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AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency Expands to Include Technology Partners

By Sandy Carter, AWS VP, Public Sector Partners and Programs

The public safety and natural disaster events of this year posed many challenges for first responders and emergency response agencies on the front lines—in communities large and small across the world.

From wildfires and floods to hurricanes and a global pandemic, the requirement for technology to enable better and faster response has never been more prevalent.

The public safety community, meanwhile, has faced operational challenges with ensuring citizen safety amidst protests and civil unrest, while 911 outages caused by legacy technology and aging infrastructure impeded emergency response.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps first responders, public safety agencies, and emergency and disaster response organizations complete their mission and mitigate impact to communities affected by emergencies and disasters. Aid organizations can tap into the on-demand infrastructure of AWS at the edge, which previously would have required expensive up-front and ongoing investments in workforce and technology.

In 2019, we announced the launch of the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response (PSDR) Competency for AWS Consulting Partners. Now, we are excited to launch an additional track within this AWS Competency that showcases specialized and dedicated AWS Technology Partners.

The expansion includes the addition of 16 solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs) that deliver AWS Partner technology for emergency management operations, justice public safety applications, PSDR infrastructure resilience and recovery, 911 and emergency communications, and PSDR data and analytics.

Together with the Consulting Partner track, the AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency now holds 35 AWS Partners from all across the world. This group of validated AWS Partners helps our customers improve organizational capacity to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

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Team Up with an AWS PSDR Competency Partner

The AWS Competency Program recognizes AWS Partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas, industry verticals, or workloads. It’s one of the toughest designations an AWS Partner can achieve and maintain, giving organizations confidence in choosing AWS Partners to team up with.

The launch of the AWS PSDR Technology Competency enables customers to identify the right technology for their mission.

An example of the work AWS Technology Partners are delivering to customers is HERE Technologies, a global company serving customers in need of mapping capabilities to enhance incident reporting and disaster response capabilities. One of HERE’s customers, Logis, enables major public and private providers of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and non-emergency transfers across Europe, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand to optimize their ambulance fleets.

Logis’ Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution is a decision-support tool for dispatchers, providing visibility into ambulance location, the location of the incident, and the travel time between the two. It automatically dispatches the ambulance that can respond to an emergency in the shortest possible time.

Logis uses HERE Mobile SDK, hosted on AWS, to map the current location of emergency vehicles, and direct the driver in real-time along the best rout to the incident. This helps drivers avoid reroutes, shorten arrival times, and thus, save lives.

Another AWS Partner, CrisisGo, allows schools and organizations to achieve maximum safety by streamlining the ability to communicate critical information from the start of an emergency to its resolution. For one of their Michigan customers, having a plan for a school emergency communications proved absolutely necessary. With help from CrisisGO, they were prepared.

When an individual sent an email to the principal of an elementary school communicating their intentions to come to the school to do dangerous things, the principal was able to use CrisisGO to immediately alert all staff of the impending safety threat. The school’s 850+ students went into lockdown immediately.

Thankfully, the threat to this school was ultimately deemed not credible. When the school opted to dismiss their student body following the scare, they continued communicating through CrisisGO to successfully overcome the challenges that come with an unexpected early dismissal of 850+ students.

To learn more about AWS Partners like HERE and CrisisGo, please visit the AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency website to see the growing list of AWS PSDR Competency Partners.


Launch Partner Showcase


CrisisGO allows schools and organizations to achieve maximum safety by streamlining the ability to communicate critical information from the start of an emergency to its resolution.


Envisage helps first responders and agencies around the world automate complex training and compliance operations across every level of critical incident response.


Esri is empowering businesses globally to gain competitive advantage with location intelligence. As a global market leader in GIS since 1969, Esri offers ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics.


HERE delivers market-leading map and wayfinding data in the form of connected service APIs powered by AWS. They support a variety of companies who need mapping capabilities to enhance their emergency incident reporting and disaster response with capabilities like routing and situational awareness.


As a global leader in augmented identity, Idemia’s mission is to protect the public wherever identity and security matter. Idemia enables a secure and trusted environments for citizens and consumers to perform their daily activities such as pay, connect, travel, or access public or private spaces.


Juvare offers public safety and disaster response solutions that streamline information and resource management, multi-agency coordination, and people/patient tracking for more effective disaster preparedness, collaboration, and response.

LEO Technologies

LEO Technologies has developed the Verus solution for use in transcribing, translating, and analyzing inmate phone calls. Verus has made a difference across the U.S. in promoting safer correctional facilities, safer communities, and support for law enforcement while respecting inmates’ constitutional rights.


Mark43’s mission is to empower communities and governments with new technologies that improve safety and quality of life for all. Their core software applications are for dispatch, records, and analytics—and are purposefully designed to break down information silos and optimize interoperability.


NGA 911’s mission is to revolutionize communication on both sides of the 9-1-1 call. To accomplish this goal, they partnered with AWS to develop a cloud-based solution offering enhanced cybersecurity, network resiliency, and more accurate call routing to enable a more effective emergency response.


PowerDMS offers a cloud-based compliance management platform allowing organizations to organize and manage policies, procedures, and other critical documents, map them to industry accreditation standards, and disseminate them to employees for attestation, testing, and training.


Solodev brings advanced developers and low-code marketing teams together in one platform, enabling them to prepare, communicate, and respond to emergencies with proven solutions. Build websites and headless apps, publish content across channels, launch in containers with Kubernetes, manage DevOps, and create custom digital experiences.

SOMA Global

The SOMA Platform redefines how dispatchers, first responders, and public safety personnel work, delivering 99.999 percent reliability in a cloud-native environment. The modern experience is available through any browser on any device.

Unleash Live

Unleash live is a video analytics platform for running real-time AI on live video to automate visual inspections for enterprises. Connect any camera and receive actionable data in real-time so your organization has immediate insights to lower costs, increase accuracy, and improve safety.

Utility Inc.

Utility provides law enforcement officers with an intuitive platform for effectively capturing, managing, and releasing video evidence. The solution ecosystem includes body-worn cameras, in-car video, digital media evidence platform, and more.


Veritone’s aiWARE-powered solutions rapidly extract actionable intelligence from large amounts of video, photos, audio, and documents used in investigations, surveillance, and criminal justice.


From incident responses, operational communications, and crisis management during emergencies, the Whispir platform allows organizations to generate effective and meaningful engagement through communications in real-time and at scale.

How to Join the AWS Competency Program

The AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency Technology Partner Validation Checklist is available to AWS Advanced Technology Partners and provides the criteria necessary to achieve the AWS Competency designation.

AWS Consulting Partners can access the AWS PSDR Competency Consulting Partner Validation Checklist for the criteria necessary to achieve the AWS Competency designation.