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Improve the Resilience Posture of Your Workloads with AWS Resilience Competency Partners

By Ashu Mishra, Worldwide Head, Resilience Partners – AWS
By Diego Dalmolin, Principal Partner Solutions Architect, Resilience – AWS
By Claudia Hritcu, Sr. Partner Development Specialist – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Sr. AWS Specialization Programs Launch Manager – AWS

Organizations today face a number of resilience challenges—from data and state failures to downtime caused by code deployment issues or unexpected events. The rise of remote teams and complex, distributed systems coupled with high expectations from customers to be “always on, always available” means the need for business resilience is greater than ever.

Historically, companies that prioritize operational resilience achieve greater system availability—ultimately boosting their bottom line. Beyond financial stability, having a comprehensive resiliency framework can protect a brand’s reputation and boost customer trust. As a result, they can provide end users with the consistent brand experience they demand—driving revenue and brand loyalty.

To support this need, we’re excited to announce the AWS Resilience Competency, which helps Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers improve the availability and resilience of critical workloads in the cloud.

This Competency highlights specialized AWS Partners offering professional consulting and engineering services that include: defining and measuring availability metrics; reviewing customers’ operational and development resilience posture and remediating risk; testing and protecting workloads with disaster recovery plans; and developing solutions that have high availability and resilience as a standard.

AWS Resilience Competency Partners provide tailored guidance and solutions to help organizations achieve the highest system availability—ensuring they’re always ready to meet the demands of their end customers.

Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

Leveraging AWS Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, AWS Resilience Competency Partner offerings are validated by AWS experts across three categories:

  • Resilience Design — Helps customers build cloud architecture for business-critical workloads sensitive to unplanned downtime. Partners validate that architectural design have a resilient posture and minimal operational intervention is required to ensure the availability and continuity of business-critical workloads. Partners also help customers design applications capable of withstanding service disruptions by utilizing resilient software design patterns, building a DevOps resilience practice, and implementing self-healing mechanisms. This is done based on extensive observability of business, application metrics, and AWS infrastructure health monitoring to safeguard application availability needs.
  • Resilience Operations — Provides services to test distributed applications that deliberately introduce failure and faulty scenarios to verify its resilience in the face of disruptions. Partners can generate meaningful insights to monitor and predict customer resilience by using modern observability best practices. They also support customers in improving their centralized operations management incident handling posture—leveraging self-healing automation, built-in best practices, and integrations with customers’ existing operations, IT Service Management (ITSM), and third-party tools.
  • Resilience Recovery — Helps customers achieve business continuity plans by developing and implementing disaster recovery solutions. Working backward from the customer’s needs, partners design solutions for the most critical recovery point in time (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO), and provide operation teams automated and simplified run-books to speed up a critical environment recovery after cyber-attacks, human error, or other catastrophic events.

Partners with a solution validated by AWS in all three categories receive the Core Resilience designation, and are distinguished as providing the most comprehensive resilience services.

We invite you to explore the following AWS Resilience Competency Partner offerings recommended by AWS:

Blazeclan Technologies Resilience in AWS Core Resilience
As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with an AWS Migration Competency, Blazeclan has been involved in multiple migration and modernization programs with customers from a wide range of industries. One of the key objectives of many organizations for moving to public cloud is to ensure high availability and data integrity for customers. This is where resiliency on cloud comes into play, and Blazeclan has been highly focused on achieving this either through its migration or modernization programs.

Deloitte Resiliency Practice – Core Resilience
Deloitte’s holistic approach, global presence, and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure that businesses remain not only resilient but also adept at aligning with regulatory requirements and ready for whatever the future may bring. With resiliency expertise spanning the globe and dedicated practices in key regions, Deloitte leverages local insights and best practices to deliver consistency and resilience solutions that meet international standards.

Hitachi Vantara Hitachi Application Reliability Center – Core Resilience
Hitachi Application Reliability Center (HARC) is the confluence of the finest engineering talent, best-in-class tools, frameworks and a purpose-built modern facilities across time zones that deliver the most advanced cloud management function for AWS workloads. HARC delivers a customer-centric operating model with its underpinning in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and focuses on providing successful delivery and maintenance of reliable products.

OpsGuru’s AWS Resilience – Core Resilience
OpsGuru’s team of AWS-certified employees help AWS customers build or improve essential workloads’ availability and resilience in the cloud. Prepare, protect, and achieve scalable, cost-effective application recovery on AWS. Minimize downtime and data loss with reliable resilience solutions for on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Accenture – Resilience Design
Accenture helps customers design, build, and operate critical workloads to meet the demands of modern, enterprise cloud ecosystems, at-scale. Combined with their global well-architected capabilities and industry experience, Accenture helps clients ensure that their critical systems are reliable, resilient, secure, and optimized for the AWS Cloud.

Cevo Australia Resilience Check – Resilience Design, Resilience Operations
CevoResilienceCheck is a rapid application assessment that can help identify gaps in the design of your application and provide a backlog of activities to take you to green. Whether it’s an existing or new application where reliability, availability, and recovery are high on your priority list, CevoResilienceCheck can help uplift your resiliency posture.

Citrus Consulting Services FZ-LLC AWS Resilience Offer – Resilience Design
Citrus Consulting specializes in delivering comprehensive AWS resiliency solutions that enable businesses to achieve the utmost levels of availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery capabilities for their critical applications and data. With extensive expertise in AWS services and designing resilient cloud solutions, Citrus Consulting empowers organizations to construct robust and dependable architectures on AWS.

Cloud Comrade Pte Ltd Resilience Practice – Resilience Design
Cloud Comrade’s team of experts can help you design, build, and operate resilient AWS workloads. They understand the unique challenges of running mission-critical applications in the cloud, and have the experience and expertise to help you avoid outages and disruptions.

CMD Solutions AWS Resiliency – Resilience Operations
High cost and risk associated with downtime is an ever-growing concern. CMD Solutions provides cloud architecture design and configuration for critical workloads sensitive to unplanned downtime. Scale and grow your business, whilst remaining secure and resilient.

Comprinno Technologies Resiliency Design, Development, and Management – Resilience Design, Resilience Operations
Comprinno Technologies empowers organizations to build resilient and highly available cloud architectures, safeguarding their operations against unforeseen disruptions and maximizing business continuity. Comprinno builds resilient cloud infrastructure for highly regulated enterprises, allowing them to harness the power of public cloud without compromising on their compliance requirements.

DXC Technology Continuous Resiliency – Resilience Design, Resilience Operations
The evolving IT landscape demands resiliency for business continuity using well-architected architecture and ML to learn from errors. The DXC Continuous Resiliency service offering addresses this demand to keep businesses running while maintaining SLA and availability.

ePlus Technology Resilience Practice – Resilience Design, Resilience Recovery
ePlus is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with a proven methodology of assisting customers with protecting their critical datasets and ensuring availability for applications across both planned and unplanned events. ePlus partners with organizations to translate business requirements into technical solutions on AWS that deliver unprecedented scale, decreased risk, and highly-performant systems.

i2k2 Networks AWS Resilience Services – Resilience Design
i2K2 Networks understands the critical importance of building resilient applications and infrastructure to ensure seamless operations and uninterrupted customer experiences. i2k2 Networks AWS Resiliency Services is a comprehensive offering designed to empower businesses with the tools and expertise needed to create highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable architectures on the AWS Cloud.

ICS Compute DR Solution on AWS – Resilience Design, Resilience Recovery
As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, ICS Compute helps customers implement resilience effectively in the AWS Cloud. They provide disaster recovery (DR) implementation and managed services for DR solution for AWS customers.

JetSweep Resiliency and Disaster Recovery – Resilience Recovery
JetSweep Resiliency Services ensures that customers’ architecture follows the principles of resilient design to ensure protection from external threats. For disaster recovery plans, their team delivers an initial assessment, proof of concept, and a DR Runbook containing responsibilities for stakeholders and a timeline for recovery. For Disaster Recovery as a Service customers, their team is available for regular testing and 24/7 failover assistance.

Kyndryl Managed Resiliency Services on AWS – Resilience Recovery
With Kyndryl’s extensive experience and deep expertise in guiding enterprise customers in the security and resiliency space, they offer a unique advantage in building and operationalizing secure and resilient AWS environments quickly. Their comprehensive 24×7 Managed Resiliency Service covers various aspects of infrastructure, network, identity and data, and workload and application protection. Leveraging AWS services and third-party tools, they tailor solutions to meet individual customer requirements and preferences.

Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd Storage – Resilience Operations, Resilience Recovery
Locuz offers Cloud Lifecycle Services encompassing consulting, architecting, and engineering expertise that covers all facets of storage, data protection, DR, and archiving. Their 20 years of experience in data center storage combined with AWS knowledge helps customers drive innovation.

Minfy Technologies Private Limited SAP – Resilience Recovery
Minfy empowers organizations’ enterprise systems to align with rapid innovation, provisions, and migrations transforming their SAP environments to the AWS Cloud with scale, speed, and agility.

Redington Resiliency Consultation – Resilience Recovery
Redington’s resiliency offering lies in the ability to enhance the robustness and reliability of systems, applications, and infrastructure, ensuring they can withstand and recover from disruptions, failures, and unforeseen events.

Searce AWS Practice – Resilience Design
Searce provide consulting, field sales, and tech delivery coverage across all major India regions, with strong presence in Singapore and the USA.

SUDO Consultants Resilient Architecture – Resilience Operations
SUDO Consultants understands that in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, resilience is not just an option—it’s a necessity. Their resilient architecture offering is designed to empower your business with robust, agile, and adaptive solutions, ensuring uninterrupted performance and reliability.

Noventiq Resilience Recovery – Resilience Recovery
Noventiq enables business continuity and resilience with robust disaster recovery solutions that ensure high availability and minimum downtime by leveraging AWS services. With clear knowledge of DR strategy and resilient architecture, their expert team facilitates quick recovery for critical applications and databases by tailoring solutions for customers’ unique business needs.

Versent Resiliency Architecture Consulting – Resilience Design
Versent works closely with their customers to understand their business requirements, assess their risk profile, and design an architecture that ensures high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability. Their experts leverage AWS global regions and availability zones, alongside services like AWS Auto Scaling, Amazon Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon CloudFront, AWS Shield, and AWS WAF to build robust and resilient solutions.

Vertical Relevance Resilience Specialization – Resilience Operations
When it comes to maintaining operational resilience on AWS, Vertical Relevance’s resilience offering helps guide clients on their resiliency journey. Whether you are a business executive building a business strategy or a technology leader building resilience into your applications, Vertical Relevance’s can enhance your understanding of your current resiliency posture, identify the most pressing needs, and confidently embark with you on your resiliency journey.

Customers: Learn about AWS Competency Partners

AWS Resilience Competency Partners offer purpose-built resilience services and solutions to help you develop and operate applications that withstand and quickly recover from unanticipated failures, resulting in less downtime and improved customer experience.

Explore the AWS Resilience Competency Partners page for more information.

Partners: Become an AWS Competency Partner

AWS Partners with resilience service offerings can learn more about becoming an AWS Competency Partner.

AWS Resilience Competency Partners receive a guided co-selling series in addition to AWS Competency Program benefits.

AWS Partners looking to get their resilience offerings validated through the AWS Competency Program must be AWS Advanced or Premier Tier Services Partners prior to applying.

To apply, review the Program Guide and application in AWS Partner Central (login required).