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How AWS and ISVs Are Empowering Customers on Their Cloud Journey

By Ryan Broadwell, WW Director, ISV Partnerships at AWS

Here at Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are building a partner community that is the most customer-centric in the world and creates long-term success for AWS and our committed partners.

One of the ways we do this is by focusing our investments on independent software vendors (ISVs) that extend the reach of the AWS Cloud and provide our customers with more choice. These trusted AWS Partners provide feature-rich experiences on AWS to support customers’ enterprise IT needs.

The AWS Partner Network’s investments in the ISV community include deep technical architecture support to help partners build products on AWS, and world-class domain expertise to differentiate that solution in the market.

As the Worldwide Director for ISV Partnerships at AWS, I see every day how partners are critical for enabling our customers’ digital transformation. Throughout 2020, we have invested in developing comprehensive solutions across vertical industries and segments, creating significant value for customers and ISV partners.

AWS ISV partners have seen strong year-over-year growth in joint customer opportunities. As we look forward to 2021, this pace of delivering incremental value with our ISVs and to our customers will only increase as we continue to innovate in support of our joint customers.

Helping ISV Partners Grow Their Business

At AWS, we have been laser-focused on our efforts to drive co-selling with our joint field teams. Thousands of enterprises trust AWS to run their business-critical workloads jointly with ISVs such as Cerner, Infor, Palo Alto Networks, and more.

Additionally, AWS continues our startup-centric roots with programs and benefits uniquely tailored to ISV partners in the startup space. Several ISVs we have partnered with have gone from Silicon Valley darling to industry powerhouses through successful 2020 IPOs.

Snowflake, whose core product is built on AWS and powers many enterprises’ data warehouses, had the most successful IPO in recent memory. Sumo Logic, also built on AWS, had a successful IPO as well, solidifying their space in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market.

Other ISVs such as CrowdStrike, AppDynamics, and MongoDB enjoy double- and triple-digit year-over-year growth in their businesses. Much of that growth can be attributed to their collaboration with AWS.

Digital transformation concept.

Creating Value for AWS Customers

Looking ahead to 2021, we will focus on developing differentiated solutions with our ISV partners and expanding joint routes to market so that customers can achieve their business outcomes.

We see ISV partners creating value through AWS in many ways. When the COVID-19 pandemic overtook the United States in March, for example, Tableau was able to quickly spin up dashboards and data sets in response. AWS assisted with this effort through funding and architecture guidance to meet the critical demand for this information.

Tableau delivered on their commitments to state and local government customers through the scale of AWS. They also published their data sets as additional innovation accelerators on the AWS Data Exchange to serve the scientific and analytics community looking for patterns and trends in the data. These dashboards have been critical in helping epidemiologists and public health officials determine public policy and health guidelines. is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform company which provides applications for multiple commercial uses, including energy management, predictive maintenance, and fraud detection. In April, they announced the launch of their COVID-19 data lake, which they state is structurally different from other COVID-19 data collections and contains a knowledge graph to explore connected data attributes, enabling researchers to mitigate the spread of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic also changed the way many of us are working today. Citrix, an application and desktop virtualization company, saw increasing demands for their products this year. Companies that traditionally had their workforce in offices on hardware are now dealing with a remote workforce consuming a cloud-based solution.

Citrix deployed their solution on VMware Cloud on AWS, allowing customers to easily manage Citrix workloads to extend virtual apps and desktops in vSphere. This innovation, driven with the help of AWS, allows for broader reach of their critically important digital workplace solution to more customers.

ISV Partners Provide Customers with More Choice

Finally, AWS ISV partners are connecting with all sizes of businesses wanting to take advantage of the AWS Cloud. Cazena, a Boston-based startup, launched their ‘AWS Instant Data Lake’ product, which integrates the AWS analytics stack and accelerates enterprise migration for customers just getting started with AWS and small to mid-size companies.

UiPath, a robot process automation startup, has also integrated with AWS AI services such as Amazon Textract, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Comprehend to expand the reach of their service, automating interactions and activities that benefit businesses of all sizes.

AWS ISV partners provide our joint customers with the most choice and selection available among cloud providers. They offer benefits to unique lines of business, and from small businesses to global enterprises.

AWS will continue to invest our efforts in developing this vibrant community of software providers, as we’ve heard from our customers that it is critical to their success.

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Ryan Broadwell

Ryan Broadwell is Worldwide Director for ISV Partnerships at AWS.