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Accenture Extends Generative AI Capabilities to Accelerate Adoption and Value on AWS

By Jay Pillai, Karthik Sonti, and Carlos Escapa – AWS
By Ilan Geller, Jonathan Steinert, Neera Bhat, and John Atherton – Accenture


In June 2023, Accenture announced a $3 billion investment in artificial intelligence (AI) over three years to help clients across all industries rapidly and responsibly advance and use AI to achieve greater growth, efficiency, and resilience.

In conjunction with that announcement, Accenture also announced an extension of its strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help clients leverage the value of foundational models (FMs) and generative AI for faster business transformation.

“With the rise of generative AI, more and more organizations are looking to accelerate their use of all forms of AI across their enterprises,” said Julie Sweet, chair and CEO, Accenture. “Our expanded relationship with AWS will bring our clients across industries new, rigorously developed business cases, more powerful safeguards for using AI responsibly, and enhanced expertise that will help them create the most value with these innovative technologies.”

Accenture is working with AWS to help clients leverage Amazon Bedrock, utilizing the most advanced foundational models, such as Amazon Titan, and deploying industry-leading technologies like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Inferentia, alongside other AWS AI services.

Accenture is also scaling its AWS AI talent pool through hiring, acquisitions, and equipping with AWS skills, training, and certifications to help clients make the most of cloud-based generative AI technology. This post highlights some of the most promising generative AI solutions, among other related projects.

Accenture is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP) that offers comprehensive solutions to migrate and manage operations on AWS.

Digital Supply Chain Assistant

The Digital Supply Chain Assistant, which is a component of SynOps Supply Chain for AWS, leverages generative AI’s capabilities to provide supply chain managers with up-to-date insights on inventory levels, demand patterns, supplier performance, and other critical metrics.

The AI assistant monitors key indicators and triggers alerts for potential supply chain disruptions, such as delays in deliveries, inventory shortages, or production bottlenecks, enabling timely intervention and mitigating risks.

This conversational assistant leverages relevant supply chain data from various sources, transportation logs, customer feedback, Accenture’s subject matter expertise, and standard operating procedures to provide natural language interactions utilizing Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker JumpStart.

AI Knowledge Assist

In today’s dynamic enterprise landscape, companies are grappling with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and data for both internal teams and external customers.

The ever-changing nature of enterprise operations and highly unstructured content make traditional search difficult​. Furthermore, traditional chatbots are unable to learn from their interactions with users and improve their responses over time, which limits their effectiveness and user engagement.

Accenture built an AI-based solution that can ingest vast amounts of knowledge, allowing users to quickly extract information by querying in easy-to-use conversational language​. This solution can handle complex queries and provide more accurate and personalized responses to users.

Some of the services used include Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra, resulting in improvements in retention rates and enhanced productivity.

Regulatory Document Authoring

When pharmaceutical companies bring new drugs and devices to market for human use, they are regulated by a central governing body. The registration process for new drugs involves manual authoring of detailed dossiers and is very time-consuming—up to 100,000+ hours for certain modules.

Accenture built an AI-based solution that automatically generates the output document in the required format, along with the flexibility for users to review and edit the generated content​. The preliminary value is estimated at a 60-65% reduction in authoring time.

This generative AI-based solution extracts information from the technical reports produced as part of the testing process and delivers the detailed dossier in a common format required by the central governing bodies. Users then review and edit the documents, where necessary, and submit the same to the central governing bodies. This solution leverages Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker JumpStart to extract and create the documents.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent document processing (IDP) accurately extracts information from forms, tables, signatures, and invoices in addition to classifying documents or finding and redacting personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI).

Generative AI services from AWS have been added to normalize output based on the desired data formats, provide question-and-answer capabilities on top of documents, and summarize documents with the option to use redaction. This offering works across documents from various industry types.

Connected Customer Experience

Connected Customer Experience (CCE) transforms customer engagement capabilities with Accenture IP combined with AWS services and independent software vendor (ISV) partnerships to create seamless omnichannel journeys that include self-service, AI-powered conversations, and predictive insights. CCE is part of Accenture’s Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE) platform specifically tailored for the AWS Cloud.

CCE leverages generative AI technologies from AWS to further enhance and simplify customer experiences. The CCE Unified Agent Portal detects the intent of customer requests and assists agents by generating responses using generative AI to assist in issue resolution.

The voice-based channel within CCE leverages generative AI to address customer concerns using knowledge articles applicable to the customer’s issue, summarizing the contact transcript during transfers to enable agents/supervisors for fast call resolution or to reduce average handling time.

In the chat channel, CCE leverages generative AI to provide more human-like interactions, as well as knowledge repositories with generative AI to provide more coherent and contextual responses to its users.


This joint program focused on generative AI will help increase the time-to-value for joint customers of Accenture and AWS. The effort builds on the 15-year strategic relationship between the companies and leverages the same proven mechanisms and accelerators built by the Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG).

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