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Optimize Price Performance for Amazon EC2 Workloads with AWS Graviton Delivery Partners

By Zi Shen Lim, Sr. Graviton Specialist – AWS
By Chris Dally, Sr. Partner Development Specialist – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS

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Tens of thousands of customers—from startups to large enterprises—are realizing significant price performance using AWS Graviton-based instances in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). To make it even easier for customers to accelerate and scale their adoption of AWS Graviton, we’re excited to announce the AWS Graviton Delivery specialization.

AWS Graviton processors are designed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver the best price performance for cloud workloads in Amazon EC2.

“More and more customers want to capitalize on the AWS Graviton instances’ best-in-class performance capabilities, cost savings, and sustainability benefits,” says Alan Braun, Director, Service Acceleration at AWS. “With validated professional services offerings from AWS Graviton Delivery Partners, customers can confidently leverage the expertise and experience of these partners to accelerate their adoption of Graviton.”

AWS Graviton Delivery Partners help customers plan and implement workloads on AWS Graviton-based Amazon EC2 instances—from pilots to production deployments. Partners assess the customer environment and recommend a transition strategy to Graviton. Partners also update the build, test, and deployment processes to ensure customer CI/CD pipelines are optimized for Graviton, and evaluate application performance to ensure customer workloads run optimally on Graviton.

AWS Graviton Delivery Partners have hands-on experience and proven expertise to help customers achieve better workload performance and cost savings with Graviton.

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The AWS Service Delivery Program is designed to validate AWS Partners that have technical expertise and proven customer success in delivering specific AWS services. To earn the AWS Graviton Delivery specialization, AWS Partners must meet a high bar, which requires a track record of delivering customer implementations on AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances.

AWS Graviton Delivery Partners go-to-market with AWS account teams that are looking to connect their customers to third-party expertise in their Graviton adoption journey. They also receive access to Graviton specialists, enhanced training and enablement, and promotional activities designed to connect them to interested customers.

In addition, AWS Graviton Delivery Partners have access to the Deeper Learning Series. This benefit provides early access to AWS Graviton insights to influence what they should invest in as an AWS Graviton Delivery Partner.

We invite you to explore the AWS Graviton Delivery Partners recommended by AWS:



AllCloud helps customers accelerate and scale their adoption of AWS Graviton so they can realize the price performance benefits sooner across more workloads.


Caylent helps customers achieve up to 60% price performance savings across AWS compute platforms by testing, benchmarking, migrating, and optimizing applications for AWS Graviton. Caylent’s Graviton Migration process doesn’t just port applications to Graviton, but helps customers develop CI/CD pipelines that continuously optimize applications as new AWS silicon innovations become available.

“Caylent was instrumental in helping us unlock long-term savings by moving our containers from x86-based EC2 instances to AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances,” says Noah Zucker, Head of Platform at SEI Novus. “Caylent’s expertise in Graviton migrations led to the best price performance compute and freed up our product engineers’ time so it could be better spent focusing on developing product features.”


eCloudrover provides Graviton solutions validated by AWS Graviton experts against the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Customers can benefit from cost optimization for a wide range of workloads, extensive software support, enhanced security for cloud applications, and best performance per watt energy consumption in Amazon EC2.


From driving operational efficiencies to enabling best price performance and optimizing costs, Slalom helps customers leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies like AWS Graviton to maximize ROI.


SoftServe’s team of qualified cloud experts can help you to better predict and manage cloud costs by migrating to AWS Graviton.


Wangsu empowers enterprises to efficiently achieve digital transformation by offering a range of IT solutions—from infrastructure and cloud management to security and application delivery to cloud migrations.

Customers: Learn About AWS Graviton Delivery Partners

AWS Graviton Delivery Partners make it easy for customers to accelerate and scale their adoption of AWS Graviton to achieve better workload performance and cost savings. The AWS Graviton Delivery specialization validates AWS Partners that excel in implementing workloads on AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances.

We invite you to learn more about AWS Graviton Delivery Partners. Browse and select partners in specific geographic locations to support your workload transition and deployment on Graviton.

Partners: Looking to Validate Your AWS Graviton Offering?

AWS Partners with AWS Graviton experience can learn more about becoming an AWS Graviton Delivery Partner.

To validate your AWS Graviton offering, apply for the AWS Service Delivery Program. AWS Graviton Delivery Partners receive co-selling benefits in addition to AWS Service Delivery Program benefits.

Review the Program Guide and access the application in AWS Partner Central.