With the incorporation of new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities from Amazon Web Services (AWS), they can take advantage of no-code solutions to identify and address data gaps.

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How transit agencies can use AWS to improve safety and passenger experience

Fleet managers can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ingest and analyze fleet driver data. In this post, we share how a large public transit agency in the United States worked with AWS to create a proof-of-concept (POC) to analyze operator behavior and improve its visibility of sudden acceleration-based events.

The 13 startups selected for the AWS 2023 Justice and Public Safety GovTech Accelerator are focused on a wide range of solutions for first responders, emergency services, corrections, and other public safety agencies.

AWS selects 13 startups to innovate public safety solutions through the GovTech Accelerator

AWS today announced 13 startup companies selected to participate in the inaugural AWS GovTech Accelerator. Launched in June at the AWS Summit in Washington, D.C., the Accelerator supports government technology (GovTech) startups as they develop innovative solutions enabling justice and public safety agencies to better serve their communities.

How Carbyne’s cloud-native platform helps 911 call centers put eyes on the scene and more

Carbyne, an AWS justice and public safety customer and partner, provides 911 call handling systems, offering a cloud-native software as a service (SaaS) platform. Although any public safety answering points (PSAPs) can benefit from Carbyne’s cloud-powered solution, certain regions with hostile, remote terrain can especially benefit from improved caller location and the ability to put eyes on the scene. This is crucial, for example, in situations where people are lost or hurt in the desert, and in desert-heavy counties that form the Rio Grande Council of Governments (RGCOG). Using Carbyne improved RioCOG’s caller location from an accuracy of a few miles to within roughly 10 meters on over 85% of emergency calls.

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A journey of innovation in CJIS compliance

To protect citizens and save lives, justice and public safety agencies rely on timely access to critical information, such as criminal histories, arrest warrants, stolen vehicles, and 911 call data. Providing this mission critical criminal justice information with five nines (99.999%) availability and protecting it according to the rigorous security requirements prescribed in the Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy are top priorities for criminal justice agencies (CJA). AWS’s innovative features and security controls can help customers achieve CJIS compliance in a simplified way.

Sandy Carter reInvent 2020 leadership session

Keeping “mission critical” critical but simple: 5 public sector partners announcements at AWS re:Invent 2020

At AWS, we are mission focused. A mission is a purpose—supported by but not driven by IT. How can the AWS Partner Network (APN) help public sector partners and their customers meet their missions? No matter where you are in your journey to cloud adoption and IT modernization—from getting started, to easing the adoption of technology, to planning to take the solution to market, to growing beyond storage and compute, to renewing and scale—APN and its programs and initiatives can help. During my leadership session at AWS re:Invent 2020, I shared new and noteworthy AWS Public Sector Partner programs available to help partners keep their focus on their mission-critical work while also keeping it simple—and I shared some partner successes along the way.

Achieving “five nines” in the cloud for justice and public safety

Every hour of every day, our nation’s first responders and 9-1-1 personnel rely on a patchwork of telecommunications and public safety applications to protect their residents and save lives. Whether it’s a 9-1-1 answering point, a computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, a records management (RMS) system, or a mobile communications network, emergency response systems must be available and operational at all times. The accepted availability standard for emergency response systems is 99.999% or “five nines” – or about five minutes and 15 seconds of downtime per year.