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Find an AWS Partner Through Our Refreshed Discovery Experience

AWS Partner NetworkFor AWS Partners at the Select Tier and above, the Find an AWS Partner web experience enables customers to easily search for and connect with AWS Consulting and Technology Partners based on their business needs.

Customers regularly use this tool to discover AWS Partners that can help them design, migrate, manage, and optimize workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can leverage the refreshed discovery experience here at to find Partners with AWS-validated qualifications for a variety of use cases.

As a customer, you can search for AWS Partners by industry, use case, services, and solution offerings.

This web experience is also available in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.


The revised user experience includes simplified navigation, improved mobile optimization, and new data elements highlighting each Partner’s AWS-validated qualifications. It also includes new filtering options and the ability to share partner profiles on social media from within the page.

The experience also allows customers to directly contact AWS Partners, who typically respond within 2-3 business days.


How Do I Search for AWS Partners?

The Find an AWS Partner search bar delivers results based on partner name, AWS Partner Network (APN) program designations, solutions, case studies, locations (offices), and other key areas important to customers.

You can further refine searches based on Partner type and tier, industry, services, use cases, and by public sector criteria such as socio-economic categories and contract vehicles.

Each AWS Partner’s standing in the search results depends on several factors. It is primarily based on search relevance to user inputted keywords, but other factors that influence standing on the page include APN tier and participation in APN programs like Competency and Public Sector.

Partners must be Select, Advanced, or Premier Tier to have a visible listing on the Find an AWS Partner experience.


How Do I Search for AWS Partner Solutions?

Customers can directly search for AWS Partner solutions that solve for their given use case.

The “Solution” search bar delivers results based on solution names, descriptions, and categories (use cases, industries, and AWS services associated with the solution). Search results depend on several factors, but are primarily based on search relevance to user inputted keywords.

When searching for AWS Partner solutions, we present users with solutions that are “AWS validated” as part of the Competency and Service Validation programs. These in depth validations are designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise.

We also show solutions that have undergone the Foundational Technical Review (formerly Technical Baseline Review), which reviews the AWS Partner’s product offering based on core AWS security, reliability, and operational best practices.


What’s Included in a Partner’s Profile Listing?

The listing for each AWS Partner includes important information about their AWS offering:

  • AWS Competencies
  • AWS service validations
  • APN program participation (such as Managed Service Providers)
  • AWS Certifications
  • Public sector contract vehicles
  • Technology solutions
  • Consulting practice offerings
  • Customer references
  • Partner locations

Some of this information—including APN program designations like Competency—is reported by AWS and will appear in the Partner’s listing automatically. Other information, such as company logo and description, are self-reported by AWS Partners in their Partner Central account.

For AWS Partners: Alliance Leads can manage this content on the My Partner Solution Finder listing page in Partner Central.

Can I Contact an AWS Partner Directly?

Customers have the option to contact AWS Partners directly through their listing, which creates a lead for partners via the AWS Customer Engagements (ACE) Program.

When you choose to connect with an AWS Partner, you will be asked to share your company’s information, contact details, and a description of your project.

For AWS Partners: Alliance Leads can view leads in Partner Central in the My Customers tab under the “Leads” section. Learn more about managing ACE opportunities.

How Do I Share Feedback on a Partner Engagement?

To help AWS Partners gather feedback that can be used to optimize their AWS offerings, we have a Rate this Partner feature on their listing.

Customers can submit feedback about a partner’s business, service, or experience:

  • Visit the Find an AWS Partner experience.
  • Search for the AWS Partner you worked with.
  • Click the Rate this Partner button in the “Share Feedback” section.
  • Fill in and submit the Customer Review Form.
  • Complete the steps to validate your email address.

Each time you submit a review, AWS will ask permission to share your contact information with the Partner. This allows AWS Partners to know which individuals have submitted the feedback and to follow-up with them directly, if applicable.

The APN team reviews and verifies customer feedback to ensure responses are valid, constructive, and insightful.

For AWS Partners: Alliance Leads can view customer reviews in the Partner Scorecard under the “Customer Reviews” section in Partner Central. Learn more about the APN Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) program.

Getting Started

For AWS customers, start leveraging this refreshed discovery experience at to find AWS Partners with validated qualifications for a variety of AWS use cases.

For AWS Partners, you can read our FAQs and Knowledge Base articles to learn more about the new experience, and check out our user guide for partners to dive even deeper.

Please contact your APN representative if you have questions or want to talk to the APN team about updating your profile listing.